AssumethePositionStudios – Good Girls get to Cum OTK

AssumethePositionStudios - Good Girls get to Cum OTKAssumethePositionStudios - Good Girls get to Cum OTK
His hands unsnap the crotch of her favorite onesie pajamas. Inspecting the warmth as she spreads wide, pressing into his thigh as she is spanked between her legs. He knows just the right rhythm and intensity, bouncing her cheeks under his big hand as she grinds forward. Rocking forward with each swat, she brings herself to orgasm across his knee. Grinding, clenching, crying out in ecstasy as the waves cascade through her. After a good cum she is far from done, asking sweetly for daddy’s belt.
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SpankedInUniform – Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 22

SpankedInUniform - Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 22
Waitresses Ivey and Julie were giggling and joking all through dinner service. Chef Mike saw it and told both of them to meet him in the new punishment room after dinner he made especially for his staff. After a good scolding he had them lay over the punishment bench and he gave them both a sound strapping.
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RealSpankingsInstitute – Kiki’s Dress Code Strapping (Part 1)

RealSpankingsInstitute - Kiki's Dress Code Strapping (Part 1)RealSpankingsInstitute - Kiki's Dress Code Strapping (Part 1)
Kiki is sent to see Kelley Mae, who is filling in for the Dean while he is out of town. A quick dress code inspection reveals that Kiki has chosen to go without a bra and panties. She is given a hard bare bottom strapping, stripped of all of her clothes, and told to attend class for the rest of the day fully naked.
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CrowdBondage – First BDSM session

CrowdBondage - First BDSM session
Juan Lucho hangs out with the group an enjoys seeing pretty European chick Angela Vidal getting spanked, teased with mini taser and hot wax tortured. Finally, Juan gets to feel out her pussy, bang it deep then cums in Angela’s mouth.
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SocietySM – Brutal Business – Ashley Graham

SocietySM - Brutal Business - Ashley GrahamSocietySM - Brutal Business - Ashley Graham
Ashley’s a fine young thing with a sweet rack and she just looks like she’s built to please. We’ll see how well she pleases Holly, once she’s down on the Dungeon floor taking a cropping across her back with a vibe smashed up against her cunt. Again, Holly is sheer brutal business, she grabs tight on Ashley’s ample bosom and yanks her back by the hair…The ensuing orgasm is deep, primal and strong…With the stage set, Ashley then finds her hefty tits bound and purple. Up on her tippy toes, she’s forced to wait for her fate. She perches precariously as Holly viciously pounds those titties with the crop and presses her into another vicious orgasm. With such a fine pair of tits as these, it’s only fitting that they as well should be put through their paces and they are once they are weighted heavily. The intensity holds right through the final scene which calls for Ashley roped and suspended taking the brunt of Holly’s vicious orgasmic wishes one last time.
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PerfectSlave – Pleasure Seeker – Tristyn Kennedy

PerfectSlave - Pleasure Seeker - Tristyn KennedyPerfectSlave - Pleasure Seeker - Tristyn Kennedy
Beautiful, blonde and busty Tristyn is bound tight on the bed, her luscious orbs aglow in red as she struggles for freedom. On this day, Tristyn’s freedom shall not be found by getting out of her binds, but rather in the form of orgasm. We wear her down, but only slightly as we bind her wrists and ankles. She still puts up one heck of a struggle. When we jam that vibe snug against her clit, the transformation begins. From a feisty damsel hellbent on getting away, to one who seeks pleasure in her predicament. I’m certain Tristyn will find what she is looking for..
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Hardtied – Aug 8, 2018: Blatant Tease | Blaten Lee

Hardtied - Aug 8, 2018: Blatant Tease | Blaten Lee
Blaten Lee is one of those beautiful sex-hungry ladies who just needs to cum! How do you torment a woman like that? Once you’ve got her tied up you make her think you’re going to give her release. You tease her pretty pussy like you’re going to let her get there, but you go so slow she’ll never climax.

