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Restrained Elegance – Bondage Bears Viral Video

Restrained Elegance - Bondage Bears Viral VideoRestrained Elegance - Bondage Bears Viral Video
The recent UK law changes on what a UK producer can show you online are ridiculous. We wanted to find a good way to get this point across, and a documentary film-maker we contacted suggested we try making a viral video. So here it is! Please share this as widely as possible- upload to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, wherever! We will be doing that ourselves too of course but it all helps: we want to point out the absurdity of the situation to as many people as we can, so it’s important to hit the maximum number of eyeballs 🙂

The clips from mainstream movies were taken from YouTube and are available to all without any sort of age verification. So how about you take on YouTube first, oh UK regulator?
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Restrained Elegance – Tutorial: Basic Western-Style Chest Harness

Restrained Elegance - Tutorial: Basic Western-Style Chest HarnessRestrained Elegance - Tutorial: Basic Western-Style Chest Harness
Ariel takes us step-by-step through how to tie the basic western-style chest harness, a foundational bit of bondage which although not precisely restraining in and of itself, allows one to build out the bondage position from it. We use variations on this very often indeed, it is so useful to lash wrists or ankles or elbows or whatever to parts of the chest harness to provide security and allow one to put tension on the rope in multiple directions to really immobilise!
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Restrained Elegance – Game of Slaves: Ariel Taken

Restrained Elegance - Game of Slaves: Ariel TakenRestrained Elegance - Game of Slaves: Ariel Taken
True to her wish, dynamite leggy blonde @ArielAnderssen has caught the eye of some more senior players in #GameOfSlaves. Quickest off the mark is @PennyLee92, reeling from her recent defeat. Penny needs new slaves to replace those she has lost, and soon! Can she achieve a clean capture of Ariel, and will she manage to bend the defiant blonde to her will?
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Restrained Elegance – Clockwork Peardrop

Restrained Elegance - Clockwork PeardropRestrained Elegance - Clockwork Peardrop
Oh lordy. One of the things with trying to be experimental and interesting and try new things is that sometimes an idea that looks good on paper looks a bit loony when you sit down to review the footage.
Case in point: this video. It was originally conceived in the aftermath of the great success we had with Ariel’s original beautiful slavegirl dance (one of the videos I’m most proud of from all the early days of RE- I think it is just gorgeous).
I think we’d just watched “A Clockwork Orange” together, and I know we were thinking whether we could figure out a good way to shoot a dance routine with a lot more bondage in it. We did, eventually. (See Ariel’s bondage dance). What we learned shooting this one is that we needed very tight choreography and LOTS of footage to make a bondage dance video properly.

This one, we just tried to improvise in the studio with eccentric styling inspired by A Clockwork Orange, a lot of chains, and a couple of cameras pointed at the scene.
I think is quite stylish, but also quite, quite mad! Ariel’s not exactly sure what she was thinking when she came up with to “swimming across the floor using the chain” dance move. It’ll catch on, I tell you (it’s about 40 years too late, it would have fitted into a Disco routine just fine). We thought it was time for our first attempt to see the light of day as a bonus/out-take- enjoy!
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Restrained Elegance – #GameOfSlaves: Bad Dolly and the Crotchrope

Restrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Bad Dolly and the CrotchropeRestrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Bad Dolly and the Crotchrope
Kidnapped gorgeous slave girl Bad Dolly’s tortures continue! Her captor has fastened and collared her on her knees in the dungeon, a tight crotch-rope going to the ceiling hook pulling wickedly tight and making her moan whenever she moves. Gagged with a panel cock gag, she begs and pleads to be released, fights and pulls at the ropes which confine her but there will be no escape!

And on the boards of #GameOfSlaves the fans are loving it! Is she a competitor with a great eye for style and drama, cleverly framing her sexy videos with panache? Or is she genuinely the unwilling damsel kidnapped by a daring domme?
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Restrained Elegance – Two Kinky Girls

Restrained Elegance - Two Kinky GirlsRestrained Elegance - Two Kinky Girls
It’s such a pleasure when we get to work with a kinky model. I tend towards caution when I’m tying models who have limited bondage experience – I don’t want to frighten them, make them unduly uncomfortable, or make it hard for them to pose. But Cobie must be one of the most experienced, seriously kinky girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to tie up. Which made her perfect for a project I’ve had in mind for a couple of years – a series of strict arm ties. Elbows-together ties have to be one of the most challenging positions for most models – it’s hard to keep your circulation travelling into your hands if the rope placement isn’t right, and even when it is, the clock is ticking regarding how long you can stay tied in that way. Cobie is tough, patient and professional, so I knew I could trust her to tell me if anything felt too challenging. So off we went, chattering away, and tying a super, tough bondage rig with a super, tough model. Thanks to Cobie!
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Restrained Elegance – Behind the Scenes: Tille and the Cage

Restrained Elegance - Behind the Scenes: Tille and the CageRestrained Elegance - Behind the Scenes: Tille and the Cage

A bonus video for you showing behind the scenes as we shoot with Tillie.

All our stories are shot on a professional set with proper regard for the health and safety of all performers and crew. Photo and video stories shot with gags use gag safety procedures to ensure the model’s comfort, safety and consent on set.
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Restrained Elegance – Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Cheerleader

Restrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes: Shooting The CheerleaderRestrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Cheerleader

Here’s a little glimpse behind the scenes of shooting Tillie’s cheerleader bondage video (which is coming up on the site soon!)
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#GameOfSlaves: Slave @ArielAnderssen, Mistress @HannahClaydon13 and the Perfect Gag

#GameOfSlaves: Slave @ArielAnderssen, Mistress @HannahClaydon13 and the Perfect Gag#GameOfSlaves: Slave @ArielAnderssen, Mistress @HannahClaydon13 and the Perfect Gag

Ariel’s not satisfied with the quality of domination she has experienced so far in #GameOfSlaves. One dominatrix after another has failed to fully live up to the promise of their promos. Even throwing herself on the mercy of the game makers hasn’t really hit the spot. So today she is submitting to Mistress Hannah Claydon. As we all know, Hannah is the queen of gags- she is obsessed with finding the perfect gag for each slave. And even the formidable @TemptressKate hasn’t really managed to find a gag which shuts Ariel up… and which also satisfies Ariel’s highly-refined aesthetic sense of what a good gag should look like. Can Hannah find the perfect gag for Ariel?
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Restrained Elegance – Bikinis at Dawn

Restrained Elegance - Bikinis at DawnRestrained Elegance - Bikinis at Dawn

Well ok, it’s not actually dawn. But it’s the beginning of day 3 of our Spanish location trip with Natalia Forest, and we wondered if we could do a chair tie with more rope integrated into the chair than normal. Hywel said we could talk as I tied Natalia up. And then very possibly regretted it – it turned out that Natalia and I had a LOT of gossiping to do. But the rig turned out beautifully, in large part because Natalia is just so bloody flawless and beautiful. Honestly, it’s like she’s already been photoshopped. Kinda dazzling.
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