Month: July 2018

FirmHandSpanking – Domestic Discipline – EF – Alison Miller

FirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EF - Alison MillerFirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EF - Alison Miller
Will a wooden paddle across her butt teach Alison Miller to spend more wisely?

Buying lingerie instead of paying the water bill costs Alison Miller’s bubble booty a solid paddling! After 13 swats across her bare buttocks, she knows how mad John Friday is in Domestic Discipline. “I always get sweaty palms before I take the paddle,” says Alison. “It’s such a deep burn, it takes my breath away.” That works, then!
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SpankedSweeties – Name: Tali Dova

SpankedSweeties - Name: Tali Dova
Tali Dova grew up in a small town in the Midwest where discipline often came in the form of spanking. She talks all about it in her interview, and we re-enact a time when her babysitter (played by Veronica Ricci) spanked her with Mom’s permission and another when her uncle gave her a painful birthday spanking.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Soaking Desperation – Ashley Lane – Harder at Home 5

AssumethePositionStudios - Soaking Desperation - Ashley Lane - Harder at Home 5AssumethePositionStudios - Soaking Desperation - Ashley Lane - Harder at Home 5
Ashley Lane arrives in discomfort over his knee. Begging to go to the bathroom, he continues to spank her. You will hold it until you’re done with your spanking! Tiring of her whimpering, he puts her on her knees bent over the couch to wait obediently until she is given permission. Unable to hold it, her white panties are soon soaked as she kneels in a puddle of her own mess. Scolding her for being a filthy girl, her panties are pulled down for additional swats on her soaked cunt.
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SpankedInUniform – Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 24

SpankedInUniform - Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 24
Waitress Julie is in trouble again. This time together with the new waitress Leona. Those two little madams had a disagreement over tips and they decided to fight over them in front of the customers. Chef Mike does not tolerate that sort of behaviour and both girls were soon in his office, over his knee, getting a sound spanking. They left with Chef’s promise: Anymore of that nonsense and it’s the cane!
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UniversalSpanking – The Love For a Red Bottom

UniversalSpanking - The Love For a Red BottomUniversalSpanking - The Love For a Red Bottom
Trish and Derek have been dating for a couple of years now, they tend to like a lot of the same things and that’s part of what keeps them together. One of the things that they both like is going fetish parties, it allows them to feel free while expressing themselves in ways that they both love and enjoy. One of the things that Derek does not like however, is that Trisha is often running ridiculously late getting ready, often resulting in the couple missing half of the parties that they go to!

Unfortunately for Trisha, Derek has had enough of her tardiness and her sassy mouth. He decides to take matters into his own hands, more specifically, he decides to take Trisha over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. It should be pointed out that Trisha likes a spanking or two when it’s for fun, but she despises punishment spankings as it tends to remind her of the spankings that she used to get throughout her early years. Anyways, Trisha receives a spanking over the knee in her sexy outfit that has her struggling early on in the punishment! She has a low pain tolerance, so the smacks to her cute buns cause true suffering for the sassy woman. As the sting sets in all Trisha wants to do is get to the party, but she knows that for their relationship to work, she’s going to have to take the spanking until Derek is finished!

Trisha’s bottom gets redder and sorer as the hand spanking goes on, things become even worse when Derek decides to reach into his kink bag, bringing out leather straps and paddles! There’s no doubt that Trisha is a sexy woman, but Derek is determined to earn some respect, and it just so happens that deep down Trisha deeply respects a man that will take her over his knee when she becomes too big for her britches. Watch the entire way through for an alternate ending. You’re going to love this video and you’ll certainly love the debut of the lovely and gorgeous Trisha!
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SensualPain – July 25, 2018 – Inceptive Breathing Bubbler | Abigail Dupree

SensualPain - July 25, 2018 - Inceptive Breathing Bubbler | Abigail Dupree
This session Master James introduces the Breathing Bubbler to slave 465. This is a functional form of air breath control using a strict respirator gas mask pipped into a bottle fitted with an orifice restriction tube through water that acts as a filter. This apparatus requires more effort to breath the air the body needs to survive and in doing so to her while in bondage, triggered a claustrophobic feeling from a repeated childhood trauma. slave abigail is an extreme BDSM bottom with no limits for her Master. Though Master James is not in the habit of breaking his slaves, this slave has just a couple of physiological triggers, that if executed in the wrong way, could put her right over the edge into the realm of a possible point of no return mentally. This would render her useless in all of the ways required in her service as a sex slave. We cannot have that now can we? The level of commitment and usefulness this slave exhibits is a commodity hard to come by these days..
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SocietySM – She Loses Control – Sofia Moon

