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FirmHandSpanking – Domestic Discipline – EH – Alison Miller

FirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EH - Alison MillerFirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EH - Alison Miller
Two hours late for a celebration dinner? Alison submit to 15 strokes with a cane
There’s no way out for Alison Miller when it comes to Domestic Discipline with her lover, John Friday. He’s cooked a special dinner, she comes home two hours late…so it’s a caning for this most bootylicious young lady! Will 15 strokes with a springy rattan cane put her back on track? It certainly stripes her bottom: “That cane was MEAN!” she said.
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TheUpperFloor – August 10, 2018 – Aiden Starr, Donny Sins, London River, Amilia Onyx

TheUpperFloor - August 10, 2018 - Aiden Starr, Donny Sins, London River, Amilia OnyxTheUpperFloor - August 10, 2018 - Aiden Starr, Donny Sins, London River, Amilia Onyx
The Anal Submissive MILF And The Big-Titted 19 Year Old

Stefanos and Aiden are running a test to determine the best raw material for an Upper Floor servant. Is it an experienced pervy anal MILF, who’s a hardcore bottom with years of BDSM experience? Or is it an eager know-nothing teen with huge tits, a can do attitude, and dick sucking skills to spare? London River is the pervy MILF, tied to a vibrator, with clamps all over her body. Amilia Onyx is the horny teen. The rules are explained to both of them, and the guests roar with laughter as all hell breaks loose. London’s made to hold the trays while Amilia’s set loose on a gigantic cock. Trays are dropped, the teen trainee tries desperately to pick up the slack and hold them, while drooling all over a massive dick. And London is shocked with the zapper and the cattle prod repeatedly. All the pain gets London’s tight pussy wet with anticipation, and Aiden can’t help but slip her fist in there and make her beg to cum. Stefanos ups-the-ante by placing heavy chains all over her exhausted outstretched arms and tells her to cum, but only with her arms extended like a well-disciplined slut. She is rewarded with dick in her hungry, freshly fisted hole, while Amilia is made to lick her pussy and take a spanking. The crowd goes wild, fucking on all the couches and caning their subs, and the room is alight with blow jobs and swinging couples. Sebastian Keys and Rain DeGrey have a long overdue first play date. They start by wrestling to determine who’s on top. Sebastian is victorious, leaving a slutty Rain begging for her pussy to be flogged. She sucks his cock and crawls around the floor licking his boots. She does such a good job Sebastian rewards her with a fat load of cum on her pretty face, leaving her panting on the floor. Aiden has decided it’s time for Amilia to take some dick and ties her her legs spread with tight rope. Stefanos interrogates her while she gets slammed with the biggest hard dick she’s ever seen. That milky jiggly ass bouncing on cock impresses the guests and they come over to cheer her on while River gets a test of her own. All she has to do is beg for permission to cum and hold her orgasms, but it’s a bit difficult for this hot MILF babe when she’s tied up on sybian with Stefanos stepping on her worn, red pussy. Aiden tries everything, flogging, cock sucking, humiliation, but the thing that finally gets London to behave is the promise of licking Aiden’s pussy. Screaming and sweating on the machine, she is rewarded with her Governess’ perfect cunt on her face. Amilia finally gets the picture herself, and delivers a perfect recitation of the House Rules, after facing the cattle prod and the cheers of several instructive house members. Her wild orgasm with London swallowing all her toes like a foot whore is worth all the suffering. Stay tuned for Part Two of this evening, coming soon.
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FirmHandSpanking – Rosie Munroe – Reform School – HJ

FirmHandSpanking - Rosie Munroe - Reform School - HJFirmHandSpanking - Rosie Munroe - Reform School - HJ
Bent over, touching her toes, Rosie Munroe waits for 12 strokes of the cane
Touching her toes, legs straight, feet braced, Reform School plaid skirt lifted, white cotton panties wedgied, Rosie Munroe is perfectly positioned. She grits her teeth for 12 buttock-clenching cane strokes. Mr Friday has warned her about using a cellphone: it’s a serious offense. Enjoy slow-motion cheek-rippling replays and twerking out-take too!
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Ms Kimi Spanks – Spanking Little Kay

Ms Kimi Spanks - Spanking Little KayMs Kimi Spanks - Spanking Little Kay
Little Kay wants cookies for breakfast and just won’t give up trying to get them. Momma Kimi is patient, but Kay breaks a flowerpot by knocking it on the floor while trying to get the cookies and Momma Kimi must teach her a lesson.
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FirmHandSpanking – Domestic Discipline – EG – Alison Miller

FirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EG - Alison MillerFirmHandSpanking - Domestic Discipline - EG - Alison Miller
Alison Miller classic over-the-knee bare bottom spanking gets it bouncing red!
There are few sights more satisfying than flame-haired Alison Miller getting her bare booty soundly spanked over John Friday’s knee! “We’d just come back from lunch for the spanking scene so my bottom wasn’t ready for what he brought!” laughs Alison. Her reactions are so dramatic, enjoy Reaction Cam replay for double the spanking action in Domestic Discipline!
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SpankedInUniform – St. Catherines Episode 90

SpankedInUniform - St. Catherines Episode 90
Lola Marie was sent to the Headmaster for walking on the grass a few times. She was told she was going to be spanked but she informed the Headmaster that a Jamaican custom forbids a man, other then her parent, to spank her. The Headmaster phoned her Mum and it became obvious that Lola was fibbing. Her Mother suggested that Lola be given a good spanking and the cane. Which is exactly what she got.
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PunishedBrats – The Pain of the Artistic Director Full Presentation

PunishedBrats - The Pain of the Artistic Director Full PresentationPunishedBrats - The Pain of the Artistic Director Full Presentation
He was aware that Audrey had attended a performance of Ballet Z and inquired if she had inadvertently taken some of their choreography into her own work, as the director of Ballet Z insisted she did. At first she denied such a claim, but when confronted with the fact that she had not shown her work to the team of researchers employed to avoid such issue, Audrey realized the error she had made. David had given Audrey two choices, resign her position, or take the same punishment from him that she had given to Kim a week earlier.

