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ElitePain – April 13, 2018 – Domina Competition

ElitePain - April 13, 2018 - Domina CompetitionElitePain - April 13, 2018 - Domina Competition
Our best two mistresses – Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel – have a long time history of competing against each others. Both of them want to prove she is better than the other. We thought this was the right time to decide. We organized a game tailor made to this situation. Roxane is the subject of the game. During 5 rounds, she gets different punishments. She must roll with a dice. Whatever she rolls she gets five times that amount from each mistresses with the instrument of that round. So in the first round when she rolls 3, she gets 3×5=15 cane strokes on her bottom from each ladies. Her eyes are covered. After each rounds she must tell which strokes were harder. The results of the five rounds are going to be summarized and a winner will be revealed. The loser must accept the superiority of the winner. The loser must humiliate herself by stripping naked before the winner, and accept to be led out with a dog collar on her neck. Furthermore, the loser must accept a submissive role in our next production, where the winner will whip her. So the stakes are unbelievable huge! None of the ladies want to lose. But eventually one will. This is going to be an inhuman duel.
The five rounds are: (1) bottom caning (2) back whipping (3) pussy whipping) (4) bastinado (5) bottom whipping.
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Dr.Lomp – The Manager and the Guilty Woman

Dr.Lomp - The Manager and the Guilty Woman

Lady Jenny returns in this film which features two discipline sessions.
In the first one a chubby lady is brought before Mr Lomp. She is sent there by her employees because they found her guilty in various matters. The second part is about a girl (Mya) who must be trained to perform a perfect blowjob. The training -of course- features a lot of pain.
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ElitePain – Life In The Elite Pain Club 11

ElitePain - Life In The Elite Pain Club 11ElitePain - Life In The Elite Pain Club 11

This hawt by a woman needs to dig her true sexuality fulfill all your wildest wishes. Pleasure and ache 2 sides of the same coin.
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ElitePain – DrLomp – Playgirls

ElitePain – DrLomp – PlaygirlsElitePain – DrLomp – Playgirls

The daily fitness turns into game. Lomp must act.
In this episode the denuded girls doing exercises, including exotic things like dick jumping, while Lomp doing his usual whip education. There is a lot of hooter and pussy whipping in this video.
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Elite Pain – Wheel of Pain 22

Elite Pain - Wheel of Pain 22Elite Pain - Wheel of Pain 22

There was an incredible high demand from our customers to place Lady Ariel in a submissive role, so Lyen Parker could make a revenge on her for the so many painful whiplashes Lyen received from Lady Ariel. Until now the beautiful dominatrix declined all of our offers. But now she gave in. Unfortunately (or not) this happened just once Lyen was abroad for a longer period. So we needed to find a substitution for Lyen. Who could take a better revenge than Lyen. Right!) – Her sister! You won’t be disappointed.
Your favorite pain game returns with a special episode, showing Lady Ariel on the receiving end. Each round worth 500 USD. Once the wheel is spun, the given punishment must be completed, otherwise the player loses all money.
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ElitePain – Dr. Lomp`s Practice 4

ElitePain - Dr. Lomp`s Practice 4ElitePain - Dr. Lomp`s Practice 4

In this last release of Or Lomp’s Private Practice series we see once again the mad psychiatrist in work, Now he treats the blonde Anette with his various single tail whips. Wow, this is going to hurt her…
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Elite Pain – Making the shy lingerie model suck cock – part 2

Elite Pain - Making the shy lingerie model suck cock - part 2Elite Pain - Making the shy lingerie model suck cock - part 2

Natalie works as a model. That’s how she finds herself at Lomp’s casting. Unintentionally she pisses the Master off with her feminist remark. Igor and Lomp are helping her gently to find the right path towards proper female behavior.
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ElitePain – Oct 29, 2017 – Slave Training

ElitePain - Oct 29, 2017 - Slave Training

You witness a slave training session behind the closed doors of the Elite Club. The First the Master of the Club goes through the ten slave position with the slave. Then he tests the slave randomly calling the positions. If the slave makes a mistake, she receives 5 extra whip-strokes at the conclusion of the test. Then the training continues with the pain test. The slave must withstand the electric device on her pussy for an increasing length. She must count the seconds. Again, each mistakes means five extra punishment strokes at the end of the test The third exam is the obedience test. She must hold two candles out in her hands while she receives 30 lashes with the whip. If she doesn’t keep her hands properly, she receives another five punishment strokes at the end.
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Elite Pain – Elite Club 24th Case

Elite Pain - Elite Club 24th Case

Christina is a natural born submissive. After years of hesitation she decides to join the EliteClub. She knows very well that a new slave-girl is approved only after she proved to be strong enough to take hard punishments. This episode shows this initial exam of the girl. The leader of the EliteClub makes a very hard time for her. She is whipped from the back and from the front. She is crying real tears.
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Elite Pain – Slaves of the EliteClub 2

Elite Pain - Slaves of the EliteClub 2
Elite Pain - Slaves of the EliteClub 2

Luna, the wanabee mistress (but still a slave girl) punished another slave girl who was waiting her punishment to be received from Master Ken. Punishing another slave girl without the permission of the master was a great mistake. Now she will get the same punishments as she gave to the slave girl earlier. And may be even more…
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