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Hardtied – May 30, 2018: Begged and Denied | Arielle Aquinas

Hardtied - May 30, 2018: Begged and Denied | Arielle Aquinas
Arielle begs for her climax! You don’t always get what you want. Sometimes the person tying you up decides that you’re not going to get to cum until they want you to. Arielle has to gag herself. She is instructed to take her panties of and shove them in her mouth. Then she has to wind tape around her head till she can’t talk.

As the day progresses Arielle is teased to the point of desperation. It’s the kind of feeling that feels good, but kinda hurts. Her cunt is drippy with desire. She’s still not going to get off. OT loves the begging and Arielle begs beautifully. It’s just enough to not be whiney, but to really get across how needy she is.

Arielle’s clit gets really big inside the suction cup. She’s already so sensitive, but now she’s really on fire. Her vagina is creaming just anticipating the vibrator. With her clit still sucked up in the cup OT vibrates her as he’s pulling on her neck rope. She’s so ready to cum.
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Hardtied – May 23, 2018: Predicament Slut | Jacey Jinx

Hardtied - May 23, 2018: Predicament Slut | Jacey Jinx
Jacey suffers through four difficult positions.

Jacey Jinx digs the bondage. It’s gotta be strenuous though. She wants to feel challenged. So OT sets up predicaments that will really test her. He ties one arm to her neck and then puts another rope around her neck that goes up to the ring above her. The rope then comes down and OT attaches a rock to it. Jacey has to hold the rock up or she’ll choke.

Next OT pulls off Jacey’s panties. He notes that they have a particular smell. They smell like she’s enjoying herself. He stuffs her mouth with them and tapes it shut. Just by pinching her nose he can make her lightheaded. He ties a rope around her waist and through her crotch up to the ring above her. Then it goes down to her foot. She must hold her foot up or put painful pressure on her tender little cunt.

Jacey isn’t a huge fan of being messy. She describes herself as OCD in some ways about dirt. OT blindfolds her with tape and gets a cup of chocolate pudding. He proceeds to cover her entire body with the squishy stuff. He even writes her name on her chest. Though not as physically challenging this might be the most difficult position he’s put her in all day.
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Hardtied – May 2, 2018: Skylar’s The Limit | Skylar Snow

Hardtied - May 2, 2018: Skylar's The Limit | Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow came to OT to get tied up and with Skylar the sky’s the limit. She’s got a body that OT just can’t help but get his hands on. He’s happy to oblige her request and tie her up tight. Her gorgeous blue eyes look on as OT wraps her with rope after rope. It’s not long before Skylar’s panties come off and find their way into her mouth. OT wraps her head with layers of tape.

Skylar’s bright pink dress is torn away to reveal giant tits. OT is definitely going to have to tie those up. First he puts her in a hogtie by her hair. He pulls the rope up to the ring above her. She’s not arched enough so he keeps tightening it until she’s in such a strict back bend she can barely breathe. When the vibrator hits her clit she lets loose a torrent of squirt.

Finally OT ties up her huge tits. Once they are nice and purple he puts some nice tight nipple clamps on her nips. Finally he attaches her toes to her nipple clamps so that she’s pushed down which tightens her neck rope. The slight breath play tightens her sensation when OT brings the vibrator back and again she squirts all over the table.
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Hardtied – Apr 18, 2018: Escape Artist | Stephie Staar

Hardtied - Apr 18, 2018: Escape Artist | Stephie Staar
Stephie Staar is challenged to escape strict rope bondage. Stephie Staar is one of those rope bottoms who can’t help trying to get herself out. She’s a self-proclaimed escape artist. Last time on Infernal Restraints she managed to undo some of her bondage. This time OT is not going to let that happen.

His first tie is pretty simple, but he’s got some tricks for Stephie. Once she’s well bound he tells her the game, she’s got five minutes to untie herself. If she manages to get herself out she gets an orgasm. If the timer runs out first then OT gets to hurt her. After three rounds she’s only managed to get out of the bondage one time. OT has to admit she’s get some pretty smooth moves, but she admits that OT is more than a match for her. It’s time for her to pay up, one orgasm and two punishments.
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Hardtied – Apr 4, 2018: OT Plays With Dolls | Dolly Mattel

Hardtied - Apr 4, 2018: OT Plays With Dolls | Dolly Mattel
OT has a lot of fun with his adult princess doll. There’s nothing wrong with a grown man who plays with dolls. OT is certainly secure enough in his masculinity to do so. Dolly Mattel is a pretty little princess adult doll. She’s so lifelike. She makes real girl sounds and real girl movements. She even has real girl reactions when her princess parts are touched. OT has always been rough with his toys and Dolly is no different. Dolly’s dress is ripped to reveal her white cotton panties. At first OT tests his Dolly. He wants to see what sounds she makes and what reactions she has. He plays with her accessories; putting the cock gag in her mouth. Then suspending her with rope.

