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Hardtied – Nov 15, 2017: StressTess’d | Tess Dagger

Hardtied - Nov 15, 2017: StressTess'd | Tess Dagger

Tess is tape gagged and stressed to the max.
Tess is a tough cookie, but even the toughest cookie can crumble under the right pressure. With her mouth stuffed and tape applied the pressure starts to build. Tess is perched on a small wooden pony with her shins and her tender cunt flesh taking all the weight.

The cane adds to her predicament a level of pain that eats away at her resolve. Followed by some punches and face slaps that leave her reeling.

The predicaments only get harder from there. First an extreme back arch that makes it hard for her to breathe. Then an upside down suspension by her knees. A rock hangs from her hair to make it even more stressful. All the while her mouth is taped shut.

Finally Tess is locked in a painful crunch and binder clips are added to her outer and inner labia.
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Hardtied – Nov 8, 2017: LUXurious Legs | Lux Lives

Hardtied - Nov 8, 2017: LUXurious Legs | Lux Lives

Lux and her long legs get tied and teased!

Lux Lives is a tall bondage slut. She watches every inch of rope as OT carefully wraps it across her alabaster skin. The makeshift gag in her mouth keeps her subtle moans barely detectable. OT wants Lux good and helpless for what he has planned.

When OT feels she’s incapable of getting away that’s when he starts getting frisky with her. He touches her in aways she wasn’t expecting. He ties her one leg up so that she can’t close her legs. He puts the vibrator on her pussy. Her reaction is immediate. He spanks her while he teases her.

With such a tall girl OT has to pull her into a strict hogtie. Her feet are ripe for caning in this position. OT takes full advantage.

Lux is so in love with the treatment she gets that OT just has to see how she’ll respond to the vibrator. With her legs spread he attaches clamps from her labia to her toes. The more she tries to cover her bits the more she pulls on her sensitive cunt. OT uses this to his advantage as he teases her carefully to orgasm.
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Hardtied – Nov 1, 2017: Cervical Service | Gabriella Paltrova

Hardtied - Nov 1, 2017: Cervical Service | Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella has her twat serviced.

Gabriella came to the doctor’s office for a little checkup. When the vaginal exam gets a little too painful OT the doctor has to restrain her to get a better view inside. The ropes hold her legs wide so her cute little pussy is held open. The speculum opens her up even more.

OT isn’t really a doctor. He just likes playing with beautiful women. Now that he’s got Gabriella tied up he’s not going to let her go. He ties her harder and tighter and has his way with her. For OT that means vibrators and fingers inside of her.

OT has Gabriella tied in a harness. He ties her tits with twine so tight they bulge out. Her nipples get super sensitive. OT pulls the box out from under her making her fly. Then he whips, vibrates, and chokes her.

Finally it’s time for Gabriella to get spanked. Tied over his knees with a ball gag in her mouth OT gives her a good spanking.
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Hardtied – Oct 25, 2017: Nasty Ladies | Nyssa Nevers | Nadia White

Hardtied - Oct 25, 2017: Nasty Ladies | Nyssa Nevers | Nadia White

Two Nasty Ladies Nyssa and Nadia get tormented together.

Nyssa Nevers and Nadia White are such nasty little ladies. Each with giant tits and wet aching cunts. They are just Matt’s type. Nadia’s tits are so huge they make the perfect target for the single tail. She moans as Matt makes stripes across her body. Then he attaches a crotch rope from Nadia’s pussy to Nyssa’s feet. Every little movement Nyssa makes Nadia feels between her legs.

It’s time for Nadia’s torment. Matt doesn’t take it easy on her at all. With her tits tied so tightly they almost pop Matt puts nipple clamps on and canes her and vibrates her.

Both girls are tied to sybians and Matt is going to make them cum… too much. The breath play is going to help. Struggling to breathe while being made to cum produces the best orgasms. Nyssa and Nadia can’t help screaming while cumming like crazy.
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Hardtied – Oct 11, 2017: Deer In Headlights | Bambi Belle

Hardtied - Oct 11, 2017: Deer In Headlights | Bambi Belle

Bambi is caught in Matt’s clutches like a deer in headlights.

