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Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6)

Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6)Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6)
I decided to learn about our naughty spanked one on camera. You are learning what I know about Bunny at the same time in this film. That’s right! You are experiencing the same knowledge at the same time regarding our cute and very spankable roller-derby gal! I decided to test her theory of tolerance and give her a VERY HARD OTK hand-spanking right out of the gate! You want to see a girl that has been a jammer for a pro-roller-derby league cry from a hand spanking? You got it! Bunny’s spanking continues with a large hairbrush. She was shocked and shaking when she discovered that the brush had actually taken skin off of her bottom. She said, ” I have never had that happen before! Even when I have fallen on the track.” I guess this means that a hairbrush meeting bottoms are worse than tracks hitting bottoms, even on a skid. I wonder if little Bunny will come back?

As both she and her bottom began to weep from a seriously severe OTK session, Bunny cried from both the pain and embarrassment of her surprisingly hard punishment spanking she was not prepared for. The wide, stiff, oval leather paddle covered every inch of her upturned bottom, as the rubber found direct placement of my choice to follow. Bunny Euphoria ( or her Roller Derby name Killer Bunny Foo-Foo) is introduced to the buck for the first time! He bottom was so sore already as you will see. This did not stop me from using a latex and rubber paddle! Her tears will tell it all! When tough girls like Tiki used to cry, you knew the punishment was special. When a roller -derby jammer cries from spanking… Well, it is just amazing!

Bunny learns that when in the bucket, with a swollen and painful bare, wet, bottom, that sometimes the implements don’t get easier, but rather more severe. This is the case with the ‘acrylic griller’. Every woman I have spanked with this implement have feared it and screamed out in painful displeasure from it’s affects. When this beautifully teaching implement is applied to an already sore bottom, the reactions are always impressive and even tearful. Bunny learns a riding crop lesson that she will never forget this week! Her sore bottom bounces, as the stinging crop falls repeatedly. Her squeals will let you know that it is the perfect ending to this great film!
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Tiki’s Four Obscure

Tiki's Four Obscure
These are four obscure spankings that each have a back story. 1) This one was a spanking I gave Tiki for smoking while fighting bronchitis. I warned her not to smoke and this and the 118 licks with the belt earlier were both for this disobedience. Drove up to the bar she worked at and there she was outside doing her best chimney impersonation. I just drove by and pointed. She knew a scorched bottom was coming. 2) Tiki woke up on the wrong side of the bed at the hotel in Santa Barbara. I decided to give her a spanking outside in a park right next to a busy street. The grounds keeper was only about 50 yards away when I was giving her this spanking. He glanced over once and I am pretty sure he saw what was going on. Tiki was certain of it and was mortified… but in a much better mood to avoid more outings. 3) We actually broke into the shed/power-room of the hotel to film the Spy segment. This was actually almost the last day of my life. As I was feeling around in the dark I put my fingers on exposed bus-bars and got a jolt like you would not believe! Tiki was freaked out, but like the trooper she is…she did her best (worst) Russian accent as a spank-tortured spy. 4) Tiki is one of the sweetest people on Earth. When the olded gentleman approached her at a party telling Tiki three things. One, that he had a spanking fetish his whole life. two that he had never spanked a woman. The saddest was three. He was dying ( only 6 months left) and he used his last money to travel to this party in hopes to live out his dream. Tiki not only let him… but let him twice during that night. He was able to experience his one last wish… Tiki was simply the best.
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MySpankingRoommate – Episode 287: Bette Dominates New Roommate Hannah

MySpankingRoommate - Episode 287: Bette Dominates New Roommate Hannah
Bette Bondage totally dominates her new roommate Hannah Hunt. First she puts her over her knee and spanks Hannah on her curvy bottom while she reads the roommate rules. Bette uses a leather paddle. Then she straps a bowl of fruit to the mouth of her new roommie, explaining that if anything spills, Hannah will receive even more punishment. She leaves Hannah with a sore, red bottom that hurts to sit on.
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GirlSpanksGirl – Dria’s Harsh Punishment: Day One

GirlSpanksGirl - Dria's Harsh Punishment: Day One
Dria has been sent to visit a dungeon by her wife. She quickly learns that her visit is for her to be punished by not one dominatrix, but TWO, Snow Mercy and Veronica Ricci. Dria was unfaithful to her wife, but won’t admit, until undergoing some serious discipline that includes hand spanking, whipping, caning and wooden paddles. Watch this hour long thrashing from two great tops who are looking to break the spirited, curvy bottomed Dria.
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SpankedInUniform – Europe Airlines Episode 17

SpankedInUniform - Europe Airlines Episode 17
A well known Hollywood actor hired one of our private jets and Mr. Johnson chose Ellen May to be the stewardess on the flight. He also came along. While the plane was on the runway being delayed a bit, Ellen decided to have a quick smoke. Mr. Johnson was not amused and he spanked her right in front of the famous actor which was very humiliating. When they were back at the office, Mr. Johnson put Ellen across his knee for another sound spanking and then he put her in the corner for 30 minutes while he had to go and attend to something, When he returned suddenly he found Ellen sitting on a chair so he told her to bend over the desk and she got a sound paddling!
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AssumethePositionStudios – Maddy Marks Needs a Good Bare Bottom Paddling

AssumethePositionStudios - Maddy Marks Needs a Good Bare Bottom PaddlingAssumethePositionStudios - Maddy Marks Needs a Good Bare Bottom Paddling
Pretty and Sassy redhead Maddy is almost constantly in need of a good hard paddling. Bent over in tiny jean shorts, the big school paddle is applied vigorously. Pulling her shorts down, the swats are repeated on her exposed cheeks. With her panties lowered, a giant paddle bruises her bare bottom. Exactly what Maddy Marks needs.
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RealSpankingsInstitute – Strapped for Being a Distraction in Class (Part 1)

RealSpankingsInstitute - Strapped for Being a Distraction in Class (Part 1)RealSpankingsInstitute - Strapped for Being a Distraction in Class (Part 1)
Isabelle is required to do her work in the teacher’s lounge as a result of being a constant distraction in class. The dean comes in and addresses her behavior with a very strict bare bottom strapping.
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