Month: March 2018

Hardtied – Mar 21, 2018: Rook’d | London River

Hardtied - Mar 21, 2018: Rook'd | London River
Bondage illustrations come to life for London River!

For the bondage enthusiast it’s not about what is done to the subject. It’s not about caning, flogging, whipping, slapping, punching. It’s about the torment of the bondage itself. It’s about the strain in the muscles as the subject twists and struggles in the bondage. It’s about the moans muffled through the gags. It’s about the drool that inevitably escape’s the subject’s mouth. The bondage is a medium to expose the inner beauty that is suffering. Through bondage we can see the subject freed in many ways.

Inspired by ROOK-07 these six bondage positions take London to an intense place of suffering. Each one makes her sore in a different way. From intense strappado, to category 5 suspension, to incredible back arching London proves she is a bondage goddess. The sounds and struggles London makes are the things of bondage wet dreams.
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Restrained Elegance – Behind The Scenes With Sophia Smith

Restrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes With Sophia SmithRestrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes With Sophia Smith
All our stories are shot on a professional set with proper regard for the health and safety of all performers and crew. Photo and video stories shot with gags use gag safety procedures to ensure the model’s comfort, safety and consent on set.
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Fucking Dungeon – Bonnie Bound – Bonnie Rotten

Fucking Dungeon - Bonnie Bound - Bonnie RottenFucking Dungeon - Bonnie Bound - Bonnie Rotten
Lee likes what he sees…Bonnie’s bound and upright between the bars for easy and accurate access. The stage is set as he takes her roughly from behind, filling her to the brim with his hefty staff. Bonnie’s a loud and feisty one, but her binds shall keep her tightly in place. She’s next spread in the swing where a little foot play and tickling ensues. Lee steps between her legs to give her what she deserves, proceeding to give her a rough fuck as he hammers away at the bound beauty while her screams fill the air.
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Society SM – Kyra’s Bondage Trial – Kyra Rose

Society SM - Kyra's Bondage Trial - Kyra RoseSociety SM - Kyra's Bondage Trial - Kyra Rose
Another fresh face, another bound body waiting for me to do as I please…Kyra knows she can’t get away but she struggles anyway….I law down the law as I lay my hands on her luscious body…This is a long and lean woman with lovely breasts, a perfectly round ass and deeply expressive brown eyes…she begs with those eyes constantly…It has no effect on me other than turn me on…She gets stretched to her limits,, bent over for punishment and spread for extreme pleasure…I think youll enjoy her lying there helpless, with the vibrator bound to her clit, cumming and moaning over and over…and even a few spasms…Kyra is the real deal as she endures her first bondage trial at SocietySM.
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Real Time Bondage – Mar 24, 2018: Guns & Buns Part 3 | Kate Kenzi

Real Time Bondage - Mar 24, 2018: Guns & Buns Part 3 | Kate Kenzi
Kate takes an intense beating.

In the final installment of Kate Kenzi’s Live show Kate is dangling from a pipe rig. Her hair is attached to her feet pulling her face back and her feet out. Most of her body is exposed for a harsh whipping. With each stroke Kate’s screams turn to moans and back to screams again. The members give her assignment. She must recite something in Latin while being whipped. Kate claims to be a serious player and she’s no joke. OT plays the “Cane me somewhere else” game. Kate has to beg to be caned somewhere else, but she’s in too much discomfort and she can’t think of where else she wants to be caned.

Next she’s put tits first on the spike board. All of her weight is pressing down straight onto her tits. The whip comes out again and this time OT hits her even harder. Kate seems to barely register the strokes until OT hits her feet.
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Sensual Pain – Mar 25, 2018: Snared | Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain - Mar 25, 2018: Snared | Abigail Dupree
Slave abigail was already feeling well used from the first round of devices and fuckery but Master James was not through with her just yet. With mascara running down her cheeks, she dutifully follows her Master’s orders to set up the next scene while he sits back and watches. She carefully pulls the new bondage table onto the stage and gives it a turn to display all of it’s angles before giving us a guided tour through the debaucherous details. Master James then instructs her to begin putting her own bondage on. Abigail gets as far as she can without needing assistance and hops up onto the table for Master James to put on the finishing touches. This video really gives more of a behind the scenes look into their world and their M⁄s dynamic. With clear communication, all of the adjustments are made and abigail is fitted with a hood. Master James gives her a taste of the galley whip before filling her pussy with the dildo attachment and hosing her down with freezing cold water. It’s not long before his slave is on the edge of her breaking point. But as the bondage begins to come off, the biggest tears were induced when her flesh was unexpectedly pinched between two points of steel.
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Divine Bitches – March 27, 2018 – Mona Wales, Pierce Paris

