FirmHandSpanking – Helen Stephens – Reform Academy – DF

FirmHandSpanking - Helen Stephens - Reform Academy - DFFirmHandSpanking - Helen Stephens - Reform Academy - DF
Witness the harsh crack of a leather strap across Helen’s beautiful bare bottom!
Ordered to strip naked, doe-eye beauty Helen Stephens looks understandably nervous. She had to wait while her office colleague Belinda Lawson was stripped and punished at a secret Reform Academy. Now it’s her turn to bend over the desk for a stinging strapping across her bare booty, perky breasts bouncing. Mr Johnson isn’t finished yet!
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FirmHandSpanking – Delta Howser – Artist Discipline – E

FirmHandSpanking - Delta Howser - Artist Discipline - EFirmHandSpanking - Delta Howser - Artist Discipline - E
Spanked with a wooden paddle: what will sultry brunette Delta Howser learn?
Bare bottom presented for a butt-burning long wooden paddle that smacks across both cheeks, Delta Howser suddenly realises that she has to work harder to please manager John Friday in Artist Discipline. The loud smack of a paddle on her bare buttocks delivers a memorable message as Delta learns the hard way about delivering on time.
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FirmHandSpanking – Lilian White – Asking For It – GF

FirmHandSpanking - Lilian White - Asking For It - GFFirmHandSpanking - Lilian White - Asking For It - GF
Lilian White is back for more as she tests her reaction to a caning
No-one would say that Lilian White doesn’t push her limits in Asking For It. The prospect of a 14-stroke caning from John Friday makes her anxious, but she still sticks out her bare bottom to see what it’s like! “The cane has such a different sting,” she says. “There’s a sharp burn when it hits my bottom, and that stays for a while but not as long as a wooden paddle!” See how she reacts to having her cheeks striped.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lyra Bryant – Principals Office – AT

Firm Hand Spanking - Lyra Bryant - Principals Office - ATFirm Hand Spanking - Lyra Bryant - Principals Office - AT
Lyra Bryant reports to The Principal’s Office for a paddling to remember
Every student dreads reporting to The Principal’s Office. “When the director explained we were doing a school paddling scene, I was really nervous. It was almost real,” remembers Lyra Bryant. A chemistry lab incident has the whole school evacuated and Lyra given a choice of expulsion or a paddling: “10 swats burned so bad!” She said.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – The Challenge – J

Firm Hand Spanking - Alison Miller - The Challenge - JFirm Hand Spanking - Alison Miller - The Challenge - J
The dreaded wooden hairbrush – Alison Miller accepts The Challenge!
“I think this hurts more than the Jokari paddle!” announces Alison through gritted teeth. Yep, she’s talking about the much-feared wooden hairbrush, as John Friday applies it to her totally bare bottom in a spanking for The Challenge: “I hate wood, I hate anything wood!” See her red buttocks bounce from the brush and classic Reaction Cam shots.
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PerfectSlave – Bailey: Bent and Bound – Bailey Blue

PerfectSlave – Bailey: Bent and Bound – Bailey BluePerfectSlave – Bailey: Bent and Bound – Bailey Blue
We’ve bound lovely Bailey to the chair and we relish in her struggle. Taking pause to admire her wonderful body and such. Her predicament is apparent, she wants out, but there’s no chance of that happening today. To add to her struggle, we then get Bailey down on the floor. Down on her knees, bent and bound, we maneuver the vibe into place. Her hands grasp air as we toy with her, pushing her towards orgasm and Bailey is then left bound on the Dungeon floor.
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RealTimeBondage – May 19, 2018: Spiked Part Three | Kat Monroe

RealTimeBondage - May 19, 2018: Spiked Part Three | Kat Monroe
Kat Monroe gets messy and caned.

After her electro interrogation Kat is put back on the spike board. This time she’s sitting on it with her hands cuffed behind her back. It’s time to get dirty. In honor of Easter Kat has to put as many peeps in her mouth as she can possibly fit. It turns out that she hates marshmallows. That’s not all! Once she’s got her mouth full of marshmallow the whole crew is going to spit on her. Each time it’s only after they’ve eaten some peeps. Her face is turned pink and yellow from the sugar. Then OT pulls out a giant chocolate bunny and begins to fuck Kat’s face with it.

