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Society SM – A Sweet Return – Carolina Sweets

Society SM - A Sweet Return - Carolina SweetsSociety SM - A Sweet Return - Carolina Sweets

Since her last visit, Carolina has made a big splash in the adult industry, and she has gotten even sexier…She told me how she wanted to explore BDSM and how the last shoot allowed her to express submissive desires in a way that was new to her…So I turn up the heat for round two…She responds well to being an object, and one that enjoys suffering for someone else’s pleasure….Her tits and ass are perfectly ripe as I claim domain over them as my own….my objects…I keep her bound tight and take her deeper into her own dark fantasies.
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Society SM – Cherry’s Bad Day – Cherry Torn

Society SM - Cherry's Bad Day - Cherry TornSociety SM - Cherry's Bad Day - Cherry Torn

DCorp and SSM present a BDSM fantasy feature starring Cherry Torn, Dick Chibbles, Bane and Ogre…Everyone has bad days…times when things just arent going well…Cherry thought it was a bad day when her boyfriend got arrested and she had to beg her friends for a loan to bail him out…the next day was pretty bad too…he packed what he could and fled the country without her…but nothing compared to the day after that…blindfolded, gagged and roped in the back seat of an unknown car, Cherry anticipates a much worse day today…the driver takes her to an empty house and leaves her tied up on the floor…someone wants to know where her boyfriend is…and they’ve hired a crew of motley interrogators to extract the information…Cherry hangs tough through grueling questioning and electrical shock motivation…but it turns out to be for naught…they get the information they need from a different source…now what to do with this beautiful piece of ass? she’s gotta be worth something to someone…time to put the word out…hot blonde whore for sale..
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Society SM – The Bound Gift – Violet October

Society SM - The Bound Gift - Violet OctoberSociety SM - The Bound Gift - Violet October

Mark and I had plans, but I skipped away at the last minute, leaving him a note and a gift…Young Violet, all tied up on the sofa, her only purpose is to please my guests…Mark gets right to work, playing with her lovely ass before carrying her upstairs…Violet endures harsh spanking, paddling and caning before squealing out in pleasure from the vibrator on her pussy…then it’s into the bedroom…Mark spreads her out on her tummy, with her ass in the air…a perfect target for his impact toys…then he turns her over to be fully exposed with her legs spread…the dildo sinks into her soft pussy and Violet moans for more..
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SocietySM Redux – The Revenge Twist – Sasha Monet and Sweet Arielle

SocietySM Redux - The Revenge Twist - Sasha Monet and Sweet ArielleSocietySM Redux - The Revenge Twist - Sasha Monet and Sweet Arielle

The classic story of Dommes turning tables is always enticing, especially with models like this…Sasha Monet begins on top…she spreads Arielle out and plays with her pussy until she is moaning for mercy…Then Sasha ends up bound in a jail cell…and Arielle gets her chance for revenge.
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Society SM – A Shade Darker – Amelea Dark

Society SM - A Shade Darker - Amelea Dark
Society SM - A Shade Darker - Amelea Dark

Amelea and her bodacious dancer’s body are something to behold….Mark cuts her lingerie off slowly to enjoy the experience…Today, she is his, to be used, as he wishes, and she knows it…She remains sweetly submissive when she isn’t screaming from Mark’s torments, but he renders her silent in the last scene with cloth and tape…Amelea moans and screams as the electircal shock and vibrator take turns, teasing her flesh.
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Society SM – Door to Door to Slave – Sasha Knox

Society SM - Door to Door to Slave - Sasha KnoxSociety SM - Door to Door to Slave - Sasha Knox

Young Sasha is doing the door to door circuit in a very nice neighborhood, hoping to sell magazine subscriptions to help her pay for a college trip…Mark is looking for something interesting to do, and Sasha’s visit gives him just that…Using his own special charms, Mark convinces Sasha to get naked, at which point he shackles her wrists and ankles…She endures a day of suspensions, spankings and orgasms under his control.
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Society SM – Little Princess Has No Control – Tara Ashley

Society SM - Little Princess Has No Control - Tara AshleySociety SM - Little Princess Has No Control - Tara Ashley

