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SpankingSarahGregory – Melanie’s Bedtime Spanking

SpankingSarahGregory - Melanie's Bedtime Spanking

Melanie had been spanked at school earlier that day for cheating. Step-Daddy is very upset and had her wait in her room for him that evening. She knows the House Rules… “A spanking at school means a spanking at home” and poor Melanie’s bottom is already so red, still burning from her earlier thrashing that day. She is taken across step-daddy’s lap for a no mercy, hard hand spanking, just like she got at school… followed by the hairbrush. Melanie struggles and squirms, kicking her legs, then tries to reach her hand back to stop the hated hairbrush. This infuriates Step-Daddy which only makes him spank her harder until he is satisfied that she receives the same considerable amount of punishment she got from school at home. That’s only fair, rules are rules, and Step-Daddy ensures that they are carried out in full before Melanie faces a rather uncomfortable night trying to avoid napping on her back!

SpankingSarahGregory - Melanie's Bedtime Spanking

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