Kat must pay the piper. She offered cane strokes and now she’s going to have to take them. The cane is hard for Kat. It’s not her favorite thing. Each stroke is really painful and Kat does her best. Then Luna agrees to take some of her strokes. Luna gets four good hard strokes.
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QueenSnake – May 12, 2018 – Dragon Tail – Holly

QueenSnake - May 12, 2018  - Dragon Tail - Holly
Holly is the next volunteer for having her butts and pussy whipped with that beautiful and fearful dragon tail.
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DivineBitches – May 22, 2018 – Julia Ann, Tony Orlando

DivineBitches - May 22, 2018 - Julia Ann, Tony OrlandoDivineBitches - May 22, 2018 - Julia Ann, Tony Orlando
Latex Goddess Julia Ann Dominates Dripping Cock Whore

When latex whore Tony Orlando comes sauntering into Julia Ann’s dungeon, he’s convinced he knows it all. He’s convinced he’s seen it all before. Like all men, Tony is cocksure and entirely confident that he knows exactly how best to serve his mistress, without ever listening to what his mistress actually wants and needs. Lucky for Tony, Mistress Julia is patient and kind, and willing to teach her self-assured bitch boy his place in the world. In a deliciously sultry voice truly unique to the latex-clad goddess, Julia Ann humiliates Tony – breaking him down slowly and methodically. Tony endures over-the-knee spankings, licks in between every single one of Mistress Julia’s stocking enshrined toes, and is smothered in her voluminous, soft, and radiant tits before being edged into psychological oblivion. Julia then binds her pet, parading him on elbows and knees for her pleasure before delivering a heavy dose of corporal. Tony’s cock begins to drip as Mistress Julia then teases his greedy pink hole, plunging her gigantic dick suddenly into her meat toy, drawing deep moans and yips from the nasty slut gobbling up every inch. After thoroughly fucking Tony in doggy until he gapes and cries out from the overwhelming sensation of being entirely full of cock, Mistress Julia mounts her whore’s face, using Tony only for his tongue. Fully immersed in her own pleasure, Mistress Julia smothers Tony with her divine ass, giving him taste after heavenly taste of her glorious wet cunt. Julia then uses her other pussy – her foot pussy – to edge Tony, who thrusts desperately between her delicate arches, trying to cum as Mistress Julia taunts and laughs at him. Finally, finally, she allows her pet to release his disgusting, sticky shame all over her divine toes. Tony, of course, has to lick up every single drop.
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FuckingDungeon – Prowler – Maia Davis

FuckingDungeon - Prowler - Maia DavisFuckingDungeon - Prowler - Maia Davis
This week DungeonCorp is excited to bring you Part One of a two part location storyline shoot: “Prowler”. Enjoy!…Southern California is full of lovely, independent ladies. Such is the case with Maia, a dazzling, young blonde, out for a leisurely jog. After a nice workout, she comes home to her quiet abode for a little cool down time. Unbeknownst to her however…there’s somebody else inside. A cool, refreshing drink is just the ticket on a hot day. And then maybe a shower…and as she makes her way to get freshened up, the stranger springs…What happens next is a whirlwind of events as Maia finds herself in this intruder’s grip. She knows not who this madman is, but she has a feeling that she had better comply.
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DungeonCorp – School Time For Sandy – Sandy Skarsgard

DungeonCorp - School Time For Sandy - Sandy SkarsgardDungeonCorp - School Time For Sandy - Sandy Skarsgard
This week we find Ms. Sandy Skarsgard in Holly’s grips. She starts off in a full suspension from the rafters as her flesh is walloped and worked over with a ruler, before trading off for some penetration…School is in session…Next, Sandy hovers over the ground belly down while she takes a wicked caning. All of her wriggling and writhing are to no avail however, as Holly keeps up the pace. Finally, after what seems like and eternity, Holly reaches for he vibe and plants it on Sandy’s pussy. Sandy, squealing and whimpering is pushed to edge before the the ruler is brandished once again and used to it’s fullest…Sandy then finds herself planted on the floor while she receives some electro-therapy. As she twitches, she’s subjected to the crop and Holly does a thorough job of working it across her flesh. Worked to submission, Sandy then feels the dong shoved inside her as her Mistress toys with her making her beg for release…Next up, a little more electro-stimulation as Sandy takes the violet wand across her body. Leaving no stone unturned, Holly throughly explores her slave with the device, before once again breaking out the vibe and pummeling Sandy into one last bout of submission…
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InfernalRestraints – May 18, 2018: Sibling Rivalry | Skylar Snow

