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Society SM – Pushing Sybil – Sybil Hawthorne

Society SM - Pushing Sybil - Sybil HawthorneSociety SM - Pushing Sybil - Sybil Hawthorne

As i’ve said before, Sybill is a fine wine…a ripe young woman…an experienced bottom…someone who is always willing to exercise her submission and her endurance…she is just a finely seasoned submissive…which allows me to exercise some of my more devious plots, knowing that Sybil will give it her all where other models will not…she begins bound and naked…I enter to collar and gag her…even seasoned subs get nervous when they know the inevitability of thier drama…seasoned or not, everyone has limits and Sybil knows that I’ll be pushing hers…Once I get her gagged, I lay my hands all over her bountiful body…I work her ass and tits with my floggers…an anal hook tied off to her collar and pegs around each beast are all the remain before I use my tails on her ass…I rig Sybil into a half bent position with her tits smashed…I plug her ass then add clamps and weights to her preasurized nipples…she’s mine for the taking as I begin working her clit with the vibrator…fucking her ass with the plug…I work her practically into a frenzy but deny her an orgasm…I add the goat milkers to her nipples and give it another try…it doesnt take Sybill long before she’ cumming and screaming and under my control…I lay sybil out on a rack and spread her out…her ass rests on a piece of copper plate…I gag her and get to work…first, I electrify the plate, forcing her to raise her ass off the ground…joyous…eventually, each thigh, each breast, her tummy and her cunt are all under intense shock…I turn the dials to get what I want…which is making a spectacle of her bound and helpless body…then I add the vibrator…I give her much time, but apparently I move at the wrong moment…I punish myself by turning up all the TENS gear until she is begging for mercy…I really should know better…In the final predicament of the day, her hands are tied and pulled in front and I raise her rear leg off the floor, arching her back…her other foot remains on an electrified pedestal…Sybil is so worn out, she can barely manage to pull herself off the pedestal as I increase the current through her leg…I bind her tits with twine and say goodbye with my dragon’s tails…an awesome day with an incredible player.
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Society SM – Brutal BDSM – Nadia White

Society SM - Brutal BDSM - Nadia WhiteSociety SM - Brutal BDSM - Nadia White

Nadia White and her bad assed, sultry submission visit us as she stops through Las Vegas for the AEE conference and AVN…You’ll notice her allready bruised ass, as we did…the marks of a woman who truly enjoys BDSM…She tells me not to worry about marking her and I’m overjoyed with the idea of using my tails and whips…By the end of the shoot, her tits and ass are very nicely striped…No one will be surprised to hear that Nadia is tough, and she definitely proves it on this day.
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Society SM – Much Pain, Much Pleasure – Holly Wood

Society SM - Much Pain, Much Pleasure - Holly WoodSociety SM - Much Pain, Much Pleasure - Holly Wood

Holly is an incredible babe…a natural redhead with luscious natural tits, a small waist, wide hips, a flat stomach, a round ass and a hot pink orgasmic pussy…she has aspirations to be a Domme and sees her experiences on bottom as a must…she submits to the process for her own growth and our entertainment…I begin with Holly bent over and rigged to a spanking bench…I cut off her panties and flog her ass and back….she has a long day ahead of her and flogging is a great way to get the endorphins flowing…she’s going to need them all day….I clamp her nipples and tie them off…first I tease, the I mash the wand onto her cunt…Holly cums with no announcement…rude…one good cane stroke is all it takes to keep her asking permission for the rest of the day…In the next scene, Holly is kneeling atop a wooden box with her beautiful breasts smashed well in our device…a dildo is fixed inside her pussy…I hook her mouth open and begin her tit torture…flogging gets quite a reaction…then clamps with weights on her nipples…I tease and flog her pussy, then into an orgasmic frenzy…I rig the bottom half of her body to a spread bench and her hands in front…then the rig is pulled directly over her head, leaving Holly in an intense back arch…I tie off our tit smashers and hang weights from her pussy piercings…she doesnt like the heat gun at all…especially near those metal piercings…I stuff her cunt and watch her writhe through what must be very intense orgasms…and I keep her there until she’s spent…then down onto the ground with her upper body box tied…I rig her legs into winches and begin to split her…i stop to stuff her cunt with an inflatable dildo…then lay her back to be fully spread…the dildo wand combo once again turns our would be Domme into a helpless little cumslut…I nail her pussy piercings into the floor and leave her there.
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Society SM – Intense BDSM – Sasha Knox

Society SM - Intense BDSM - Sasha KnoxSociety SM - Intense BDSM - Sasha Knox

I dont have to worry about Sasha…she can take it…So I get to dish it out a bit more on days like this…the bondage is tighter and the impact is more severe….Sasha is a submissive masochist and she loves role playing…It’s easy for us both to find the zone we seek…As for her body and beauty, she is at the top of her game.
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Society SM – Tied, Enslaved and Fucked by her boyfriend – Sailor Luna

Society SM - Tied, Enslaved and Fucked by her boyfriend - Sailor LunaSociety SM - Tied, Enslaved and Fucked by her boyfriend - Sailor Luna

Sailor and her new boyfriend are hanging out with the TV…an advertisment for a popular BDSM film comes on the screen and he uses the occasion to start a series of events which end with his new girlfriend all tied up and sucking his cock…and that is only the beginning…Luckily, Sailor is a submssive young woman who endures his appetite to keep her bound all day…and he spends the day showing her how he likes to fuck his woman.
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Society SM – An Incredible Young Submissive Slut – Tristyn Kennedy

