UniversalSpanking – Keep Your Hands to Yourself part 1: Respect

UniversalSpanking – Keep Your Hands to Yourself part 1: RespectUniversalSpanking – Keep Your Hands to Yourself part 1: Respect
This is Part 1 of “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”, a three part series that features the loveable and spankable, Mackenzie Reed. It all starts out when Mackenzie is confronted by her Father, it seems that she’s been having an issue touching her peers inappropriately at school. Though all of the touching was done in a playful manner, Principal made it clear that she needed to be punished at home to resolve the issue of flirting. Mackenzie is often on good behavior, though as of recent her actions have become more delinquent, and she’s going to have to face an over the knee, bare bottomed spanking,…that’s the way that her Father handles things when she does have the misfortune of misbehaving.
Mackenzie gets those all too familiar butterflies as she goes over her Dad’s knee, it always hurts so much, though she always takes the lessons that are taught to heart, knowingly or not. The spanking starts over her thin jeans and then the rapid fire smacks of her Daddy’s strong hands have her regretting her recent decisions. Her panties come down next as her bare bottom becomes exposed for the family leather paddle to be firmly applied to her round cheeks! This is so embarrassing for Mackenzie, having to still be spanked at her age, she knows a few other girls in her class that still get spanked like she does, but it doesn’t make this painful experience any easier. The swats continue until her Dad is satisfied that Mackenzie has learned her lesson, and he gives her a big hug to show her that everything is okay and that all is forgiven. Kenzie on the other hand, is having some rebellious thoughts that could take her on a path that gets her bottom blistered even further…

UniversalSpanking – Keep Your Hands to Yourself part 1: Respect
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