Firm Hand Spanking – Belinda Lawson – Dreams of Spanking – F

Firm Hand Spanking - Belinda Lawson - Dreams of Spanking - FFirm Hand Spanking - Belinda Lawson - Dreams of Spanking - F
Spectacular fast, bare spanking for Belinda turns her buttocks bouncing crimson
This is a spanking you won’t want to miss! Dreams of Spanking turns up the heat as Belinda Lawson fantasises about being spanked in school uniform. This bottom rippling, fast, hard spanking is no fantasy, it’s full on all the way including grabbing and shaking her soft buttocks to check she’s relaxed, with a candid commentary from Belinda!
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Spanked In Uniform – Montgomery Military Academy Episode 1

Spanked In Uniform - Montgomery Military Academy Episode 1
Two rebelious young girls Angel and Monique were sent to the academy to learn discipline. They had gotten completely out of hand. They met their commanding officer for the first time but when they were told to report back in their cadet uniforms, Angel was wearing earrings and they both had sexy panties on. They both got a demerit which meant a bedtime strapping that night but first they got their first sound spanking over the officer’s knee.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Naughty Nanny Day Three

Girl Spanks Girl - Naughty Nanny Day Three

Arielle Lane did not clean up the room as her mother had asked. So nanny Star has no choice to show her more discipline. She has Arielle bend over a pile of the mess while she spanks her, and finally makes Arielle masturbate while Stat continues to spank her. She leaves Arielle to finish cleaning her mess, rubbing her sore bottom.
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ElitePain – Slave Competition

ElitePain - Slave Competition

Master Ken, the new eliteclub leader decides to make a competition amonh his two favorite slave girl.
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Sensual Pain – Aug 2, 2017: Sex Slave Stock 2 | Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain - Aug 2, 2017: Sex Slave Stock 2 | Abigail Dupree
Sex Slave Stock 2 – In this twisted scene I get into full character and have some fun with my special ‘Chance’ horsecock. But to be a “good” stable girl I need to stretch out my tight asshole, and what better way to start than with the Anal Snake? I then move onto the 41 inch tonguetacle, taking 27 inches of that monster toy. mmm… Now that I have gone deep it is time to widen my slutty stable girl hole. I use an array of big, heavy, and at times metal plugs to get nice and ready for that horse. I take Chance the horse cock in my mouth getting him ready, I love thinking he is real as it then slides deep inside my cunt and ass. Slowly taking him deeper and deeper, moaning like a little slutty stable girl fiend. I imagine the beast working deeper into to me readying its huge load for my cumdumpster of an ass. Pounding away at my slutty holes wanting to plant its seed deep into my ass. Chance explodes inside of me, and it is such a turn on as it pours out of me, all over my pussy, running down my legs. I am so turned on I have to taste his huge cock straight out of my ass. You’ll regret not watching this clip over and over.
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Hogtied – August 3, 2017 – Dylan Ryan, The Pope

Hogtied - August 3, 2017 - Dylan Ryan, The Pope

Blonde Goddess is Destroyed in Devastating Predicament Bondage

Dylan has is back and hotter then ever. She has a different kind of glow about her today, and is feeling a little more frisky than usual. The Pope suggests going more extreme with the bondage and she is ready for the challenge. The bondage will be part of the torment in every scene, and in one of them it’s the only torment she can handle. This is one of the most grueling shoots that Dylan has had to endure, and you can easily understand why upon watching it. Her muscles are stretched to spread her legs as far and wide as they will go to expose her dripping wet pussy. The pain comes in strict and unstoppable. Her skin turns to a bright shade of red almost instantly as she is tormented. Her feet are going to be a main focus in this first scene, as well as the rest. Her pussy is filled with cock and then emptied with squirting orgasms. The second position will test her on every level. She is held up with one point to the sky and made to balance on her head and toes. Her mouth is tied to her ankles to ensure the most brutal experience of the day. She is then suspended in a side hogtie and tormented more before draining her pussy with more squirting orgasms.The final scene we bend her over a wooden horse and have our way with her one last time, fucking her pussy and finger banging her tight little ass hole.
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Sex And Submission – August 4, 2017 – Alexa Nova, Mr. Pete

