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Queen Snake – Squirt Bath 2016 February 20

Queen Snake - Squirt Bath 2016 February 20

This session was Jeby’s idea. She was so persistent asking for it for a long time that finally I decided to let her have it. She is not bisexual and had never been with a girl before but loves humiliation, so the idea of four girls abusing her seemed to worth the effort. I must admit that the part where we shaved Nazryana’s pussy hair onto her face making a fake Yeti out of her was too disgusting even for me.
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Queen Snake – PHP – Jeby 2017 November 25

Queen Snake - PHP - Jeby 2017 November 25

PHP as peehole play. Although some PHP programming lessons would have been an even worse torment for Jeby than inserting pens, pencils, paint brushes, metal clamps and a burning birthday candle into her peehole.
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Queen Snake – Nov 4, 2017 – Long March

Queen Snake - Nov 4, 2017 - Long March

This is a kind of old-school bdsm game boosted up with some extra pain. I had to walk above rough ropes, chains, chains smeared with hot chili pepper cream and magic candles. I had a spreader bar attached to my ankles, my hands tied behind my back and some weights pulled my pussy down. As I was walking on tip-toes and trying not to lose my balance, the ropes and the chains cut deeply into my pussy. I had some small abrasion and scratches. Then the salty and hot chili cream came. Oh my god that pain was so fucking intense that I screamed the hell out of that dungeon. When Tanita started to lick my wounded and chilied pussy made it even worse. The last challenge was the most cruel: I had to walk above magic candles. The magic candles relight themselves, using a fuse similar to those in dynamite sticks, the principle being that by igniting magnesium inserted into the wick of the candle, the paraffin vapour given off when a candle is blown out can be set alight, and through this, the candle can reignite. Needless to say that those small firecracker candles made me march as fast as I could.
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Queen Snake – Oct 14, 2017 – Tackrider – Jeby

Queen Snake - Oct 14, 2017 - Tackrider - Jeby

Watch Puny Jeby trying to balance herself hopelessly above the thumbtack studded tube while being whipped by the sadistic Queensnake.
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Queen Snake – 2017 Sep 30 – Dog Toys

Queen Snake - 2017 Sep 30 - Dog Toys

This movie was a hard birth, literally 🙂 I shoved up 7 different kind of big, hard, sharp and spiky dog toys into my pussy. Because the spikes obliterated my vaginal wall we had to shoot the movie in three different days to let the injuries heal. The Kong was the XL version btw 🙂
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Queen Snake – Aug 12, 2017 – Trypanophobia

Queen Snake - Aug 12, 2017 - Trypanophobia

Jeby is a real medical case if it is about needles. It is so funny that her body is full of piercings and tattoos but still she has so bad fear of needles and injections that she drives the nurses and docs crazy all the time. But after this session she probably got rid of her needle phobia 🙂
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Queen Snake – June 17, 2017 – Gummy Bears – Jeby

Queen Snake - June 17, 2017 - Gummy Bears - Jeby

Jeby just loves gummy bears but this time those little fuckers let her down. Tanita and me were shooting them out onto her body using fishing slingshots. At least in the end she could eat them out from my pussy.
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Queen Snake – String Instrument

Queen Snake - String Instrument

This innocent-looking but unbelievably cruel bdsm device is my newest invention, I called it string instrument. The body of the instrument is a human slave who is laying under the very thin (1mm) rubber lines and the instrument can be played by pulling the elastic strings out and then let them slam to the slave to play pain chords and melody. Of course the first person who tried it the inventor herself. The pain I felt was so surprisingly intense and maddening especially on my feet and on my nipples that I had to stop Tanita several times. So I can say that this was one of my most painful sessions ever. But it was worth it because I had so many pretty thin red lines on my full body for a couple of weeks that I looked like a tabby.
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