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Hardtied – May 27, 2020: Therapy Part 1 | Harley Ace

Harley Ace tormented by unwell chains specialist Non-traditional treatment has Harley sobbing and moaning. Harley Ace is in determined need of help. She’s been pestered for several years with thoughts of sexualized, perverted versions of fierce acts being performed on her. She has desires nearly every night regarding men connecting …

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Infernal Restraints – Jul 21, 2017: Creep Love | Sierra Cirque

The Horror & The Grace “The horror and the grace”, she knows that line all too well. Poetically, it describes her predicament perfectly. Her inability to remember the lines, under the stressors that Creep delights in applying, will result in much suffering. The electrified prod strapped into her cunt is …

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