Sex And Submission - August 4, 2017 - Alexa Nova, Mr. Pete

Blue Collar Justice

Mr Pete gets lured into Alexa Nova’s flirtatious little web in this week’s SAS update: Blue Collar Justice. Hot and sweaty Mr Pete is doing yard work just minding his own business when sexy little minx Alexa Nova saunters out onto the porch in her panties. With her hard nipples protruding through her top she gives him a flirtatious but sassy glare and walks away showing off her cute round ass. Well if that isn’t an invitation I don’t know what is. But this girl has some attitude! Mr Pete knocks on the door to ask for water and she’s got the looks that kill–half bitchy and disgusted with him and half I want to fuck! Mr Pete makes his way inside to dig into this delicious mess. Playing hard to get this horny bitch tells Mr Pete that if he wants it he is going to have to take it. And boy does he. Mr Pete manhandles little Alexa like a good Dominant. He ties her wrists together, takes her down in a chokehold and slaps and fingers her pussy to get her warmed up. Mr Pete can’t wait to get Alexa’s plump and juicy cock sucking lips on his hard dick. He plays with her pink pouty lips and throat fucks her until she slobbers all over his cock getting it nice and wet. He puts her in doggie style and slides that massive cock of his in her tight slutty pussy. Mmm finally what she’s been waiting for. He fucks her and she takes it until she is screaming to cum. Now that she’s had her fun she turns back into a bitch and kicks Mr Pete out of the house–get back to work! Hmm kinky. Later she tries to persuade Mr Pete to get rid of her man so they can run off together. Yeah right this horny slut is delusional. But Mr Pete wants another piece of her sweet ass so he ties her up on the bed to show her who’s boss with some corporeal punishment and some over the top orgasms. One leg up one leg down she is tied up tight to the bed so her ass and pussy are spread open and easy to get. Adorned with a ball-gag and nipple clamps she gets a good flogging, caning, cropping and then the beloved Hitachi. Mr Pete knows just the spot to push Alexa over the edge as he vibes her pussy until she is moaning with delight. Then he fills her pussy and tight ass with his big cock and fucks her deep and hard. He flips her over onto her back and ties her hands to the bottom of the bed frame so her legs are wide open with her ass and pussy begging for attention. More Hitachi on her hungry pussy until her whole body is vibrating with pleasure. Mr Pete stuffs her ass with his thick cock and pounds her out until he shoots his load all over her. All in a day’s work–Now that’s some Blue Collar Justice.
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Whipped Ass – August 3, 2017 – Mona Wales, Dresden

Whipped Ass - August 3, 2017 - Mona Wales, Dresden

Liberation in Bondage: Dresden Returns!

Blonde pain slut Dresden is nervous as she enters the dungeon of the renowned Mona Wales. Luckily, Mona knows how to make shy slaves open up. First, Dresden strips for her Mistress. Once naked, it’s time for Dresden to find liberation in bondage. Mona buckles Dresden in arm binders so her pet feels nice and helpless. Bound and unable to escape from her desires, Dresden admits she wants to be a good little ass eater! Now the real training begins! Dresden gets her tits cropped and her round ass spanked red. Dresden struggles and giggles as her feet are tickled and cropped. Dresden worships Mona’s shiny black boots and legs. She works her way up to Mona’s juicy pussy and is rewarded by her Mistress coming all over her slutty face. Then Dresden gets finger banged and gets her cunt vibrated to multiple orgasms while Mona plays with her tits. Even after coming, Dresden is still horny – she writhes on the ground and rubs her clit all over Mona’s boots. Next, Dresden is bound and ready to suffer. Mona warms her pet up with the flogger before putting small metal rubber-tipped clothespins on Dresden’s tongue and tits. Then she clamps Dresden’s slutty pussy shut with more clothespins. Once Dresden is all decorated Mona continues to use her pet’s warm wet mouth. Dresden licks her Mistress’ pussy to more orgasms and she even gets to eat her Mistress’ ass. Mona is so pleased with her pet, she vibrates Dresden’s wet throbbing pussy to more orgasms. Finally, Dresden is draped in heavy metal chains and fucked! Mona takes Dresden’s pussy first and fucks her slut nice and hard with her strap-on cock. Once she’s wrecked that hole, she turns her attention to Dresden’s ass. Dresden begs to get fucked faster and harder, and Mona gives this anal whore exactly what she asks for. Dresden’s moans get louder as Mona spits all over her, making Dresden even sloppier and more filthy. Dresden comes hard on Mona’s dick and even when Mona is done with her holes, there’s no rest for the slutty. These two babes are all over each other as Mona continues to vibrate Dresden’s cunt to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.
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Queensnake – April 29, 2017 – Carpenter – Jeby

Queensnake - April 29, 2017 - Carpenter - Jeby
The last time I was shopping in the local home depot I realized that I never used wood in my sessions before. So I bought a bunch of tree stuff, I dont’t even know most of their names in my own language, but I certainly can wield them to deliver some pain to my slavegirls.
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Harsh Hairbrush Spanking- OTK Brat Punishment

Harsh Hairbrush Spanking- OTK Brat Punishment
After a severe paddling with the big Frat paddle she has pulled across his knee for a harsh hairbrush spanking. She confessed need to be spanked until she can’t sit down and he will not disappoint her. Agreeing that she is getting exactly what she came for as he suits her bottom before laying into her with his hand and hairbrush. She begins wailing pathetically as he beats her with a thick hair brush. Her bottom is swollen blistered and purple. After the final swat she is sent to the corner with her hands on her head, throbbing bottom exposed what she thinks about the behavior she needs to change.
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