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SpankedSweeties – Name: Tali Dova

Tali Dova grew up in a small town in the Midwest where discipline often came in the form of spanking. She talks all about it in her interview, and we re-enact a time when her babysitter (played by Veronica Ricci) spanked her with Mom’s permission and another when her uncle …

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SpankedInUniform – Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 24

Waitress Julie is in trouble again. This time together with the new waitress Leona. Those two little madams had a disagreement over tips and they decided to fight over them in front of the customers. Chef Mike does not tolerate that sort of behaviour and both girls were soon in …

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SocietySM – She Loses Control – Sofia Moon

Cute little Sofia strolls into the dungeon, not really knowing what she’s getting herself into…I know she’s not as innocent as she looks, but BDSM is a far cry from her normal devious encounters…Call it a trial by racking, as the first thing I do I stretch her out good …

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HorrorPorn – Capital Punishment

Smell of burned flesh and crackling electricity. A young criminal tied to an electric chair used to be a hot girl, but that was a long time ago. Do you think she stands a chance of surviving the electric shock she is about to experience? Well, she is still alive! …

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Hogtied – July 19, 2018 – Charlotte Sartre

This is Charlotte’s first time on Hogtied and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. She is very timid upon first glance and in her overall behavior, but once she is naked and in bondage that all changes quickly. She is a sex kitten who loves to be dominated and made to serve …

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Graias.com – The rural girl – part 2

Poor Jasmin was up all night. She thought I would torture her brutally today. She guessed correctly. We tied her up and two of us was whipping her at the same time. I made Pervert cane her. She was begging me to hold her hand while she was being caned. …

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