The first thing you notice about Bambi is how she drools with a gag in her mouth. She’s one of those girls that just lets it flow and boy does it flow. She’s got that sexy pale skin and spankable ass you just want to get your hands on.

Matt gives her a good spanking before he puts the Hitachi on her and makes her scream. Then come the nipple clamps.

Bambi is very bendy. Matt takes advantage of that. He pulls her legs wide apart. He canes her from one end to the other and pays special attention to her feet. Her tits and pussy need attention too. Matt uses the flogger to take care of them. Bambi screams in pain.
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Hardtied – Sep 27, 2017: Swept Away | Samantha Rone

Hardtied - Sep 27, 2017: Swept Away | Samantha Rone

Sexy little Samantha Rone gets swept off her feet!

Samantha Rone is the kind of pretty that you spend years pining after. She’s the kind of girl you make plans to capture and keep in your basement. You’d never guess, but she’d be ever so pleased to be your prisoner. Behind those gorgeous blue eyes there’s a kinky little freak. You can tell by that giant smile when OT slaps her hard across the face.

OT tapes Samantha’s mouth shut. He loves her smile, but he needs to get down to business and her sweet little laugh is too distracting. Once OT has warmed her up with the flogger her cuts her panties off and plays with her beautiful cunt. She enjoys that just as much as she enjoys being hit.

Samantha loves bondage, but OT can only stand her enjoyment for a while. At some point he needs to see his women suffer. Samantha doesn’t disappoint. With her feet pulled up painfully behind her and her hair pulled back she weeps openly. Sure enough they are the sweetest little tears you’ve ever seen.
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Hardtied – Sep 6, 2017: Two Times | Mia Torro

Hardtied - Sep 6, 2017: Two Times | Mia Torro

Matt gets two friends to watch each other suffer.

What do you do with two sluts for the price of one? You mess them up of course! Mia Torro and Kel Bowie are friends. Put them together and they make quite the pair. They can both take a beating and they can both cum like dirty little sluts.

Matt sets them each up on their own sybian ride back to back. As they get teased he slowly reveals their naked bodies. Then begins the torment they came for. The cane comes out and the girls can’t help yelling out. Matt is a master at keeping them in the midst of waves of orgasm and pain.

When friends watch each other being beaten it can evoke many emotions. When these friends watch each other it seems to bring out sadistic undertones. Watching them smile as their friend is made to scream is delicious.
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Hardtied – Aug 30, 2017: Webbing | Luna LaVey

Hardtied - Aug 30, 2017: Webbing | Luna LaVey

The spider toys with Luna LaVey!

Luna LaVey has all the right curves. Even the ones on the top of her head. She’s got all the markings of being a seriously hardcore chick in a body that is sexy as hell. The rope just seems to snuggle her tender flesh. She seems to bliss out as OT slaps her face. She moans sweetly as he plays with her cunt.

OT exposes her gorgeous body. He ties her arms and legs out in different directions. Like a spider’s meal he winds the ropes around her. Each tie is more and more intense. Like the spider OT toys with his capture. He reveals her true beauty.

Once the web is spun OT stings her. The cane makes lovely little lines across her body. Then he reveals his true purpose. He gives her orgasms unlike anything she’s ever felt before. As she flies through the air she melts into herself.
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Hardtied – Aug 23, 2017: Tegan In The Middle | Tegan Trex

Hardtied - Aug 23, 2017: Tegan In The Middle | Tegan Trex

Tegan gets a lot of nipple and neck play.

Tegan is a bit stuck. She’s caught in the middle of two posts. Her arms are stretched as wide as they’ll go. Her legs are pulled out at an angle that aches. She’s just about as vulnerable as a woman can be. Or so she thinks. The addition of a blindfold and gag make her predicament even more intolerable. Then comes the removal of her clothes.

Matt can’t help himself. Tegan has an ass that requires touching. The moment it is exposed he smacks it. He turns it pink. Matt is far from done. He exposes her tender little nipples and weighs them down. It’s clear she likes her treatment.

Matt wants Tegan to to suffer. He stretches her between her posts with a crotch rope and nipple clamps. The weights that hang on the ropes pull her nipples out painfully. The rocks tug on her sensitive cunt. The vibrator only makes the situation worse as the makes her wiggle.
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