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SensualPain – Sep 19, 2018: Conditioning Suzy | Abigail Dupree

SensualPain - Sep 19, 2018: Conditioning Suzy | Abigail Dupree

Perverting Innocence is the plot in this creepy story of how young Suzy was conditioned and the initial breaking-in training to be a sex slave. So innocent that she doesn’t really know what is going on. These are recordings of the deflowering of yet another Graceful lily.

The scene starts with Suzy handcuffed to a dirty seat-less chair still clothed from being nabbed about an hour before while walking alone at night in the dark by herself. The seat-less chair is a simple restraint device that gives the victim proper seated position by the back bar reversed, placed under the chin. While cuffed , she is properly restrained for the starting of her training to be chattel. Her conditioning include verbal brain washing, beatings while being controlled and conditioned in verbal commands. Suzy is desensitized sexually by being made to orgasm from her moms vibrator placed in her soft white fluffy panties.

What is it like to really own someone, to really own a human slave? Is it any different than owning a dog or a cow? How would you treat your property and what would it mean to you? How would you break it, train it to make it serve you?

The interrogation scene is a form of BDSM role play in which the participants act out the parts of torturer and victim. As in real life torture chambers throughout the world over, the “torturer” uses threats, humiliation and physical pain to extract whatever information he⁄she believes the “victim” possesses. The game is over when the victim has broken and divulged the secret. The length and severity of the scene will vary according to the temperament of the players. Dedicated players attempt to replicate the atmosphere of a real torture session and, as in real life, the “victim” can expect to be stripped naked, tied up, mocked and abused.

One form of torture is orgasm control or erotic sexual denial, where the submissive victim is sexually stimulated to the brink of orgasm by the torturer. The torturer may then reduce the stimulation and keep the victim in a state of extended arousal for a long period of time. By varying the pace of the stimulation, the victim may be forced to undergo cycles of “up” and “down” arousal by the torturer. When satisfied with the experience, the victim may divulge the secret in order to be brought to the desired orgasm by the torturer. The interrogation may be continued past the orgasm, particularly if the victim orgasms without divulging the secret. Generally, the glans becomes very sensitive after orgasm, and continued stimulation may manifest more as an extreme tickling sensation. This can become quite uncomfortable for the victim, or perhaps even painful, providing them with an incentive to comply with the torturer’s demands.
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Hardtied – Sep 12, 2018: Perpetual | London River

Hardtied - Sep 12, 2018: Perpetual | London River
London River is one of the toughest women who has ever graced the INSEX set. In this episode she’s tied in a strenuous spread eagle with high heels on. The bondage is then morphed for 36 minutes from one position to the next. It creates a unique and difficult experience.

Without time to recover and plan the next scene between each position the further along we get the more complicated and painful each position gets. Each position shows off just how flexible and talented London really is.
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SocietySM – Extreme Action – Jennifer Best

SocietySM - Extreme Action - Jennifer BestSocietySM - Extreme Action - Jennifer Best
This week we have a no holds barred, sensory assault as Ms. Jennifer Best is manhandled by Ivan. Right out of the gate, no time is wasted as Ivan clamps Jennifer’s taut nipples and gets to reddening her flesh. And once her backside is a satisfactory shade of beet red, Jennifer is strung up by her feet from the rafters for a little more punishment. Dual floggers flail before the clamps are applied to her pussy and Jennifer coos in pain as she swings to and fro. She involuntarily lifts as electricity is applied, and at this point, I have come to realize that Ivan is a man of few words, yet a man of extreme action…When Jennifer next finds herself precariously perched up on her tippy-toes, her Master does his best to show her even more of a shocking time as she teeters on the edge. And her akward balancing act becomes even more of an twisted art-form when the vibe is press tight against her cunt…Next, more clamps are applied on Jennifer’s ample bosom. By know she must surely be numb by experience overload.correct? Somehow, however, Ivan is about to squeeze every remaining drop of anguish out of this slave. And she will have no other choice than to produce for him.
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PerfectSlave – Pleasure Struggle – Anikka Albrite

PerfectSlave - Pleasure Struggle - Anikka AlbritePerfectSlave - Pleasure Struggle - Anikka Albrite
This week we’ve taken the fabulously hot Anikka Albrite and bound her hands overhead. Then after gagging her, we’ve smashed the old vibe up against her gash. Now, Annika’s struggle is for our delight. And what a delight it is to watch this lovely and long blonde caught in the tussle of her pleasure struggle. Cumming uncontrollably while trying with all her might to resist…Anikka’s a real beauty. I wish they could all be like her.
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Hardtied – Sep 5, 2018: Forbidden Fruit | Elle Voneva

Hardtied - Sep 5, 2018: Forbidden Fruit | Elle Voneva
Elle Voneva eats the wrong berries!

