Restrained Elegance – Clockwork Peardrop

Restrained Elegance - Clockwork PeardropRestrained Elegance - Clockwork Peardrop
Oh lordy. One of the things with trying to be experimental and interesting and try new things is that sometimes an idea that looks good on paper looks a bit loony when you sit down to review the footage.
Case in point: this video. It was originally conceived in the aftermath of the great success we had with Ariel’s original beautiful slavegirl dance (one of the videos I’m most proud of from all the early days of RE- I think it is just gorgeous).
I think we’d just watched “A Clockwork Orange” together, and I know we were thinking whether we could figure out a good way to shoot a dance routine with a lot more bondage in it. We did, eventually. (See Ariel’s bondage dance). What we learned shooting this one is that we needed very tight choreography and LOTS of footage to make a bondage dance video properly.

This one, we just tried to improvise in the studio with eccentric styling inspired by A Clockwork Orange, a lot of chains, and a couple of cameras pointed at the scene.
I think is quite stylish, but also quite, quite mad! Ariel’s not exactly sure what she was thinking when she came up with to “swimming across the floor using the chain” dance move. It’ll catch on, I tell you (it’s about 40 years too late, it would have fitted into a Disco routine just fine). We thought it was time for our first attempt to see the light of day as a bonus/out-take- enjoy!

Restrained Elegance - Clockwork Peardrop
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