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RestrainedElegance – The Nightmare In The Storm – Honour May

RestrainedElegance - The Nightmare In The Storm - Honour MayRestrainedElegance - The Nightmare In The Storm - Honour May
Honour May is sleeping fitfuly, disturbed by the sound of the falling rain on her window, getting heavier and heavier. The wind rises, starts to howl and whistle and whip around the bones of the old house. The rain comes harder, more insistently, making the satin-clad damsel stir in her sleep. Barefoot, she sleeps in her long night-dress, it’s satin fabric draping seductively over her recumbant form. A flash- a roll of thunder. The storm is gathering around her, and the nightmare in the storm is peering in through the window. Something icy cold grasps her ankle. She screams as she finds herself locked in a fever dream of cold steel and chains and captivity, pulled out towards the raging thunder by the beast that dwells within the eye of the storm. A gag muffles her cry- not one of the other guests is aware of the drama unfolding in the Master bedroom! She fights to escape but the magical chains have that strange quality of nightmares, that she can never quite evade or escape or break free no matter how hard she tries….
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Restrained Elegance – Penny Lee – Game of Slaves: You Win This Round…

Restrained Elegance - Penny Lee - Game of Slaves: You Win This Round...
Experienced top-ranking domme @Temptress_Kate has stolen @PennyLee92’s prime new slave-girl! Zapped with the stun-gun, Penny was helpless to resist as Kate tied her in a rough but very serviceable hemp-rope hogtie… will Penny be able to free herself in time to pursue Kate and reclaim Ariel from her clutches?
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Restrained Elegance – Behind The Scenes With Sophia Smith

Restrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes With Sophia SmithRestrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes With Sophia Smith
All our stories are shot on a professional set with proper regard for the health and safety of all performers and crew. Photo and video stories shot with gags use gag safety procedures to ensure the model’s comfort, safety and consent on set.
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Restrained Elegance – Rachelle Summers: Fraudster To Sex Slave!

Restrained Elegance - Rachelle Summers: Fraudster To Sex Slave!
Restrained Elegance - Rachelle Summers: Fraudster To Sex Slave!
Hello and welcome to our new on-going mini-series here at RestrainedElegance! Game of Slaves has been fun, Nude in Metal is coming back, but I wanted a new idea to spur some storylines for 2018 and this is what I came up with. Blah-di-Blah to sex slave. The idea is that we show a range of different characters ending up tied and bound as a sex slave, ranging from the endlessly popular “online cam girl slave auction” storylines which I know a lot of fans really love (the continuing popularity of Slave Auction and Hannah Claydon’s Chat Room Tease attests to that) through to more consensual storylines, though to vanilla character Damsel-in-Distress storylines as well. If you’re like me, hopefully you’ll enjoy the little framing stories and character introductions – personally I really like to have a bit of insight into character as well as just some good strict bondage. If the idea horrifies (which I guess it might) I figured you could always skip the first scene and get straight into the bondage that way!

We kick off with the delightful Rachelle Summers as an elegant fraudster, embezzling her way through the company’s resources until she’s found out and blackmailed into serving as a sex slave for her rival!
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Restrained Elegance – Game of Slaves: Ariel Taken

Restrained Elegance - Game of Slaves: Ariel TakenRestrained Elegance - Game of Slaves: Ariel Taken
True to her wish, dynamite leggy blonde @ArielAnderssen has caught the eye of some more senior players in #GameOfSlaves. Quickest off the mark is @PennyLee92, reeling from her recent defeat. Penny needs new slaves to replace those she has lost, and soon! Can she achieve a clean capture of Ariel, and will she manage to bend the defiant blonde to her will?
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RestrainedElegance – #GameOfSlaves: Won Her In A Card Game, What?

RestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Won Her In A Card Game, What?RestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Won Her In A Card Game, What?

OMG that girl who said she was in a card game? @ToyChloe, that’s her. They’ve got her in a hotel somewhere and check out who they’ve got as the sub for her to play with! It’s only @ArielAnderssen! Man I don’t know how that’s going to go down. I mean @ToyChloe is obviously a total amateur at this domme thing and @ArielAnderssen might be new but she’s full on hardcore submissive. I reckon it is a set-up….
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RestrainedElegance – #GameOfSlaves: Ariel’s Dare

RestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Ariel's DareRestrainedElegance - #GameOfSlaves: Ariel's Dare

I dunno man, I think this @ArielAnderssen is getting a bit big for her boots. @TemptressKate is a top domme, and @ArielAnderssen just doesn’t seem to be responding properly. I mean she’s been loaned out to the game – that stuff with @ToyChloe- it was pretty hot but it just wasn’t strict enough to break her. She says it herself she came on #GameOfSlaves to get the real thing. But dissing the game organisers is a bit of a high-risk strategy and pissing off her camera crew too is just being a bit of a bitch.
This is really promising though she’s issuing an open challenge to dommes to come and do better than she can do herself with self bondage! She really needs to be taken in hand… why isn’t @TemptressKate keeping her on a much tighter leash, anyway? It’s like half the time she’s even a free agent at the moment. Man though she does look bloody hot in a tight hogtie. And those feet and legs that go on for miles… come on, someone show her exactly what her real place is!
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Restrained Elegance – Behind The Scenes: Tillie New Slavegirl Part One

Restrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes: Tillie New Slavegirl Part OneRestrained Elegance - Behind The Scenes: Tillie New Slavegirl Part One

We shot this custom series of Tillie as a new slavegirl a year or so ago and while we were shooting our friend Michael Stamp came along to experiment with shooting video. Although he kindly edited it into something like a music video, he then moved to Spain (huh! The nerve of some people 😉 We never got around to properly handing the project off, and in the end I decided that since the customer who had ordered the photos liked behind-the-scenes stuff, it was probably nicer for him for me to edit the footage into a behind-the-scenes feature rather than go with the contortions of editing video shot while we were shooting stills into a traditional music video. (There’s a reason we shoot video OR stills of a given set, not both). So I hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes at a day of shooting with Tillie.
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Restrained Elegance – Captured Jogger (Part Three)

Restrained Elegance - Captured Jogger (Part Three)Restrained Elegance - Captured Jogger (Part Three)

Punished and cowed, captured jogger Ariel’s humiliations only get worse as she is forced to strip naked for her punisher’s prurient pleasure. He adorns her nipples with dreadful clamps, decorated with bells, and forces her to dance and sway to play him a tune. And when her attempts do not please him sufficiently, he straps a diabolical device to her inner thighs to terrorise and torture her yet further with cruel electric shocks! Finally she begins to accept what her fate is to be….
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RestrainedElegance – Captured Jogger (Part Two)

RestrainedElegance - Captured Jogger (Part Two)RestrainedElegance - Captured Jogger (Part Two)

In which poor innocent keep-fit fan Ariel gets further stripped, whipped, tormented and tortured by her cruel captor. He begins her training as a slave girl- can she perform waitress duties with a tray chained to her and her hands cuffed behind her back? She must balance the tray and not spill a drop of drink… let alone ditch the actual glasses on to the floor! Needless to say, she fails… and is cruelly and brutally punished, without the least hint of mercy from her tormentor!

He locks her in the stocks and starts to torture her soft silk soles in the stocks- with whips and crops and cruellest of all an electric unit which not only hurts like the very devil but causes her legs and feet to painfully contract and cramp- making her own body into her torturer!
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