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TiedForTickling – Squirm – Riley Richman

TiedForTickling - Squirm - Riley RichmanTiedForTickling - Squirm - Riley Richman

We’ve found Riley’s weak spot and we’re going to work it. We stock her on the bars..asurance she is going nowhere…We begin to work her body and Riley squirms…Her puffy nipples beg to be clamped and we oblige…Her shrieks fill the Dungeon and we leave her breathless.
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Tied For Tickling – Insanity – Caddy Compson

Tied For Tickling - Insanity - Caddy CompsonTied For Tickling - Insanity - Caddy Compson

Caddy Compson is roped down tightly…we know how well she can struggle so we set her up with institutional restraints for thrashing comfort…Bane begins her tickle experience with cloth pulled back and forth between the toes…very effective for sensitive toe flesh between the creases…then toothbruches under the armpits…Caddy pretty much hates being touched, so tickling is extremely uncomfortable for her…I wrap her head in vet wrap and join Bane in a double tickle session…my tickle technique is more akin to extreme acupreasure play and it drives Caddy insane…10 straight minutes of extreme tickling leaves her exhasuted…A must see for tickle fans!
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Tied For Tickling – Stocked and Tickled – Jeanie Marie

Tied For Tickling - Stocked and Tickled - Jeanie Marie

Another hot blonde restrained for Tickling…this time, Jeanie Marie…and this time we use wooden stocks on her wrists, neck and ankles…per a member request…which may have worked against us in Jeanie’s case…she’s a bit anxious to be stocked in the first place…and she finds very quickly that moving too much is very uncomfortable…Bane works with her slowly…some slaves must acclimatize to bondage…this one certainly did…she eventually gets comfortable enough to spout some laughter…stocks are a great idea for tickling and something we will give another go, at least…but for Jeanie, the stocks alone were enough to distress her.
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