InfernalRestraints - May 18, 2018: Sibling Rivalry | Skylar Snow
The snow twins test their mettle, who is tougher?Growing up, my twin sister and I always fought about who was cooler, who had the better clothes, who was prettier. As we got older we grew apart. She became more sexually adventurous and I became more rough and tumble. While she started wearing skimpy outfits I learned to play sports. We started to fight over who was tougher. Clearly I am, but the bimbo still thinks she can best me.

A friend of mine told me about this guy. They said he’s kinda brutal. He’d test anyone’s tolerances. It didn’t hurt that he liked pretty girls. He started by separating us. As much as we fought we still love each other, but he wanted us to suffer by ourselves. It was the first torment.
Each torment broke us a little. Our bodies were in agony, but our minds were in ecstasy. It was difficult to comprehend what he was doing to us, but slowly he broke down our defenses. He molded us into pain sluts. Then his final act of torment cemented us as his property. He made us each cum so hard we squirted all over his floor. I’m sure I squirted more!
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SensualPain – May 9, 2018 – Table Spread | Abigail Dupree | Master James

SensualPain - May 9, 2018 - Table Spread | Abigail Dupree | Master James
Today’s objective; Leashed to a glass table to perform sexual intrigue.. Tasked to create a desirable attraction physically and psychologically for Master’s pleasure. This slave dances provocatively as Master James uses the crop on slaves ass and legs to bring pain in his directive to present pleasing fuck holes with anal masturbation to orgasm with transparent dong insertions and oral pleasure from sucking cock. The kink of watching the slave holes dance as the slave piercings clang on the glass, the soft pail skin smash against the windowpane with trimmers of pleasure and effort to please, is a kink well traveled to indulge in.
Master James side note; The sex slave is chattel for purpose. All sex slaves are owned or have been one way or another or they are just submissive in nature without purpose as a sex slave. A submissive with a slave heart and a potential slave mind will be in need of training for a proper slave mind. The sex slave training is regimentation with purpose, a systematized construct to act and react, behave in various desirable ways sometimes in general or with very specific objectives, tastes and kinks. Sex slave training comes with great merit and benefits all involved.
Sex slave #525-871-465 (slave abigail, Abigail Dupree) has and continues to be active in sex slave training, as most of you know, for over three years now. These videos and pictures are my published gifts for others to glean from and enjoy.
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CheerSmacked – Topless Fantasy Cheerleader Paddling- Christy Cutie TItty Cam

CheerSmacked - Topless Fantasy Cheerleader Paddling- Christy Cutie TItty Cam
Christycutie loves to dress up in her cheer outfit. Sheer white top with no bra showcases her ripe breasts. She happily pulls it up to show off her beautiful breasts. A pleated blue cheer skirt and a set of regulation cheer spanks complete her outfit. With her breasts exposed, she bends over the bed for a good cheer paddling with several wooden paddles. Much to her delight, he grips and follows her exposed breasts as she is paddled. A playful topless fantasy paddling scene with the prettiest naughty cheerleader, All American girl next-door Christy Cutie.
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RealSpankingsInstitute – Rose Needs Motivation (Part 1 of 2)

RealSpankingsInstitute - Rose Needs Motivation (Part 1 of 2)RealSpankingsInstitute - Rose Needs Motivation (Part 1 of 2)
Rose is dragged into a nearby classroom by Miss Betty. Rose is taken OTK and spanked hard on her shorts, panties and bare bottom. Betty decides Rose is in need of additional disciplinary motivation.
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