With the way she moans and grunts in frustration you’d thing OT was hitting her. Instead he’s focusing all his attention on her slit. Making it feel just good enough for Blaten to get caught up in her arousal. Just when she is ready to blast off OT shows her that he’s in charge of when or if she cums.
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DeviceBondage – August 9, 2018 – Helena Locke

DeviceBondage - August 9, 2018 - Helena LockeDeviceBondage - August 9, 2018 - Helena Locke
Sexy Blonde Cougar is Destroyed in Device Bondage

Helena has proven that she can handle the most diabolical bondage and torment, but can she take what comes next? Her first showing was impressive and we know that The Pope isn’t going to stop there. He is going to take it deep into the next level, and if anyone can handle it, it’s Helena. She begins belted to a pole in a standing position, and the assault on her begins instantly. She is blindfolded and left to deal with the demons in her own mind while he torments her body. An orgasm eases the suffering temporarily before it all resumes. Next she is shackled to a box with her ass in the air. Flogging, paddling, and other activities turn her flesh into a bright red canvas of pain and suffering. Again she is rewarded with orgasms, and then on to the finale. She is spread eagle on the floor. This is when things go from bad to worse. She endures brutal torment that takes her as close to the edge as she has ever been. The final orgasms are going to be earned through tease and denial. She has endured another grueling session with The Pope and is a stronger slut for it.
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TSSeduction – August 7, 2018 – Natalie Mars , D. Arclyte

TSSeduction - August 7, 2018 - Natalie Mars , D. ArclyteTSSeduction - August 7, 2018 - Natalie Mars , D. Arclyte
The Mars Obsession: Natalie Mars Invades D Arclyte’s Dreams

Lonely loser D Arclyte is Natalie Mars biggest fan. His studio apartment is a shrine to his favorite goddess. In the middle of masturbating he is startled to see Natalie appear in his dank, cluttered room. He is overjoyed at this surprise visit, but she is grossed out by this crude, creepy excuse for a man. She informs him, “you are no one to me, you are nothing. You are shit You don’t even exist.” D Arclyte’s dream comes true when Natalie sits on his ass, smothering is face. But Natalie has no interest in pleasing this dirty little pervert. She has him suck her dick. Taking it deep into the back of his mouth. Drooling spit. Now he must worship her asshole. He is a lucky boy. A lot of creeps try to talk to Natalie, none of them get this far. D takes off her panties. She puts them on his head before ordering him to suck her cock. He looks even more ridiculous now. Deep throats it like a champ. Now back on Natalie’s asshole, getting her cock rock hard with his tongue. More face sitting, ass licking, dick sucking. D is in heaven, pleasing his dream goddess Natalie Mars, but he is aching to really get his hands on her sexy body. He whimpers and begs and pleads to fuck his dream girl. Natalie promises him they will fuck. Then he is ordered to get on all fours and get Natalie’s cock nice and wet. This isn’t what he dreamt of, but he will do anything to please his dream goddess. D feels her cock expand deep into his tight virginal ass, pounding away. She teases if he is really good he might get the chance to fuck her ass. He is willing to do anything to get that opportunity. Natalie mounts D, plunging deep into his hungry hole. Now he’s face down on his stomach, as Natalie rides him down into the mattress. Her gorgeous hands and manicured nails wrapped around his mouth, her beautiful arm squeezing his neck. Natalie asks if he would like to fuck her now. He whimpers approvingly, crying that he has earned it. Unfortunately, D learns that he will be wearing a face-dildo. His creepy, pathetic dick will not be inside Natalie Mars. Natalie takes the dildo all the way in her ass. On all fours, D’s face once again pressed against her smooth ass. “Fuck me harder, don’t be a bitch”. He gets to stroke her dick while he fucks her. He is not allowed to touch his own dick. Natalie lays on her back and spreads her legs for D. You say you love me, why don’t you prove it! Plunging the dildo in and out of her sweet hole. Nice and deep. Natalie cums on her hands and then wipes it all over D’s face. She asks if he wants to cum now, is his dream about to come true? No, Natalie has no intention of touching his creepy dick. D has to stroke himself off, looking at Natalie’s beautiful eyes, perky tits, and round ass.
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Ms Kimi Spanks – Spanking Little Kay

Ms Kimi Spanks - Spanking Little KayMs Kimi Spanks - Spanking Little Kay
Little Kay wants cookies for breakfast and just won’t give up trying to get them. Momma Kimi is patient, but Kay breaks a flowerpot by knocking it on the floor while trying to get the cookies and Momma Kimi must teach her a lesson.
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FirmHandSpanking – Domestic Discipline – EG – Alison Miller

FirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EG - Alison MillerFirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EG - Alison Miller
Alison Miller classic over-the-knee bare bottom spanking gets it bouncing red!
There are few sights more satisfying than flame-haired Alison Miller getting her bare booty soundly spanked over John Friday’s knee! “We’d just come back from lunch for the spanking scene so my bottom wasn’t ready for what he brought!” laughs Alison. Her reactions are so dramatic, enjoy Reaction Cam replay for double the spanking action in Domestic Discipline!
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