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Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl PaddlingBare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling – Maddy Marks is no stranger to the Paddle

Day three for Maddie in the principals office for the dreaded school panel. She has no stranger to the paddle but dreads the horrible sting on her bare bottom. Defiantly she marches into his office, putting her hands on the wall and thrusting her bottom out for him to do his worst.The swats are brutally hard on the seat of her white cotton panties as she chokes back tears. The big wooden paddle is drilled with blistering holes designed to break even the toughest girls. Her panties are pulled down and she is ordered to put her hands on her ankles for a cruel paddling on her bare bottom. She is sobbing through her swats, on the verge of breaking down. Sniffling as she rubs her bruised bottom, she is threatened with the cane if she has to return the final day.
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Elite Pain – Making the shy lingerie model suck cock – part 2

Elite Pain - Making the shy lingerie model suck cock - part 2Elite Pain - Making the shy lingerie model suck cock - part 2

Natalie works as a model. That’s how she finds herself at Lomp’s casting. Unintentionally she pisses the Master off with her feminist remark. Igor and Lomp are helping her gently to find the right path towards proper female behavior.
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Real Spankings Institute – Dress Code Violations (Part 2 of 4)

Real Spankings Institute - Dress Code Violations (Part 2 of 4)Real Spankings Institute - Dress Code Violations (Part 2 of 4)

Stevie and Syrena switch spots and Syrena is then given a very long and hard hand spanking by The Dean. Both girls are put into another awkward and uncomfortable nose-to-nose time out position, while he decides what he will do with the girls next.
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 8

Spanked In Uniform - St. Elizabeth 8

Doctor Johnson caught nurse Donna drinking on duty again so when her weekly evaluation came around Donna got a sound hairbrush spanking and a good bare bottom birching laying over the bed and in the diaper position for drinking on duty again and being late for duty twice during the week. Then, just like nurse Amelia in episode seven, she had the dreaded note stuck to her back and she was put in the hallway in the corner so all the patients, staff and visitors could see she was punished.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lilian White – Celebrity Brat – CG

Firm Hand Spanking - Lilian White - Celebrity Brat - CGFirm Hand Spanking - Lilian White - Celebrity Brat - CG

Lifted up on a mantelpiece to be spanked for theft: Lilian White feels the burn.

New mentor, new rules – as Lilian White discovers when she’s reported for drinking wine and stealing from the principal’s office. Bodily hoisted onto a ledge above the fireplace, Lilian’s bubble butt is soundly spanked, first on panties then bare bottom – and hard! “He was so strong, he swept me off my feet and plonked me on this ledge!” she said.
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Hucows – Little Caprice on the red cow milker!

Hucows - Little Caprice on the red cow milker!

Getting Little Caprice on the most powerful machine is the most requested session in the history of this website! Ever since we managed to get her to our farm, and we milked her with the double breast pump, members have been asking for more. But Caprice is a famous starlet, whose tiny boobs are priceless for her appearances on her many projects. She wouldn’t like her precious udders to get harmed by a powerful vacuum pump! Well, she may be a big star, but here at the farm we treat her like any other hucow. That means she will have to do more sessions, especially since she has small udders and a very low milking pain tolerance. She needs to get used to the machines, what better way to start than the red cow milker! Poor Caprice, she is our cutest and most famous hucow, but there’s no special treatment for her.
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Sensual Pain – Nov 19, 2017: Crafting the Strap | Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain - Nov 19, 2017: Crafting the Strap | Abigail Dupree

Many of you have asked to see video documentation of “A Day In The Life Of A Slave”… A curiosity worth documenting, but until I can install a camera or two in every room, a glimpse of a day will have to suffice. It is an extremely rare occasion to catch slave abigail sitting still for any amount of time really, but after seeing her work tirelessly for consecutive days and nights on the project I gave her, I added to her task by instructing her to set up the camera while she works. I left early in the morning after my slave had made my breakfast and tea and packed my lunch for work. When I returned home in the early evening, I was greeted at the door with her kneeling in position and in the nude (aside from the bondage I had placed on her that morning). This is the video she presented me with. Her dedication and level of precision is one of the sexiest things to witness while simultaneously, her joy and fervor in all aspects of her service to me is endearing and captivating. The task at hand was to broaden our leather bondage strap collection. She had already cut, trimmed, edged, hole punched, dyed and conditioned the leather straps and was on to the next step of attaching the hardware. Enjoy a rather hefty glimpse into this life.
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Strict Restraint – Give and Take – Nikki Phoenix

Strict Restraint - Give and Take - Nikki PhoenixStrict Restraint - Give and Take - Nikki Phoenix

