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SocietySM – Attention Whore – Candy Manson

SocietySM - Attention Whore - Candy MansonSocietySM - Attention Whore - Candy Manson
Ogre’s got some Candy in his mitts. Candy Manson to be exact. She’s one sweet treat, and this week, she’s on display for us all…As Ogre delves a bit deeper into Candy’s psyche, she reveals that she is indeed a whore for attention. And this will play right into his hands as he gets down to the nitty gritty. Now Candy’s got some baby doll looks about her, that cannot be denied. And being the attention whore that she is, she is bound to serve well. It must be a deep seated NEED to do so…Blonde, busty, bound…what’s not to like here? As it unfolds before us, Candy is pushed through the wringer and taken to extremes as Ogre plays every angle available. And any angle that may not be readily available…he shall take..
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SocietySM – Innocence, Bed Bound – Nova Cane

SocietySM - Innocence, Bed Bound - Nova CaneSocietySM - Innocence, Bed Bound - Nova Cane
Nova has the classic look that fills bondage with it’s majestic mystery….innocence…the big brown eyes, the pretty face, the arousing smile…How does a young woman like this end up bound and manhandled? Because she loves it…she loves to be the object of extreme desires…Today, she is mine…I keep her bound on the bed, through punishments and bouts of pleasure…she squirns, she screams and she squirts as I take my perveted liberties with her bound flesh.
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SocietySM – Helpless Dreamgirl in Bondage – Carissa Montgomery

SocietySM - Helpless Dreamgirl in Bondage - Carissa MontgomerySocietySM - Helpless Dreamgirl in Bondage - Carissa Montgomery
After waiting much too long, we finally get the opportunity to bring Carissa Montgomery in for a day of helpless bondage and rough treatment…Carissa has submissive charm and she knows how to use it…Being bound transforms her, and she becomes the fantasy bondage dreamgirl…the expressive eyes make it very easy to feel for her…and her legandary breasts are constantly calling out for attention…Carissa exudes helpless femininity as I keep her bound, tormented and pleasured…Enjoy, Ogre..
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Society SM – This Slave Shall Cum! – Adrianna Luna

Society SM - This Slave Shall Cum! - Adrianna LunaSociety SM - This Slave Shall Cum! - Adrianna Luna
Adrianna’s in Holly’s hands, whether or not that is a good thing shall be determined. Bound and gagged, she squats precariously as her Mistress inspects her flesh. Her nipples are clamped for starters, and her whimpers propel Holly to tug tightly on them before she clamps her cunt and hoists Adrianna off the ground. Adrianna’s pussy is overtly sensitive know and Holly seizes upon this, stuffing a vibe on her clit while she demands orgasm from this slave…As we get deeper into the session, Adrianna is bent on all fours over the bars. Her ripe ass is too tempting to pass up and Holly works it over before cramming a heavy dildo deep in Adrianna’s pussy. Then, bound to the cross, after some beautiful tit sucking, Adrianna is subjected to a riding crop before once again being subjected to a merciless orgasm…Finally, tied leg up, Adrianna gets a little more of the crop as Holly pays particular attention to her nether regions. She wails in ecstasy as Holly once again employs the dildo and drives it deep before administering the vibe for the final orgasmic finale’.
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Society SM – Fresh Meat For The Dungeon – Crystal Frost

Society SM - Fresh Meat For The Dungeon - Crystal FrostSociety SM - Fresh Meat For The Dungeon - Crystal Frost
Crystal saves her fetishes for the camera, lucky for us. She’s fresh meat to our Dungeon however and she’ll be treated as such. After Damon rigs her up, he gives her a little insight into the day’s events. Spanking her ass to a beet red and forcefully removing her garments…Then she’s cuffed and spread on the table, groaning as the suction devices are attached and the pressure is applied. Damon forcefully jams a dildo deep in her to loosen things up a bit. And then the fireworks begin when he strategically places a vibe against her clit. Crystal shatters the sound barrier as she writhes and succumbs. But, it doesn’t end quite there she soon finds, when she is on the receiving end of a pole fuck as she is stretched and arched to uncomfortable proportions. And now that she’s nice and warmed up, she’s roped on the floor, vulnerable to Damon’s whims as he swats and strikes her bare ass and feet while she moans and bellows. Finally, she’s up on the cross face forward, her only means of balance is the platform at her feet. Beneath it lays yet another platform, this one laden in spikes. Assured Crystal is going nowhere, Damon breaks out the whip, then he plays a triple caned, rhythmic beat on her backside that builds to a state of frenzy.
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Society SM – Scream Machine – Nikki Daniels

