Month: December 2017

Firm Hand Spanking – Carina Thompson – Paid in Full – M

Firm Hand Spanking - Carina Thompson - Paid in Full - MFirm Hand Spanking - Carina Thompson - Paid in Full - M

Buying clothes for cash sees like a plan to heiress Carina Thompson when her credit cards are cut up in Paid in Full. Family lawyer Patrick Bateman takes a firmer line with a leather tawse. Will 21 strokes bare bottom, then stripped nude, teach her new values?
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Punished Brats – Debate Decorum Part 1 of 2

Punished Brats - Debate Decorum Part 1 of 2Punished Brats - Debate Decorum Part 1 of 2

During a debate practice at school, the moderator declared Daliah’s angry behavior as out of order. Still agitated, Daliah called her instructor a ‘bitch.’ When Daliah got home, she found her mother waiting for her. In this household such egregious behavior is dealt with via spankings. It had been some time since Daliah had felt this severe sting of her mother’s powerful right arm. However, she was quickly reminded as she was taken across her mother’s lap, her panties lowered, and given a hard spanking upon her bare bottom.

As the spanking went on, Daliah pleaded with her mother to stop. Her mother said she would stop spanking her with her hand. Instead, she took off one of Daliah’s shoes and spanked her with the shoe for a time. Her mother finished her punishment with an extremely hard hand spanking and informed her that she was to walk around for the rest of the day with her skirt raised and panties lowered so that all could see what happens when such behavior occurs in this family.
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 13

Spanked In Uniform - St. Elizabeth 13

Naughty nurse Leandra loves to see other girls get spanked so she decides to frame Stacey so Dr. Johnson will spank her. She steals Stacey’s clipboard and scatters her patient charts on the floor of a hospital room. Dr. Johnson spots the charts and fetches Stacey. While he is spanking her across his knee, naughty Leandra sneaks in and starts playing with herself. As she orgasms she is caught and Dr.Johnson puts the framing little madam over his knee and spanks her soundly and puts her in the corner for a while with her sore red bottom bare!
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First Fifty (50) Frat Paddle Blistering for Christy – Punished for Cheating on a Test

First Fifty (50) Frat Paddle Blistering for Christy - Punished for Cheating on a TestFirst Fifty (50) Frat Paddle Blistering for Christy - Punished for Cheating on a Test

The Frat Paddle with Holes is reserved for severe punishment spankings when Christy has broken serious rules. 22 inches of heavy wood, drilled with blistering holes will teach her the consequence of her behavior. Her wrists and ankles are bound to hold her in position. Ordered to bend over the bedrail on her tiptoes and count the first 50 swats of her punishment. Her green plain pleated schoolgirl skirt is flipped up and out of the way. The force of the first swat takes her breath away, gasping as she counts. After 20 swats, jiggling and bouncing, her skirt is removed leaving her in a tight white thong panty. Her bottom is swollen and livid as she obediently counts her swats. Scolding and ordering her back onto her tip toes, her swats are delivered at a harsh methodical pace. Gasping as she absorbs the painful discipline, fighting hard to choke back the tears. Halfway through, her composure is broken and the tears begin to fall freely. Sniffling through her sobs, cruel swats continue to blister her poor backside as she obediently counts the first 50 swats of her punishment.
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RestrainedElegance – #GameOfSlaves: Pony Girl Perversion

RestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Pony Girl PerversionRestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Pony Girl Perversion

Get perverted with kinky competitor Rachelle Summers. High class business-woman by day, kinky pony girl slave by night! Still dressed in her conservative business outfit of white shirt and jacket, she has striped off her skirt to reveal her lacy black panties and now she is locked in full pony harness. Her hands are totally confined in glove cuffs, turning her into a sexual animal. Secure stylish leather cuffs bind her oh-so-slender wrists. Her black high heels adorn her perfect feet, she arches and flexes her soles so much that you can see the wrinkles and folds of her feet as they clear and press onto the arch of the shoes. Her head is locked in full pony harness, dishevelling her perfect hair as she writhes in ecstasy at her own transformation from executive to sexual slave!
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Hardtied – Dec 6, 2017: Useless | Kate Kenzi

Hardtied - Dec 6, 2017: Useless | Kate Kenzi

Kate Kenzi learns how useless she really is.

Here at INSEX we like to train our staff to help out. Kate has been told a thousand times how to wrap up a rope, how to unscrew things, and a multitude of other tasks. However, each task seems to prove too difficult for her to wrap her pretty little head around.

Perhaps we’ll find out if she’s not too dumb to sit in some bondage. OT ties her up and she just sits there with a blank look on her face. She works at a bondage studio, you’d think she’d know how to behave once the ropes go on. Her insipid apologies are like nails on a chalk board to OT so he gags her immediately.

