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Dior -The Mobster’s Wife

So, I met this Russian guy in the airport between flights. We struck up a conversation out of boredom just small talk to start. He told me how he was an import/export/real estate guy. I thought to myself (Russian mob) Which was fine, he was a pleasant enough guy. He …

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Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6)

I decided to learn about our naughty spanked one on camera. You are learning what I know about Bunny at the same time in this film. That’s right! You are experiencing the same knowledge at the same time regarding our cute and very spankable roller-derby gal! I decided to test …

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Tiki’s Four Obscure

These are four obscure spankings that each have a back story. 1) This one was a spanking I gave Tiki for smoking while fighting bronchitis. I warned her not to smoke and this and the 118 licks with the belt earlier were both for this disobedience. Drove up to the …

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SpankedInUniform – The Whippingsham Episode 24

One of Whippingsham’s Spanish students, the lovely MILF Montse, overslept and was late for college again!. The Director paid her a visit at home and after a good spanking he made her get a nice big solid old fashioned Slipper which was used on her naughty bare bottom just like …

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Aaaspanking – Social Media Spanking

Casey had been sent to bed early but this didn’t stop her from using various social media sites to stay connected with her friends and it also meant she wasn’t sleeping. John took his duties of looking after her seriously but she had become difficult recently and he was reluctant …

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