Month: September 2017

Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – G

Firm Hand Spanking - Katya Nostrovia - Sugar Daddy - GFirm Hand Spanking - Katya Nostrovia - Sugar Daddy - G

“Harder!” demands Katya Nostrovia as she’s soundly spanked at her request.

“Do you need to be corrected?” Sugar Daddy John Friday asks lingerie-clad Katya Nostrovia. “I’ve been very, very naughty,” she tells him as she lies across his knee to have her bouncing bottom spanked. “Harder, harder,” she yells as his hand turns her buttocks a deeper crimson. “Oh, it hurts so good sir,” she pants breathlessly…
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Spanked In Uniform – The SIU Badminton Club Episode 14

Spanked In Uniform - The SIU Badminton Club Episode 14

In part two, after her lenghty humiliating position, Jentina was taken over Coach’s knee and her bare bottom got a sound paddling followed by a good hand spanking. She then had to turn in her Skort and her knickers and go to practise, red well spanked bottom on display.
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Feisty Fraulein Barnyard Belt Whipping

Feisty Fraulein Barnyard Belt Whipping

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Spanking

When a trip over daddy’s knee isn’t enough, Christy is sternly ordered to place her hands on the fence. The familiar jangle of Master’s trusty belt sliding through the loops make her bottom throb anew. Her panties are bunched up around her thighs, as she is instructed to bend over, displaying her ripe bottom for discipline. The splat of heavy leather on her peachy globes inspires immediate moans and cries. Her juicy cheeks cheeks jiggle as the doubled over belt collides repeatedly, teaching her a lesson. When she fails to hold position, she is scolding and earns extra punishing licks on her thighs.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Principal’s Office – AP

Firm Hand Spanking - Katya Nostrovia - Principal's Office - APFirm Hand Spanking - Katya Nostrovia - Principal's Office - AP

Katya chooses a paddling in The Principal’s Office: see her buns bounce!

Changing her grade from a D to an A on a test paper lands hottie senior Katya Nostrovia in trouble in The Principal’s Office. She has the potential to make Harvard, but not by cheating. It’s a simple choice: suspension from school or 10 swats with Principal Friday’s stinging wooden paddle. See her buttocks bounce in tight jeans, in slow motion!
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Real Spankings Institute – Stella’s Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 2 of 2)

Real Spankings Institute - Stella's Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 2 of 2)Real Spankings Institute - Stella's Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 2 of 2)

Miss Betty returns with some white panties and decides another strapping is in order for the uniform infraction. Stella is bent over yet again, and given a spanking with a much heavier strap. She is then told to put on her white panties, and get back to work.
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Society SM – Sweet, Natural and Strong – Marie McCray

Society SM - Sweet, Natural and Strong - Marie McCraySociety SM - Sweet, Natural and Strong - Marie McCray

And here’s some more cream from the bondage modelling crop…Marie McCray probably needs no introduction to most of you…we have shot her before and she has made the BDSM rounds with a few different sites…and she is hard to forget…a natural red head with great natural tits and a beautiful pussy…her attitude is spot on…she has a great vibe about her…no complaining or pussy footing…Marie is a serious and tough woman…I gag her, bind her with a crotchrope and breast harness and anchor her, standing, by her neck…her body is a perfect fleshy statue for my floggers…the bondage is very tight…Marie can hardly squirm at all, but mostly, she’s just trying not to fall over…nipple clamps with wieghts probably don’t help her concentration…I sit her down and rope her into a chair…electro shock on her inner thighs and nipple clamps tied to her own backwards bent fingers…Marie does find it in her to cum through the discomfort…then bent over, hands tied behind her knees…perched on a bench…her ass raised high…I stuff her cunt…I work it slowly, but too much and Marie calls safe on the dildo…so I flog her…more orgasms and Marie forgets for a second time to call out her climax…for that, the dragon’s tails…did I really have any choice? I end with a suspension…a flying hogtie and I push her around the room by a stick in her pussy…that seems to hit some type of anxiety nerve within her…it has a nice effect…a radical day with a radical model…we’re hoping to bring Marie back for more very soon.
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Perfect Slave – Caged Emotions – Alyssa Branch

Perfect Slave - Caged Emotions - Alyssa BranchPerfect Slave - Caged Emotions - Alyssa Branch

What a little baby doll. Amazing actually…This blonde, little Alyssa was definitely born to break some hearts. Her natural little body is a monument to evolution, and one of which that we must partake…Alyssa shows us her wares, very nice…She poses coyly and takes a drag or two from her cigarette, as we watch the tip of her smoke glow red, our hearts begin to melt…We come to the conclusion that it would simply pain us too much to see Alyssa leave…The solution is simple…We place her in the cage, Alyssa shall not be going anywhere, anytime soon. The purr of the vibrator fills the room. Soon to be followed by moans of submission.
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Ultimate Surrender – Sep 27, 2017 – Rizzo Ford, Ariel X, London River

Ultimate Surrender - Sep 27, 2017 - Rizzo Ford, Ariel X, London River

Beautiful, Powerful Blonde Wrestler is Destroyed on the Mats

London River is a tall beautiful big tittied blonde. With her long muscular legs she towers over many of the wrestlers on the Ultimate Surrender roster. Hence the name “Tower” for London’s wrestling Moniker. London is strong and determined but is that enough to take on Ariel X. Ariel X knows London is a beautiful tan barbie and she thinks London is just another pretty face that she can sit on. She doesn’t think London is going to be able to put on much of a fight. However, London comes out very strong in the first round and because Ariel has under estimated her, London is able to take advantage of Ariel and seduce her on the mats. The wrestling is back and forth with both girls getting fingers into each other. The tensions are high which typically leads to orgasms on the mat. The wrestling gets to these powerful athletes and one succumbs to orgasms on the mats. The stronger wrestlers pounces on her prey, traps her opponent on the mats, hand gags her, smothers her, licks her armpits and kisses her until the weaker wrestler is drained dry from cuming and cuming again and again on the mats against her will. The winner is hoisted into a back breaker rack, made to deep throat strap on cock, folded into a pretzel and fucked deeply with a lesbian strap on cock. The loser is spanked, fisted and fucked anally until her asshole is left gaping open. Then the winner picks the loser up in a fireman carry and she is carried out to be fucked all night by the winner. These wrestlers have explosive chemistry. Two hot blonds with big tits fighting for control in an ultimate sex fight. This is a true “winner takes all match” The winner fucks the loser any way she wants.
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Hardtied – Sep 27, 2017: Swept Away | Samantha Rone

Hardtied - Sep 27, 2017: Swept Away | Samantha Rone

Sexy little Samantha Rone gets swept off her feet!

Samantha Rone is the kind of pretty that you spend years pining after. She’s the kind of girl you make plans to capture and keep in your basement. You’d never guess, but she’d be ever so pleased to be your prisoner. Behind those gorgeous blue eyes there’s a kinky little freak. You can tell by that giant smile when OT slaps her hard across the face.

OT tapes Samantha’s mouth shut. He loves her smile, but he needs to get down to business and her sweet little laugh is too distracting. Once OT has warmed her up with the flogger her cuts her panties off and plays with her beautiful cunt. She enjoys that just as much as she enjoys being hit.

Samantha loves bondage, but OT can only stand her enjoyment for a while. At some point he needs to see his women suffer. Samantha doesn’t disappoint. With her feet pulled up painfully behind her and her hair pulled back she weeps openly. Sure enough they are the sweetest little tears you’ve ever seen.
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