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Paddles and Spanking video

Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 40

Nurse Aleesha forgot to feed one of the most difficult parients Mrs. Johnson and nurse Danielle scolded her for it. Instead of reporting it to Dr. Johnson, she decided to spank Aleesha with her hand and shoe. Dr. Johnson caught them and Aleesha was soundly birched on her bare bottom …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 35

Nurse Danielle was late for her shift so Dr. Johnson went looking for her. He found her taking a nap in one of the empty hospital rooms for which the patient would arriving in a few hours. He told her to lay over the bed and she got a sound …

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Aaaspanking – Spendthrift Sarah’s Spanking

Sarah’s out of control shopping habits have got too much for her girlfriend, Apricot, who discovers that she is still buying more stuff when she promised that she would curb her spending. She used coupons for a special offer by using Apricot’s email account and printing them off, only she …

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SpankedCallGirls – Madam Snow Spanks the Clowns

The cat house was all set for the Halloween clown party, but Nova and Elori screwed up and didn’t decorate. Madam Snow is furious. She puts the two clowns, Elori Stix and Nova over her knee for a hard spanking, before caning Elori and paddling Nova, not even worried about …

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