Society SM - Scream Machine - Nikki DanielsSociety SM - Scream Machine - Nikki Daniels
Nikki’s screams echo throughout the Dungeon as Jack toys with her. Down on the floor, she’s spread-eagle and subjected to a little electric stimulation. As the device snaps and crackles, the intensity stiffens when it greets her flesh. She struggles fiercely only to find herself inverted on the bench. Pussy up high, candles are placed between her toes and as Jack fingers her exposed pussy, she gets a healthy portion of hot wax cascading across her buttocks. After TENS pads are affixed to her belly, a vibe is jammed heavily in her pussy and Nikki’s scream tips the decibel meters as she twitches in orgasm…Forced up on her feet, clothes-pins are attached to her tits and Jacks’ sadistic side shines through…While bringing Nikki to yet another blistering orgasm, the zipper is ripped away and all bets are off as Nikki transforms into a drooling, shuddering scream machine…Now it’s time to pay the piper, and our suspended beauty takes a face full of dick before she is left dangling from the rafters…
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Society SM – Red On Red – Pepper Kester

Society SM - Red On Red - Pepper KesterSociety SM - Red On Red - Pepper Kester
Pepper is rendered helpless and Holly’s set to take full advantage of it as she slowly runs her hands over Pepper’s lithe body. She quickly makes her way down to her pussy and buries a dildo in it. Pepper has no other means except to take what she is given, and Holly works that dildo fast and hard before she reaches for her riding crop and gives Pepper a thorough once over with it… After a brief respite, Pepper’s then up on one foot. Her left leg is tied high with her pussy exposed. Holly first sends a jolt through her, then comes a whipping tirade followed by the wand. As the vibe is literally smashed against Pepper’s swollen cunt, she trembles and writhes while she cums uncontrollably… Both feet firmly planted on the ground now, and Pepper’s bent over the bars where she is the lucky recipient of a wicked paddling at the hands of her Mistress. Turning up the heat a tad, her nipples are clamped and Holly, sensing Pepper’s weak point once again buries the wand against her subject’s clit. Yet, again, Pepper struggles mightily, to no avail of course as Holly slaps her backside propeeling her to cum furiously… Next, while she’s spread wide on the bed, Pepper’s little pussy and tits are pinned while Holly toys with her without mercy. Then, her gag is removed and a molten hot 69 session ensues.
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Society SM – Pleading Eyes, Tremendous Tits – Marilyn Mansion

Society SM - Pleading Eyes, Tremendous Tits - Marilyn MansionSociety SM - Pleading Eyes, Tremendous Tits - Marilyn Mansion
As soon as I saw those big eyes and glowing smile, I knew this fresh face would be something to remember…then I saw her tits and and thought, unforgettable…Marilyn is a flirty little bundle of sexy joy…I almost felt bad as I wrapped her breasts in tight rope as she wimpered with wonder at my plans….I was soon overtaken by the splendor of truly objectifying a woman with bondage, and I felt bad no more…Marilyn is made to be my cumslut and punishment whore.
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Society SM – Kyra’s Bondage Trial – Kyra Rose

Society SM - Kyra's Bondage Trial - Kyra RoseSociety SM - Kyra's Bondage Trial - Kyra Rose
Another fresh face, another bound body waiting for me to do as I please…Kyra knows she can’t get away but she struggles anyway….I law down the law as I lay my hands on her luscious body…This is a long and lean woman with lovely breasts, a perfectly round ass and deeply expressive brown eyes…she begs with those eyes constantly…It has no effect on me other than turn me on…She gets stretched to her limits,, bent over for punishment and spread for extreme pleasure…I think youll enjoy her lying there helpless, with the vibrator bound to her clit, cumming and moaning over and over…and even a few spasms…Kyra is the real deal as she endures her first bondage trial at SocietySM.
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Society SM – Fit to Burst – Holly Wood

Society SM - Fit to Burst - Holly WoodSociety SM - Fit to Burst - Holly Wood
Holly appears to be in quite the conundrum… She’s tied hard and tight, seated on the bed as Damon gropes her pussy. He methodically manipulates her clothing, making sure all the right areas are exposed. He gets her off to a quick start as he first moistens up her pussy with his fingers, then buries a pole mounted dildo deep in her cunt as he stifles her screams… She’s then flipped over on her belly for easier access as she is bound and rigged from the rafters, hoisted high above as she is set into motion swinging to and fro. From underneath, Damon affixes clothes-pins to her flesh, slowly covering her beautiful tits. Then he brandishes the cane and works sweet Holly’s body over as she careens through the air. Her pain is not without virtue however, reward is just around the corner as he presses the wand against her clit. As each pin is removed, Holly is one step closer to orgasm… When she is arched over on her back, she cums furiously just before the pussy stretcher is affixed. Damon adds a little flavor to things though as he applies an electrical current to her pussy. And despite Holly’s pleas, he runs her through her paces, giving her the shock of her life. Her screams fill the air, yet Damon persists and she is sent into a convulsive state… Taking it all a step further, Holly is then mounted and spread face down. Nipple clamps are attached and weighted and electricity is once again employed as Damon canes his slave thoroughly. Holly’s screams take on an ear splitting level when he gets to her bare feet, and then she is worked to a blistering, orgasmic finale.
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