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FirmHandSpanking – Reform School – HK – Rosie Munroe

14-stroke caning finale for gorgeous Reform School student Rosie Munroe Rosie Munroe is doing better at Reform School, but flooding the bathroom earns her 14 strokes with Mr Friday’s springy cane. “It sinks into my butt cheeks, the sting is so sharp!” said Rosie, clutching her perfect buttocks. Plaid skirt …

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FirmHandSpanking – Rosie Munroe – Reform School – HJ

Bent over, touching her toes, Rosie Munroe waits for 12 strokes of the cane Touching her toes, legs straight, feet braced, Reform School plaid skirt lifted, white cotton panties wedgied, Rosie Munroe is perfectly positioned. She grits her teeth for 12 buttock-clenching cane strokes. Mr Friday has warned her about …

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