The berries in OT’s bushes are just too enticing for Elle Voneva. She’s just the pretty little thing OT was hoping to catch. She can’t help tasting his berries, but when she wakes up she’s very sorry she did. She finds herself bound in the grass with a giant ballgag in her mouth.

Just as Elle wanted a tasty treat so does OT. He reddens her ass and ties her up in different positions. She’s very flexible which makes a lovely addition to OT’s plans. Once she’s properly bound outside to a frame he’s constructed she is his to torment.
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The Mad Pimp – Dungeon of Cum : Redux – Cherry Torn

The Mad Pimp – Dungeon of Cum : Redux – Cherry TornThe Mad Pimp – Dungeon of Cum : Redux – Cherry Torn
Word on the street has come down that Cherry’s been holding out on Tommy. Now, Cherry’s a fine bitch, all the dudes dig her and pay well. Tommy’s bent though, he’s helped her out. She’s got all the fine clothes and a swanky pad because of him. Cherry denies it vehemently, but Tommy just can’t take this dame at her word alone. The inquisition begins and he’s hell bent on getting to the bottom of things…Cherry’s learning her lesson and schools still in session…She’s doing some hard time in the Dungeon now as Tommy has her tied and spread-eagle while he plunders away at that fine, pricey pussy. It’s easy to see how Cherry could be dipping into the till, she knows how to fuck and she has plenty of customers. If it weren’t for the word on the street, Tommy may never have been the wiser. But street justice is tough and Tommy bangs away, taking brief pause to show her error of her ways with the leather strap. Then he bends his bread winner over and works her ass with the whip. The plundering continues as Cherry promises she’ll never take from him again. She’s left bound and bent, her ass covered in cum to contemplate her mistake.
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Bound – Rope – Sandy Skarsgard

Bound – Rope – Sandy SkarsgardBound – Rope – Sandy Skarsgard
In this week’s Rope update we have Sandy Skarsgard intricately tied. First her arms behind her back, then, after her top is pulled down, her lower body is roped. Finally, she is stripped bare and suspended.
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CumBots – No Room To Maneuver – Alisha Adams

CumBots - No Room To Maneuver - Alisha AdamsCumBots - No Room To Maneuver - Alisha Adams
You may have caught Alisha taking a physical lambasting at the hands of Ogre a few weeks ago on SocietySM. We knew then that she’d be back, she’s just got something about her. We decided to bring her in for some Cumbots action and it was definitely worth the effort. After she’s warmed up and wet, we gag this fine, young thing and restrain her belly down. With no room to maneuver, it’s obvious to Alisha that we own her ass. She’s got a really nice pussy…nice and fresh. So what better way to put her through her machine-fucking paces than having The Intruder take a crack at her cunt? Slowly, the momentum builds and Alisha bites down hard as we stuff her tight pussy to the brim.
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Cumbots – Mesmerized By Anikka II – Anikka Albrite

Cumbots - Mesmerized By Anikka II - Anikka AlbriteCumbots - Mesmerized By Anikka II - Anikka Albrite
In part 2 of Anikka’s Cumbots adventure, the leggy blonde finds herself tightly restrained atop The Sybian. Watching her struggle is a great delight and that delight furthers when we flip the switch on the machine. Perched on the Sybian, Anikka is pressed towards orgasm. With her hands bound tightly behind her back, it seems to add to her convulsiveness and once again Anikka is simply mesmerizing.
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MightyGirlz – Obsidian Falls II – Hayden Bell

MightyGirlz - Obsidian Falls II - Hayden BellMightyGirlz - Obsidian Falls II - Hayden Bell
Her strength appears to be waning. Do the evil forces that have her in their clutches now have the upper hand? Could the crushing blow be the vibrator smashed tightly against her pussy? Only time will tell if our heroine shall submit or prevail as she wrestles with the forces of evil..
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She Owes Him – Dungeon of Cum : Redux – Tera Knightly

She Owes Him - Dungeon of Cum : Redux - Tera KnightlyShe Owes Him - Dungeon of Cum : Redux - Tera Knightly
Tera is living in a nice pad without paying rent and the landlord is pissed. He has been lenient with her, but after a couple of months enough is enough. He shows up at her door and insists on resolving the problem now. She is hesitant, especially the way he wants it resolved, but now that she is aware of him knowing what she’s been doing to make money, she can’t really say no. He binds her to a chair to make sure she is paying attention to the conversation, and aware of the point he’s trying to make. Next she is moved to the living room and he fucks her little hole all over the room. The action moves to the bedroom, where it becomes obvious that she is into the same thing he is. Once she is put in a partial suspension on the bed he uses her body every way he can and yet he still doesn’t feel that he has gotten his money’s worth. He came here for one thing and he’s not leaving until he feels compensated
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