Audrey felt her best option was to take the discipline, but she hadn’t counted on the fact that she would be over the director’s lap having her bare bottom spanked for over ten minutes. All could hear Audrey’s cries throughout the building as Mr. Pierson gave his artistic director a hard and long spanking. By the time her discipline was over, she felt as if her bottom had been set afire. As Audrey moved to pull up her panties, Mr. Pierson stopped her as she was to face the wall while a few members of the board were going to witness the results of her discipline. Audrey wasn’t sure what was worse, the severe pain radiating from her bottom, or the humiliation of having members of the board looking at her very red bottom.
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FirmHandSpanking – Reform Academy – DR – Belinda Lawson

FirmHandSpanking - Reform Academy - DR - Belinda LawsonFirmHandSpanking - Reform Academy - DR - Belinda Lawson
Will 26 swats with a leather paddle on Belinda’s bare bottom teach respect?
She’s just seen her friend Helen Stephens bent over, soundly spanked and paddled. Now it’s Belinda Lawson’s turn to have her jutting, jiggling bottom bared and turned red with Mr Johnson’s leather paddle. Fast, hard and counted out loud by her friend, 26 swats deliver a stinging warning to not mock Reform Academy rules in school uniform!
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FamiliesTied – August 3, 2018 – Dolly Leigh, Seth Gamble, Dee Williams

Teen Religious Fanatic Punishes Liberal Anal Step-Mommy

Dolly Leigh is a good suburban girl, obsessed with her new youth minister’s cock and his sadistic interpretations of The Lord’s will. After school, personal scripture readings lead to twisted games, with Dolly having her sweet pussy beaten pink while praying for salvation, and that hard cock shoved down her whore throat. She confesses her fantasies as she’s thrown on the floor and zapped. She begs and grins with pleasure with each crop and flogger landing on her ass. Worked up by his disciple’s creamy nubile body and perky tits, Seth gives in and lets her suck his cock like the good Christian girl she is. She drools, swallows, and chokes while hoping he’ll finish the job. After a strict spanking with the Good Book, Dolly gets her wish, and she’s thrown on the floor for a violent and intense doggy fucking, cumming like a little heathen. She writhes and orgasms like an obedient whore in training. Meanwhile, her slutty, liberal step-mother Dee Williams is only interested in getting Dolly back on track for ivy league. She’s noticed the rug burns on her step-daughter’s knees, just as her grades started to slide. This curvy and athletic MILF is a believer in good schooling and getting her ass filled with dick, so she decides to kill two birds with one stone. She offers Seth deal: she’ll teach him how to fuck if he leaves her sweet Dolly alone to study. Seth agrees, on the condition that he gets the chance to advocate for his faith, which involves rope bondage and orgasm control play with his dick in her ass. Tied to the family dining room table with no where to hide, Dee is fucked into many squirting orgasmic confessions, paying for each fountain of squirt with a zapper and crop. Clothes pins tightly clamped to her nipples and clit are not enough to stop her from cumming over and over again, while Seth rails her ass, so he decides she needs some lessons from her sweet little daughter. Dolly comes home to find her step-mother tied up with an electrified butt plug in her ass and her youth minister’s cock in her slutty cunt. Seth invites her to convert her mother to their little game, and Dolly takes to it immediately, pressing her wet pussy on her mother’s face and electro-tormenting her mother’s asshole every time she cums without permission. Dolly licks the cock clean, fresh out her mother’s ass and chokes on it, drooling and thanking her mommy each time. The rest of the day is spent in sinful pleasure, with Dolly riding reverse cowgirl and deep throating cock while Dee is made to lick her cunt like a new, true believer.
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FirmHandSpanking – Reform School – HH – Rosie Munroe

FirmHandSpanking - Reform School - HH - Rosie MunroeFirmHandSpanking - Reform School - HH - Rosie Munroe
Bare bottom strapping at Reform School for rule-breaker Rosie Munroe
Don’t be fooled by the foxy glasses and school uniform: Rosie Munroe is trouble! Caught with alcohol in her dorm, she’s told to lie on a table to be strapped with a tawse, butt cheeks totally bare as she’s not bothered with panties today! Mr Friday leathers her bouncing buttocks a deep crimson in no time. Will a strapping work on this brat?
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SpankedInUniform – Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 23

SpankedInUniform - Mike`s 50`s Diner Episode 23
After an hour’s wait Chef returned and gave them both a sound bare bottom birching. Then they had to spend another hour in the corner. Their red and sore well punished bottoms on display
as a warning to the other waitresses.
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