SocietySM - She Loses Control - Sofia Moon
SocietySM - She Loses Control - Sofia Moon
Cute little Sofia strolls into the dungeon, not really knowing what she’s getting herself into…I know she’s not as innocent as she looks, but BDSM is a far cry from her normal devious encounters…Call it a trial by racking, as the first thing I do I stretch her out good and tight…She gets a small tease from the vibrator, and in the next scene she gets an overdose…Fully spread, Sofia can only whimper and moan as the vibrator takes control…She is wrapped in celophan from her waist to her shoulders, leaving those luscious DDs hanging out for clamps…In the final scene, the viibrator and dildo work Sofia into a frenzy…she loses control and wets the floor.
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HorrorPorn – Capital Punishment

HorrorPorn - Capital PunishmentHorrorPorn - Capital Punishment
Smell of burned flesh and crackling electricity. A young criminal tied to an electric chair used to be a hot girl, but that was a long time ago. Do you think she stands a chance of surviving the electric shock she is about to experience? Well, she is still alive! A beauty sentenced to capital punishment in an electric chair. I am the executioner and I will do my job!!!
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Hogtied – July 19, 2018 – Charlotte Sartre

Hogtied - July 19, 2018 - Charlotte SartreHogtied - July 19, 2018 - Charlotte Sartre
This is Charlotte’s first time on Hogtied and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. She is very timid upon first glance and in her overall behavior, but once she is naked and in bondage that all changes quickly. She is a sex kitten who loves to be dominated and made to serve and suffer. We start with her in a standing spread eagle with her neck tethered up to a point. She is beyond helpless, but The Pope adds more rope to turn this into a predicament tie, that defines helplessness. Her pale flesh is turned a bright red with extreme flogging and spankings. Her fist orgasm is loud and she loses full control of her body by floating in the ropes while she cums. Next she is put in a brutal hip suspension with a touch of bamboo to render her hands useless. Her neck is tied to a bowling ball to apply just the right amount of pressure to restrict her breathing. She is tormented more before being rewarded with more imposed orgasms. Before the scene ends The Pope pulls her high enough to lift the bowling ball off of the ground. In the final scene Charlotte is on her back, like the whore that she is, with her legs spread and ready for her whore holes to be used. After some bastinado from a crop to the feet, she is fingered and fucked into submission.
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FamiliesTied – July 20, 2018 – Seth Gamble, Penny Barber, Isabella Nice

FamiliesTied - July 20, 2018 - Seth Gamble, Penny Barber, Isabella NiceFamiliesTied - July 20, 2018 - Seth Gamble, Penny Barber, Isabella Nice
Tight Bodied Teen Star and Anal Step Mommy Fuck Director’s Huge Cock

Tight bodied teen Isabella Nice is done being managed by her over bearing Step-Mother Penny Barber. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know Penny has been using her hot body and slut skills to buy Isabella every role she’s ever had. When the director send Isabella away for wardrobe, Penny is ready to pay him interest on her daughter’s big chance, getting on her knees and groveling for dick, her big nipples chained up with clips while she squirms and whines under the zapper. Tied in a tight strappado and bent over a chair, her big MILF ass is ripe for a hard caning, which she made to beg for. Smart mouthed as always, Penny is covered with red welts and ready to take a deep dicking her her ass and pussy. Unfortunately, Isabella comes back by the room and begins to understand how managed her career really in. Taking matters into her own hands, she offers her nubile little body to the director hoping to make it in the big leagues on her own. Seth puts her on the floor and shows her exactly what her is looking for in her performance. Slapped around, her labia tied to her toes in a painful squat with a vibe pressed to her pussy she starts to learn voice projection as she screams and begs for more cock in her throat, more orgasms, and to have the painful zipper torn off her body. Thrown over the bed and tied up she has her wet swollen clit cropped until she earns the fucking she was begging for. Cumming from the electrical torment and the cock in her tight pussy she really gets into her role. However, Mommy is none to happy, and decides to teach Isabelle about the finer points of acting, throwing her over her knee for a hard spanking, then humiliating Isabella and presenting her daughters reddened ass to the director for further use. Tied up in a painful partial suspension, Isabella is fucked, cattle prodded, and eventually thanking her Step-Mommy for every time she gets her little clit licked. Penny teaches Isabella how to take a cock in her ass with an up close lesson, including cleaning the cock off every time it comes out of Penny. For her biggest role ever, Isabella has her tiny tits clamps and tied and it made to take an athletic ride of the directors dick until her mother is satisfied she has learned her lesson and let’s her cum and beg for a big load on her face.
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Poor Jasmin was up all night. She thought I would torture her brutally today. She guessed correctly. We tied her up and two of us was whipping her at the same time. I made Pervert cane her. She was begging me to hold her hand while she was being caned. I did.
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