Tara is a silky smooth babe who loves to play the damsel…I get her wrapped in rope before leading her into the room…sitting in the chair, I explore her delicious body and revel in her sweet moans…It’s going to be a fun day…I get right to the point and spread her legs wide…Tara quickly becomes accustomed to me groping her beautiful body and learns soon that she exists only for my perverted pleasures of control…She is bent and flogged and further punished with a pussy hook…in the final scene, that long thin body meets our rack…stretched to her limits, I shock her inner thighs and work her into orgasmic helplessness.
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Society SM – In Full Bloom – Rubber Necro AKA Sandy Skarsgard

Society SM - In Full Bloom - Rubber Necro AKA Sandy SkarsgardSociety SM - In Full Bloom - Rubber Necro AKA Sandy Skarsgard

Rubber Necro once again leaves the rubber at home and faces the world naked and bound at SocietySM as Sandy Skarsgard…She’a a local fetish model who’s turned into one helluva rubber model, and evolved deeper into BDSM to become one helluva rope sub…and she toughens up everytime we shoot her…I didnt hold back at all…heavy floggers, dragon’s tails and single tails are just the warm up…Then it’s a four point spread on the concrete floor…our new tit clamps fit her very well….then I clamp her cunt and tie her lips to her toes…with a dildo stuffing her and vibrator tied against her clit, she cums ferociously…This is Sandy’s first anal shoot and I work her through a series of plugs…a great tie keeps her bent, spread and immobile…I work her ass and feet as the plugs stretch her out…it’s a well placed dragon’s tail strike to the foot that makes Sandy clinch her butt cheeks and shoot the plug out of her ass…I replace it with an ass hook and tie it off to her head harness…bands on the feet and a hard spanking put us in balance once again…then it’s upside down, stretched out, hanging by her ankles…her body looks incredible as I begin to play…an inverted hanging woman makes a great target actually…always a good time to make the rounds with a single tail…Sandy is a screaming mess as the vibrator digs her clit and the electric anal plug shocks her deep inside…she cums hard and needs to come down immediately…I figured she had a pretty thorough day…Indeed, she survived shooting with the toughest BDSM site around…much thanks to this blooming young submissive.
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Society SM – Increasing the Intensity – Maya Bijou

Society SM - Increasing the Intensity - Maya BijouSociety SM - Increasing the Intensity - Maya Bijou

Mark and Maya meet again as he ramps up the intensity for the submissive young lady…In the first scene, Mark shows Maya that each shoot gets tougher as he lays into her ass with a flogger…In the second scene, he invades her ass with a vibrator and then replaces it with an electrfied plug…Maya moans with pleasure…I think she likes it…She is then stretched with TENS on her inner thighs and made to cum….In the final scene, Mark uses a mono electric plug in her ass and another in her pussy…the sensations created by the electrical impulses send Maya into waves of orgasmic bliss when he adds the vibrator…he leaves her bound and wet and panting like a whore.
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Society SM – Sweet, Natural and Strong – Marie McCray

Society SM - Sweet, Natural and Strong - Marie McCraySociety SM - Sweet, Natural and Strong - Marie McCray

And here’s some more cream from the bondage modelling crop…Marie McCray probably needs no introduction to most of you…we have shot her before and she has made the BDSM rounds with a few different sites…and she is hard to forget…a natural red head with great natural tits and a beautiful pussy…her attitude is spot on…she has a great vibe about her…no complaining or pussy footing…Marie is a serious and tough woman…I gag her, bind her with a crotchrope and breast harness and anchor her, standing, by her neck…her body is a perfect fleshy statue for my floggers…the bondage is very tight…Marie can hardly squirm at all, but mostly, she’s just trying not to fall over…nipple clamps with wieghts probably don’t help her concentration…I sit her down and rope her into a chair…electro shock on her inner thighs and nipple clamps tied to her own backwards bent fingers…Marie does find it in her to cum through the discomfort…then bent over, hands tied behind her knees…perched on a bench…her ass raised high…I stuff her cunt…I work it slowly, but too much and Marie calls safe on the dildo…so I flog her…more orgasms and Marie forgets for a second time to call out her climax…for that, the dragon’s tails…did I really have any choice? I end with a suspension…a flying hogtie and I push her around the room by a stick in her pussy…that seems to hit some type of anxiety nerve within her…it has a nice effect…a radical day with a radical model…we’re hoping to bring Marie back for more very soon.
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