Nikki’s got a classic type of style about her, she’s pretty much brand new to bondage and she explains to us that she’s getting wet at the mere thought of we’re about to lead her into…She soon is restrained to the bars, her hefty tits clamped between cold steel…Soma greets her and begins the ritual…Poking and prodding at her nether regions, taking breaks to work Nikki’s body with her whips…Soma then teases her pussy with a vibe and wand and Nikki must prove her will by fighting back an orgasm that is screaming for release…If Nikki wants to cum however, she must be willing to give something back in return.
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The Training Of O – Nov 21, 2017 – Ramon Nomar, Astrid Star

The Training Of O - Nov 21, 2017 - Ramon Nomar, Astrid Star
The Training Of O - Nov 21, 2017 - Ramon Nomar, Astrid Star

Sex Slave Astrid Star Submits to Rope Bondage and Extreme Fucking!

Fresh meat. Sadist extraordinaire Ramon Nomar is always hungry and when he laid his eyes on the innocent, submissive, and naive body of Astrid Star he drooled with desire. He wastes no time explaining the rules to Astrid and instead ties her up in restrictive rope bondage with her tiny pink pussy strapped tightly to a hitachi. He shoves a giant ball gag into her mouth to stifle her useless questions and pleas for mercy. Ramon slowly works her body over and examines her young and perfectly formed body. Her giant tits gyrate as Ramon beats her body with a heavy leather flogger and he pinches her taut skin with clothespins tied into a nasty zipper. He teaches her the day’s first lesson: To beg for his attention. Astrid whippers some muffled words to articulate her desire to serve and please Ramon. When she finally learns how to beg for attention, Ramon tears the zipper off of her body and the slaps the tiny welts with his giant man hands. He checks to see how her pussy reacts to abuse and finds her wet with desire. She is a truly masochistic fuck toy and her greedy cunt only wants more attention. Ramon throws her to floor and jams his monster cock deep down her throat. The girth of his stiff rod barely fits into her mouth and she gags from the deep throat face fucking. Gasping for air she begins to learn the rules and begs Ramon to fuck her filthy mouth until she can barely breath. Grown tired of using her mouth as a fuck hole, Ramon ties her arms and legs to a table fucks her behind. His cock barely fits into her teeny pussy. She winces as the massive cock penetrates her for the first time. But, her pussy juices explode and Ramon begins to ram his all natural female slave with an intensity that pushes the table all the way across the room. Gasping for air she showers Ramon with platitudes and thanks him endlessly for fucking her. She begs to cum over and over but Ramon doesn’t feel like she has earned that right. So, he flips her onto her back and ties one of her legs in the air so he can really stuff her cunt with his cock. As Ramon fucks her, he simultaneously hits her sensitive tits with thin and severe cane and then shocks her armpits with an electric zapper. Astrid is growing overwhelmed by all the different types of pain and pleasure that are flooding her senses. But a greedy whore only wants one thing; multiple unwilling orgasms, and Astrid begs her dom to cum. Fire burns in Ramon’s eyes and he rips orgasm after orgasm out Astrid’s pussy and she squirts all over herself. Ramon finally grows tired of his sub and blows a massive load of jizz all over her tits and pussy. He scoops it up and crams it into Astrid’s hungry mouth and she licks every last bit of it up.
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Sexually Broken – Nov 20, 2017: Nasty Bottle Bitch | Alex More | Sergeant Miles

Sexually Broken - Nov 20, 2017: Nasty Bottle Bitch | Alex More | Sergeant Miles

Sloppy party girl Alex More learns a lesson!

Alex More had a little too much fun. After a night out, she’s stumbling in her stilettos and slurring her speech, but Sgt. Miles knows just how to get her cleaned up. He locks her into a strict metal collar and shackles, promising it’ll help “process those toxins.” The only thing she’ll be processing though, is pain.

He snips off her pretty outfit, revealing her gorgeous fit body. Suddenly, it dawns on poor Alex what she’s in for. A rough throat fucking brings tears to the naughty little slut’s eyes as she whimpers pathetically. She struggles for air and slobbers all over herself, but what’s a bitch good for if you can’t even fuck her face? He goes to town on her sweet little throat over and over, til she learns to keep her tongue out and take it.

When he’s satisfied with her oral performance, Alex is pulled up off her knees and bent over. She could hardly stand earlier; by now she’s shaking in her heels as Miles opens up her tight slit with his fingers. Panties around her ankles, he grabs her hips and viciously fucks her as her cries fade into satisfied moans. She sounds even better once he gags her with a leather strap and her eyes roll back, overwhelmed by cock and pleasure, just like a good little slut should.
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