At least Kate has a nice body and a pretty face. It’s all that redeems her. OT removes her favorite top. Kate is mortified that he cut right through it. She imagines her train ride home without it to cover her tits. In the end OT finds a use for her as a punching bag. He hauls her up in the air and beats her. If she has started with any sense, by the time OT is finished with her, it’s gone.
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Society SM – She’s So Fine in Bound Slavery – Jade Amber

Society SM - She's So Fine in Bound Slavery - Jade AmberSociety SM - She's So Fine in Bound Slavery - Jade Amber

Jade Amber brings her luscious body back to me for the 3rd time this year…By now, she knows the gig…She willbe bound and helpless, my grope toy, my object to do what I will…I begin by cutting off her pretty pink dress, revealing her incredible body…She ends up hogtied before I pull her legs and arms into the air with a spreader rig…she struggles hard to keep the clothes pins away, but in the end, I get what I want…I stuff her pussy with a fucktoy and tie it in place…Then I bend her over, showing off that perfect ass and giving it the punishment it deserves…I tease her with the vibrator, but hold off…In the final scene, I knew Jade would try to struggle away from the vibrator, so I drilled her very thoroughly into the floor with leather belts…Jade is unable to squirm at all as I tease her bad attitude into a lustful cumslut with the trusty magic wand…Jade is not submissive, but she does enjoy being very tightly restrained…hopefully we will get her back for more.
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Whipped Ass – Dec 7, 2017 – Cherry Torn, Mia Li, Lily Lane

Whipped Ass - Dec 7, 2017 - Cherry Torn, Mia Li, Lily LaneWhipped Ass - Dec 7, 2017 - Cherry Torn, Mia Li, Lily Lane

The Revolution is Cumming: Tough Lez Babes Initiate Mia Li

The lesbian revolution is cumming! Party members Cherry Torn and Lily Lane are looking to recruit new members to join them in subverting the masses. Will good girl videographer Mia Li pass their tests and prove she can be bad? Cherry and Lily strip Mia of her clothes and get her on her hands and knees. Lily and Cherry take turns spanking Mia’s round perky ass before tying her up. Mia is spanked, flogged, and cropped all over her toned athletic body as Lily and Cherry test her limits. Then they open up Mia’s tight wet pussy with fingers and a dick-on-a-stick. Mia cums hard and then her hungry cunt swallows Lily’s whole fist! Pussy stretched open around that fist, Mia cums hard again to the satisfaction of Cherry and Lily. Next, these ladies teach Mia survival skills incase she gets thrown in the slammer. Handcuffed and trapped between these two fierce dommes, Mia executes every order perfectly. She licks Cherry’s pussy and gets fucked by Lily’s huge strap-on cock. After Cherry cums on Mia’s face, it’s Lily’s turn. Mia flips over and services Lily with her eager tongue as Cherry finger-bangs Mia’s pussy. Mia is tireless as she works to service Lily’s beautiful cunt. Lily cums on Mia’s face just as Mia cums from overstimulation. Finally, both ladies focus their attention on Mia for the final test. Cherry pushes a metal butt plug into Mia’s ass and Lily decorates her breasts and cunt with closepins. Mia cums hard with her pussy stretched open by closepins and a hard metal plug in her ass. It looks like Mia can be a bad girl after all.
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Sensual Pain – Dec 6, 2017: Cum Beat My slave | Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain – Dec 6, 2017: Cum Beat My slave | Abigail Dupree

Another gem from the archives of Abigail Dupree. It’s bondage Sunday for slave abigail… a tradition that Master James put into effect for the pure joy of it. It just seemed right to put His slave on display while doing sexually deviant things for your viewing pleasure (Like nipple clamps attatched to her arm pit hairs, peeing in a jug and self spanks, drooling on her tits) on the same day that a lot of people get their weekly dose of the Lord. Keeping up with a room full of sadistic horny fuckers is no easy task but Abigail does it with gusto and enthusiastic precision, delivering her own pain as if you were the one there administering the hurtin. Gagged and slobbering she deep throat fucks her face with huge cocks and then slaps the dick right out of her mouth as tears well up.
Bamboo nipple clamps turn her nipples an array of colors before the clover clamps are attached. ouch. Thoroughly used and covered in various bodily fluids and humiliating writing across her torso she pleases not only her Master but her many adoring fans in this impressive look into slave abigail’s joyful servitude.
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My Spanking Roommate – Episode 262: Life Coach Spankfest

My Spanking Roommate - Episode 262: Life Coach SpankfestMy Spanking Roommate - Episode 262: Life Coach Spankfest

When Madison Martin and her friend Alaina Fox visit life coach Veronica Ricci, she quickly demonstrates how she uses spanking as a motivational tool. Veronica ends up spanking both ladies in her office, and even gets them to spank each other. Until the ladies turn on their coach, deciding she has gone too far. They each give Veronica a sound spanking, turning her curvy bottom bright red.
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