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CumBots – Hartied Hardbody – Wenona

CumBots - Hartied Hardbody - WenonaCumBots - Hartied Hardbody - Wenona
Wenona’s got one amazing, tight, hardbody. She’s got it all really, including some fantastic, lactating breasts…Wowzers…She strips, she bends, she shows us everything she’s got. She grabs the vibrator and shows us some of her cock sucking skills before she buries it in her beautiful pussy. By this time, we’re all ready and we tie Wenona tightly to the pallet. Now the real show begins and we set the Invader at a healthy pace. As it pumps her pussy, Ogre tantalizes her clit with a vibrator and Wenona just goes through the roof. Once we push her past the point of sensitivity overload, we press onward taking her to the edge..
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Mya: Live Cumbots – Mya Nichole

Mya: Live Cumbots - Mya NicholeMya: Live Cumbots - Mya Nichole
Mya’s fine round ass was reddened in the live Whip Chamber session and this week, her public display continues…Amid the hustle and bustle of the crowd watching the events unfold, Mya is restrained to the bars. The Cumbot is placed beneath her and between her clamped pussy lips. The men explore her body with various devices. a wand is pressed on her clit, and a torrent of whips greet her flesh. A shocking display as Mya is put through her paces..
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CumBots – Emily’s Sybian Adventure – Emily Addison

CumBots - Emily's Sybian Adventure - Emily AddisonCumBots - Emily's Sybian Adventure - Emily Addison
Did somebody mention Emily on Cumbots? Well here you go, have at it. I could pontificate for an eternity about how amazing and smoking hot she is. I have a feeling that I’m merely preaching to the choir though. Let’s put it this way; when her clothing falls away, it becomes increasingly difficult in the studio to focus on work. When she buries that vibe in her pussy, it’s like time stands still. And when we restrain her tightly to the Sybian, things heat up like an inferno.
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Cum Bots – Weighted and Wailing – Tiffany Brookes

Cum Bots - Weighted and Wailing - Tiffany BrookesCum Bots - Weighted and Wailing - Tiffany Brookes
After Tiffany gives us a nice little striptease, we hand her a red vibrator and she absolutely goes to town on her pussy. She gives it everything she’s got and it culminates in an intense orgasm that surely must have her feeling slightly drained. Now that she’s pacified, we strap her down ass-end up and watch as The Invader slams her cunt. We clamp and weigh down her perky tits, and for added measure we press a vibe against her clit. Tiffany grunts wildly as we fuck her into oblivion while she prays for release.
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Cum Bots – Blindfolded and Begging – Ariel X

Cum Bots - Blindfolded and Begging - Ariel XCum Bots - Blindfolded and Begging - Ariel X
Blindfolded and secured soundly to the steel table, Ariel is all ours. We’ve got her legs spread and her heavy tits bound tightly, it is quite the vision. We instantly get her going when we press the pole mounted vibe against her clit. Then, we crank the speed up on the Cumbot and take everything to a whole new level. The sounds fill the room like a submissive symphony. And as Ariel exclaims, it’s evident we’re taking her to the edge. She begs for release as we tease her mercilessly..
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Cum Bots – The Gift – Tiffany Brookes

Cum Bots - The Gift - Tiffany BrookesCum Bots - The Gift - Tiffany Brookes
We’ve decided to give ourselves a bit of a gift this year in the form of one Ms. Brookes…We get her all wrapped up nice and pretty, and then set about placing her inside the cage. We hand Tiffany a vibe and she sets about giving us a fireworks display worthy of ushering in a new year. Next, we plant her on The Marauder, and fill her with one of the girthiest attachments we can find. Tiffany’s reaction is one that fills the heart with joy and shall be remembered for years to come.
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Cum Bots – Far from Ordinary – Lizzy London

Cum Bots - Far from Ordinary - Lizzy LondonCum Bots - Far from Ordinary - Lizzy London

Lizzy’s pretty damn amazing. She’s got a fantastic body, beautiful legs and ass…and one amazing rack. She’s got kind of that everday girl air about her, but when it comes down to it, she’s far from ordinary…We’ve taken those ample breasts and clamped them tightly. Lizzy enjoys the struggle, she’s already made that clear to us. Bound tightly to the table, she braces for the machine…The fucking unfolds and we push Lizzy to an orgasmic meltdown. She arches her back high as she fucks back hard. An intense display of orgasmic proportions.
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CumBots – Sweet Melissa – Melissa Jacobs

CumBots - Sweet Melissa - Melissa JacobsCumBots - Sweet Melissa - Melissa Jacobs

Melissa’s stocked and gagged and whining for freedom, but we have other plans…We’ve perched her atop the Sybian and there’s only one way out. The blast of the Sybian is a forceful one and Melissa takes the brunt. Her moans increase in volume, no gag can deny her…She shudders and screams, her hands writhe…This dame is getting fucked Cumbots style!
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Cum Bots – Desperately Seeking Summer – Summer Brielle

Cum Bots - Desperately Seeking Summer - Summer BrielleCum Bots - Desperately Seeking Summer - Summer Brielle

Even Southern California has it’s cold spells…relatively speaking of course, and it’s about that time of year…Time to warm the bones besides the fire, time to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season…And while we do glean some appreciation from the season, we’re still desperately desiring one white hot blast of Summer…We bind those beautiful tits, they definitely induce unclean thoughts don’t they? We spread those milky thighs and set The Invader off like St Nick on a late Holiday run. Summer moans, the tape covering her lips barely muffling her exaltations. She lifts her pelvis high, she thrashes in her ties…But we’re hanging onto Summer for as long as we possibly can.
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Cum Bots – To the Limits – Melissa Jacobs

Cum Bots - To the Limits - Melissa JacobsCum Bots - To the Limits - Melissa Jacobs

Watching Melissa pleasure herself is like gazing upon a work of art…The whole process of it is what makes it all so enjoyable. She slowly fingers herself and slips a dildo in deep while she works her clit…And by this time, she has us all wanting more. She cums loud and hard…We then spread her on the bed, we’re not quite finished with her. The Machine starts working her pussy and we start working her clit with a pole mounted wand. She grabs her wrist ropes tightly as we work her pussy and we push her to orgasmic oblivion.
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Cum Bots – Rear View – Aria Aspen

Cum Bots - Rear View - Aria AspenCum Bots - Rear View - Aria Aspen

Aria appears to be a little timid and shy once we get her stripped and naked…Can’t really blame her too much though. We’re a crew of sickos and any woman might be a bit intimidated…Nevertheless, we bind her doggy style and flip the switch…Sometimes, the ones that are the most reserved make the best subjects. And in this respect, Aria doesn’t disappoint. She fucks back with a passion and gives us a sweet rear view of the action.
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