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Restrained Elegance – Faye’s Bondage Book Review Video Log

Restrained Elegance - Faye's Bondage Book Review Video LogRestrained Elegance - Faye's Bondage Book Review Video Log

It doesn’t pay to diss the bondage greats, as vlogger @fayextaylor finds out when she is involuntarily recruited by an angry game player to learn her lesson in #GameOfSlaves.
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Restrained Elegance – Punished By Her Own Maid

Restrained Elegance - Punished By Her Own MaidRestrained Elegance - Punished By Her Own Maid

Aria is getting ready for a fab fancy dress party, but she’s very fussy- her poor maid can’t get her to like a single outfit. Poor Ariel has finally had enough of her petulant, spoiled employer and decides to teach her a lesson! She can miss the damn party and spend the evening tied up on the bed instead.
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Restrained Elegance – #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah’s Perfect Gag

Restrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah's Perfect GagRestrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah's Perfect Gag

Well, it had to happen! I have sold myself into slavery for just seven days to pay off my debt, and as you know I am obsessed with finding the perfect gag for each of my slave girls… so how could I resist a taste of my own medicine? I have gagged dozens of slaves with every sort of gag, but I have never endured the humiliation of placing a gag in my own mouth, buckling it tight, taking away my own ability to speak as befits a submissive slave. First though I must don my new master’s collar as I offer my submission to him, and broadcast my humiliation to all my fans of #GameOfSlaves!
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Restrained Elegance – #GameOfSlaves: Hannah Claydon Hogtied

Restrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Hannah Claydon Hogtied

So guys, as you know I needed money fast to pay my debts so I have sold myself into slavery for just ONE WEEK. My new owner wanted to see me naked and in a hogtie, and of course I am going to be as thorough and as perfectionist with how I am tied up as I am with tying my slaves. I am a domme, and I should not be hogtied to the bed. But if I am going to be, the ropes are going to be super-tight. I am going to be tied to a framework on the bed, making it impossible for me to move. Make the most of it. This is the ONLY time you are going to see Mistress Hannah hogtied. And I think the bit gag is quite effective, but maybe it isn’t the perfect gag for me….
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Restrained Elegance – Candle Candle Burning Bright

Restrained Elegance - Candle Candle Burning BrightRestrained Elegance - Candle Candle Burning Bright

Poor Bad Dolly is back in the dungeon for an intense torture session! Burning hot wax drips slowly, tormentingly, from the scarlet burning candles. Each drip lands on her naked unprotected flesh, scalding intolerably for a few seconds until the wax blessedly cools. But as the drips start to merge, there is enough wax to form an insulating layer, so when a drip lands, the wax runs under the previous crust, retaining more of its heat for longer and producing more and more intense sensations for the helpless gorgeous blonde to endure! And when she thinks it can get no worse, her torturer ups the intensity even further by dripping hot wax from just a few inches onto the soft helpless soles of her gorgeous bare feet! The wax flows and sears and burns as it follows every wrinkle and fold of her sexy feet….
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Restrained Elegance – Captured Jogger (Part Four)

Restrained Elegance - Captured Jogger (Part Four)Restrained Elegance - Captured Jogger (Part Four)

In the final dramatic instalment of slave-girl Ariel’s journey from captured jogger to pleasure slave, her master locks her in a steel cage and cuffs her feet to a spreader bar so that she cannot withdraw her legs or protect her soles. Then he really lets rip on her with torments ranging from tickling through to the delicious pain of the two-wheeled electric pinwheel on her delicate, helpless soles! And finally… stinging nettles!
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Restrained Elegance – Tillie By Firelight

Restrained Elegance - Tillie By FirelightRestrained Elegance - Tillie By Firelight

Gorgeous petite blonde bondagette Tillie enjoys a warm, romantic evening in front of the fire… in bondage!
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Restrained Elegance – Lauren Louise – Coffee Time Daydream

Restrained Elegance - Lauren Louise - Coffee Time DaydreamRestrained Elegance - Lauren Louise - Coffee Time Daydream

Stunning Lauren Louise loves to be tied! So much so that her mind wanders to tight ropes and stringent positions even at morning coffee break! Share Lauren’s daydreams as she imagines being tied up tight, collared in cold steel, hands bound together behind her back forcing her shoulders back and arching her back to offer her lovely breasts to her captor’s touch. A ladder of rope bands confines her arms, pulling her elbows together behind her back. And if she complains, a silk scarf will surely silence her. Enjoy her pretty painted toes, her lithe long legs, her beautiful breasts, her gorgeous lips silenced by the gag, look into her eyes as you share her bondage day dream.
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Restrained Elegance – #GameOfSlaves: Ariel’s First Slave

Restrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Ariel's First SlaveRestrained Elegance - #GameOfSlaves: Ariel's First Slave

No-one was expecting @ArielAnderssen to turn domme on #GameOfSlaves. She’s got her hands on a total newbie slave, and I have to say the newcomer is super-mega cute! Let’s see whether @ArielAnderssen the domme measures up to all that big talk she did as a sub!
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