Society SM - An Incredible Young Submissive Slut - Tristyn KennedySociety SM - An Incredible Young Submissive Slut - Tristyn Kennedy

Tristyn is an outrageous specimen…a model who impressed me with her bondage toughness on previous shoots…I keep my eyes open for models like this…a will waiting to be challenged…she’s a sweet girl, and she was made for sexual service…and very tough…I love being right…I have the crew wrap bind her and wrap her in burlap…I lead her into the wood room and unwrap her…I make my intentions and expectations very clear up front…but some slaves seem destined to fuck up…Tristyn came without asking…only the first time…she learned quick…then upside down and spread, her pussy gets the electrified Samurai…I add the magic wand…she cums over and over…she becomes frenzied and uses her legs to fuck herself upside down against the steel dildo…Tristyn’s body is incredible and I decide to focus on her ass…she gags herself on the dildo as I flog and spank her ass red through much struggling…I should have drilled the bench into the wood floor…live and learn…even after three scenes with tight nipple clamps, I decide to focus the last scene on her nipples…and her tummy…I drill her upper body into a wooden box, her feet are pulled up and rigged to a pulley, then tied off to her nipples…a very cruel test of one’s core strength that ends badly for even the most toned tummies…just add time…I also added a TENS unit…Tristyn makes suffering as beautiful as I have ever seen it…I am thankful for hot, young, slaves…have a great holiday weekend.
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SocietySM – Exposed – Sinnamon Love

SocietySM - Exposed - Sinnamon LoveSocietySM - Exposed - Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon seems to realize that she must remain in compliance in this situation. Her body is methodically bound, her mouth gagged, her legs spread before the whipping ensues. Ogre pays particular attention to the fact that she remains exposed while he works her body over at will…The whipping session is torrential as leather rains down on her body and relief comes in the form of the wand pressed viciously against her pussy…After a convulsive orgasm, Sinnamon is bound ass up, her round buttocks perfectly ripe for more frenzied whipping. Despite it all, her pussy is sopping as Ogre brandishes a large dildo and buries it deep in her cunt.
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Society SM – Sinn gets Extreme – Sinn Sage

Society SM - Sinn gets Extreme - Sinn SageSociety SM - Sinn gets Extreme - Sinn Sage

Sinn is a festival for the eyes…luscious skin, silky hair, perfectly ripe tits and an unforgettable ass…she oozes sensuality in practically every move she makes…graceful and charming…this is an alluring woman…to have all that mystery and femininity tied up and waiting to be stripped leaves electricity in the air…Damon comes in with shears and begins to cut away her dress…he takes his time…Sinn bides her time…but she isnt going anywhere soon…not until he is done with her…he spanks that incredible ass, then directs her to the piece of gear that she will be bent over and flogged upon…I come in to help rig her down…then Damon and I have a lovely time flogging her ass…Sinn is very expressive…this is a fetishist who enjoys her role…Sinn is then bound to a crude rolling rig…Damon uses strong bungee to afix her ankles to points in the floor…a dildo mounted to a pole is rammed into her pussy and tied off…Damon pulls her back and forth as the dildo plunges completely into Sinn’s hot box…He rigs our four point breast smashers to each tit, then rigs it off in the opposite direction with more bungee…then muzzled, roped to a whipping post and flogged…Damon adds a tight pussy clamp predicament and a vibrator…Sinn settles back into deep orgasms, but gets not rest or relieft…Damon turns the pleasure into pain as he keeps the vibrator in place over her clamped cunt…for his finalle, Damon binds Sinn to a spit rig…candles are mounted above her…he applies clamps to her tits and torso, each clamp with its own wieght…then he uses a torch to melt very hot wax down onto Sinn’s naked body…before he is done, she is wimpering…then he rolls her over…he spins the spit a few times as Sinn sobs…then leaves her exhausted…thanks much to these two incredible BDSM role players who like to keep it real.
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Society SM – Another Princess Gets Punished – Sadie Blake

Society SM - Another Princess Gets Punished - Sadie BlakeSociety SM - Another Princess Gets Punished - Sadie Blake

Sadie has the feel of an uptown babe, probably because of her amazing smile and cheek bones…her thick, black hair is soft and beautiful…Im sure she deserves a man who treats her right…but today she gets me, and I get to punish another princess…I can sense the amount of men who have played the fool trying to impress this lovely creature’s heart…I dont have to worry about any of that nonsense, and I use her like a scorned whore…Sadie is not all that naturally submissive, but being bound and helpless gives her a new perspective, and it isnt long before she resigns to my control over her…and her pussy responds with flowing wetness as I disrobe her in the first scene…Today I use those parts of Sadie that she denies other men on a daily basis…her sincere sexual submission as I keep her cumming through what seem to be agonizing orgasms.
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SocietySM – Subdued and Cumming- Angel Dustrial

SocietySM - Subdued and Cumming- Angel DustrialSocietySM - Subdued and Cumming- Angel Dustrial

She knows not where she is…She only knows that she is not where she should be…She calls out to no answer until the door finally opens…Her uneasiness is not exactly put to rest at the the sight of the man before her…She struggles as he gropes and despite her protests, he shall not be denied.
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