He teases her pussy till she’s having real girl orgasms. He canes her and inserts her dildo while she’s masked and suspended. He swings her back and forth on the huge dick. Dolly has more real girl orgasms as she screams in ecstasy.
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Hardtied – Mar 21, 2018: Rook’d | London River

Hardtied - Mar 21, 2018: Rook'd | London River
Bondage illustrations come to life for London River!

For the bondage enthusiast it’s not about what is done to the subject. It’s not about caning, flogging, whipping, slapping, punching. It’s about the torment of the bondage itself. It’s about the strain in the muscles as the subject twists and struggles in the bondage. It’s about the moans muffled through the gags. It’s about the drool that inevitably escape’s the subject’s mouth. The bondage is a medium to expose the inner beauty that is suffering. Through bondage we can see the subject freed in many ways.

Inspired by ROOK-07 these six bondage positions take London to an intense place of suffering. Each one makes her sore in a different way. From intense strappado, to category 5 suspension, to incredible back arching London proves she is a bondage goddess. The sounds and struggles London makes are the things of bondage wet dreams.
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Hardtied – Mar 14, 2018: Suspended Climax | Luna Lovely

Hardtied - Mar 14, 2018: Suspended Climax | Luna Lovely
Luna gets suspended and so does her orgasm. Luna Lovely likes being restrained. Her slim and curvy little body is quite the attraction too. It’s a match made in heaven. Her neck is the first thing to get roped. Then it’s her wrists to her arms. She gets more aroused the tighter the ropes get. She strains in the bondage. Not to free herself, but because she loves the way it feels. She pulls on the rope around her neck because she loves how it makes her feel.

She mentioned a love for being suspended. OT is more than happy to give her what she wants as long as he can take what he wants. What does he want? He wants control over her orgasm. Luna isn’t going to get to cum unless he wants her to. Of course he makes her hold it to the last possible moment. He teases her till she can’t hold back anymore. That’s when he shoves the dildo in her ass. Just when she’s taking it deep in the ass for him he lets her cum and she cums hard.
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Hardtied – Mar 7, 2018: Bamboozled | Bambi Belle

Hardtied - Mar 7, 2018: Bamboozled | Bambi Belle
Bambi Belle gets what’s coming to her. Bambi Belle’s been tricked, fooled, bamboozled. Now she’s laying on OT’s floor; helpless to resist his urges. His every tough is horrifying. He strips her naked and has his way with her, posing her like a toy for his amusement. Before she can even help it he ties her up.

Once she’s tied the real fun begins. OT likes his victims afraid. He likes that fear in their eyes, he likes how they shudder and moan at a stranger’s touch. The giant gags he uses makes Bambi drool all over herself. She can’t help it. OT invades every orifice she’s got.

Bambi wants to leave, but OT isn’t finished with her. He’s going to keep her for as long as she has value. Right now that value is in how she responds to his ministrations. He torments her in the worst ways.
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Hardtied – Feb 28, 2018: Pussy Hammock | Alex More

Hardtied - Feb 28, 2018: Pussy Hammock | Alex More
Alex More has the clit of a goddess, OT takes advantage of it.

Sexy Alex More waits for OT. She looks nervous as he takes her jacket off. The ropes are wrapped tightly around her body. She gets more and more immobile. Just the way OT likes it. Once she can’t get away he starts to touch her. Most women recoil at his invasive touch.

Alex is one of those dirty sluts who gets turned on by a stranger’s touch. The more OT fondles her the more excited she gets. When he steps away she can’t help, but touch herself.

Clits come in all shapes and sizes. Alex’s is quite large and highly responsive. OT barely grazes it with the vibrator after fully exposing it with clamps. The squirt sprays across the room as waves of orgasm crash down on Alex.
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Hardtied – Feb 21, 2018: Down the Rabbit Hole | Kitty Dorian

Hardtied - Feb 21, 2018: Down the Rabbit Hole | Kitty Dorian

Kitty gets roped in to some hard suction.

Kitty Dorian has a body that just begs to be tied up. Don’t let her stoic disinterested expression fool you. She’s turned on from the moment she sees the rope coming. As OT ties her up she gets more and more aroused.

It’s not every day we get a girl to cry. Kitty has a trigger though. A few slaps across the face and the tears flow freely. A few more slaps and she’s sobbing.

The suction cups on her nipples make her lactate. The suction cups on her tits make them tender and sore. The ropes hold her tightly to the ground. Then the suction cups are put tightly on her ass.
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