Divine Bitches - March 27, 2018 - Mona Wales, Pierce ParisDivine Bitches - March 27, 2018 - Mona Wales, Pierce Paris
Rancher Mona Wales Breeds New Beefcake Pierce Paris

Tough rancher babe Mona Wales brings on new ranch hand Pierce Paris to help her around the farm. Pierce is 100% Grade A Beef and a bonafide horndog. All the blood in his body rushes straight to his huge boner as his hot new boss shows him around. Once Mona leaves him to work, he whips out his fat cock. But as soon as he starts pullin’ the pud, Mona returns and catches him redhanded. Mona knows there’s only one thing to do with farmboys like Pierce — treat ’em like the cattle she breeds and this here young buck looks like he’ll be proper breeding stock. She stuffs his mouth full of hay and instructs him to continue jerking off until he spills his seed. She inspects his balls and crushes his face with her ass. She covers his balls in closepins and makes him moo as she jerks him off into a bucket. Then she ties him up on all fours and shoves her big fat cock into his tight ass. Pierce struggles in bondage but is unable to escape Mona’s relentless pounding. Once Pierce is all stretched out, she uses his own cum to fist his asshole. She deposits his load of cum back in his ass and continues to jerk him off. Now that he’s stuffed full of jizz, she strings him up. Pierce hangs upside down, unable to move. Mona flogs him all over his front before letting him lick her asshole. Mona cums hard all over his stupid animal face and brings him down so she can take his meat for a test drive. He worships her cunt with his eager tongue and then begs her to use her cock. Mona is ready to see how well this stock breeds and slides her cock right into her wet warm cunt. She rides Pierce rough and dirty, and makes him moo like the cow he is. Her orgasms keep coming as she squirts all over his pathetic face. Once he blows his final load, Mona decides it’s time to use the cattle prod to mark her new piece of meat.
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Society SM – Fit to Burst – Holly Wood

Society SM - Fit to Burst - Holly WoodSociety SM - Fit to Burst - Holly Wood
Holly appears to be in quite the conundrum… She’s tied hard and tight, seated on the bed as Damon gropes her pussy. He methodically manipulates her clothing, making sure all the right areas are exposed. He gets her off to a quick start as he first moistens up her pussy with his fingers, then buries a pole mounted dildo deep in her cunt as he stifles her screams… She’s then flipped over on her belly for easier access as she is bound and rigged from the rafters, hoisted high above as she is set into motion swinging to and fro. From underneath, Damon affixes clothes-pins to her flesh, slowly covering her beautiful tits. Then he brandishes the cane and works sweet Holly’s body over as she careens through the air. Her pain is not without virtue however, reward is just around the corner as he presses the wand against her clit. As each pin is removed, Holly is one step closer to orgasm… When she is arched over on her back, she cums furiously just before the pussy stretcher is affixed. Damon adds a little flavor to things though as he applies an electrical current to her pussy. And despite Holly’s pleas, he runs her through her paces, giving her the shock of her life. Her screams fill the air, yet Damon persists and she is sent into a convulsive state… Taking it all a step further, Holly is then mounted and spread face down. Nipple clamps are attached and weighted and electricity is once again employed as Damon canes his slave thoroughly. Holly’s screams take on an ear splitting level when he gets to her bare feet, and then she is worked to a blistering, orgasmic finale.
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Girl Spanks Girl – St. Patrick’s Day Spanking From Mom

Girl Spanks Girl - St. Patrick's Day Spanking From MomGirl Spanks Girl - St. Patrick's Day Spanking From Mom
When her mom (Clare Fonda) overhears Ashley Lane planning a hard drinking St. Patrick’s Day party, she decides to teach her naughty daughter a strict lesson with a firm spanking. Even though Ashley protests that she’s “too old for a spanking” mom continues on and on until that lesson is learned the hard way and Ashley promises to be a good Irish girl.
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