Infernal Restraints – Aug 4, 2017: Of Sound Mind | Riley Reyes

Infernal Restraints - Aug 4, 2017: Of Sound Mind | Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes gets treatment she’ll never forget.

It must have been a panic attack. I got really upset about things in my life. I had no idea how much worse they could get. The facility they took me to was supposed to provide me with help. Instead OT just helped himself. I don’t remember being transported to his special dungeon. I just remember waking up and feeling groggy.

Once I realized what was going on… That I wasn’t going to get the help I needed… Rather that I was going to serve the sadistic whims of a madman I did my best to play along. I took his torments. I participated in his horrific sexual experimentations. I let him touch me. I let him put his fat fingers inside my asshole.

I thought I was crazy. I thought I needed help. I guess I was wrong. All I needed was to find the right person to touch me in the right ways.
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SpankFlixx and Chill – Maddie waiting for a Date

SpankFlixx and Chill - Maddie waiting for a Date
Maddie is lounging waiting for a date to show up. She was supposed to order a movie for the night, instead getting caught up watching spanking porn on the Internet. Surprised when he comes in the door he immediately decides to bring her Spanking fantasy to life. Her long legs and shapely bottom encased in skin tight gray yoga pants almost inviting a spanking. Pulled across his lap, his hand cracks down stinging pretty round bottom. Bringing her spanking fantasy to life maybe more than she bargained for.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Punished at the Border

Girl Spanks Girl - Punished at the Border
Linny Lace tries to smuggle something into a country that has strict rules against it. She meets with the very strict border officer, Veronica Ricci, who shows Linny exactly how the discipline is dished out with this offense in her country. She strips Linny naked and whips her to tears. She also puts her over her knee for a long, incredibly hard spanking with hand and wooden bath brush that even draws blood. She finishes off the punishment with a paddle and cane. This is one of the most severe punishments you will see anywhere.
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Spanked In Uniform – Bellview Catholic School For Girls 20

Spanked In Uniform - Bellview Catholic School For Girls 20
Schoolgirl Ivey was sent to the Headmaster. She was caught smoking in the Quad, she was rude to her teachers and now the Headmaster will cane her soundly. She was told to lay over the desk and her quivering, bare, naughty schoolgirl bottom received 12 of the very best with the cane followed by an hour nose, in the corner.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BB

Firm Hand Spanking - Katya Nostrovia - Sugar Daddy - BB

Will a riding crop across her ass help Katya to stop spending money?

“You are going to learn respect…now bend over,” smiles John Friday as he loses patience with big-spending charmer Katya Nostrovia in Sugar Daddy. After being ignored all evening and paying for a magnum of champagne he can’t drink, John gets to the bottom of it all by whipping Katy’s bare bottom with a riding crop. Now that stings!
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Sensual Pain – Jul 23, 2017: Atonement | Tess Dagger

Sensual Pain - Jul 23, 2017: Atonement | Tess Dagger

We here at Sensual Pain are all about slutty, promiscuous harlots… but we simply won’t tolerate an adulterous whore. Tess Dagger has been sent to us to be kept in confinement until the hour of her atonement in which she will suffer for her wrong doings under the hand of Master James. Traditionally, in order to be cleansed of ones iniquities, blood must be shed. In this regard, we are sadly limited in what we are able to publicly display… however, with much practice, Master James delivers quite the adequate alternative with his behavior correcting techniques. And George (the cat) made Tess’ suffering not in vain by capturing the sacrificial bird in his debut leading role as “The Executioner”.
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The Training Of O – August 1, 2017 – Ramon Nomar, Roxanne Rae

The Training Of O - August 1, 2017 - Ramon Nomar, Roxanne Rae

Shy College Slut, Roxanne Rae, Gets Ass Fucked in Tight Rope Bondage!!

It is always the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. Sexy girl next door Roxanne Rae returns to The Training of O to continue her training at the hands of the sadistic Ramon Nomar. Don’t let her coy smile and glasses fool you. Roxanne is a brat that needs to be put in her place and reminded at whose pleasure she serves. It is a beautiful summer day and Roxanne hasn’t done anything all day besides twirl her beautiful curly brunette hair, eat potato chips, and play with her lacy panties and little pink pussy. She was supposed to have dinner cooked for Ramon when he gets home from a long day of work but instead Roxanne has been on her phone texting and flirting with people. When Ramon gets home he is furious and tries to confront Roxanne about her lack of discipline and her lazy ways. The only defense that she offers is back talk and sass. Infuriated, Ramon grabs his wanton slut by her hair and drags her kicking and screaming into the bedroom so she can receive her punishment. Ramon decides that the best way to shut his little masochistic slave up is to tie her to the bed and then clamp nasty clothespins to her tongue and her pussy. Her temperament begins to improve when she remembers her place in the home. He shoves his massive, throbbing cock down her mouth and she winces from the pain of the clothespins. She quickly wants to please her master and apologizes for her insubordination. Ramon only laughs and rewards her by jamming his dick down her throat again and again as she drools and makes a mess of herself. Satisfied with her devotion he then jams a hitachi onto her pussy and makes her beg to cum. She grinds on the vibrator purring with delight and pleads with her daddy to let her climax. Ramon is a reasonable man and allows her a brief moment of pleasure. But her delight is short lived and he quickly ties her face down and ass up with her wrists tied to her ankles in tight rope bondage. He mercilessly whips her with a set of mean black leather floggers while she begs to be taught a lesson. Once her smooth skin is tenderized Ramon jams his stiff rod into her pussy and she screams with delight. Mercilessly pounding her greedy cunt into submission he then penetrates her hungry asshole and gives her the anal fucking that she is craving. He plows away and brings Roxanne to the edge of ecstasy right before stuffing her greedy mouth full of potato chips. But Ramon is not done yet. He ties her spread eagle to the bed and starts to fuck her tight little asshole with renewed vim and vigor. Grabbing her by head he fucks her harder than her slutty ass has ever been fucked before. She screams with pleasure and begs her dom to give her his cum. And in one last moment of sweaty bliss Ramon cums all over her pussy and then spoon feeds her his massive load. Roxanne Rae learns her lesson and gets fucked in the ass while bound in tight rope bondage!!
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Sophie Logan, Black Lady – Two Captured Slaves

Sophie Logan, Black Lady - Two Captured Slaves

There’s nothing scarier than a stranger talking to you trough the TV. He commands Sophie and Lady to punish each other with clamps and a whip. Once he’s seen enough he demands them to eat each other out until both of them have an intense orgasm!
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Hardtied – Aug 2, 2017: Crotched | Helena Locke

Hardtied - Aug 2, 2017: Crotched | Helena Locke
Helena Locke doesn’t get tied up very often. As OT wraps the ropes around her she watches intently. Her predicament grows with each wrap. As does her excitement. The crotch rope was first to go on, but each rope OT adds makes it tighter; biting into her tender vulva. The gag adds to her helplessness before OT cuts off her clothes and exposes her sexy body.

With her arms tied behind her head her face is pushed into the box. It’s not long before her panties are removed. Her torso is pulled up so her back is arched intensely. Then OT adds a crotch rope and pulls it up so tight that it hurts. The vibrator isn’t that much help and OT makes it worse by spanking her hard.

Helena is sitting on a box with her arms tied behind her back and up to the ceiling. OT comes in and pulls up the ropes so she’s on her feet. As she hangs there OT comes in with the dreaded cane. He beats her ass while she screams.
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