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Full Access Spanking- Legs in the Air for Intimate

Positioned on her back, Casey hold her legs up for full access spanking. Is big and swats down spanking both of her pretty horse, her cheeks and the backs of her thighs as she moans. She loves his touch, and the delicious sensation of having her naughty pink parts punished. …

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Caroline Adams – A Date with Discipline

Caroline Adams (Shy Sky) is that girl who always came off to everyone so perfect and nice, and in many ways she was that girl. She was the Prom Queen, she had excellent grades, and most people liked her. However, as seen in her previous adventures (“The Spanking Confession of …

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AssumethePositionStudios – Good Girls get to Cum OTK

His hands unsnap the crotch of her favorite onesie pajamas. Inspecting the warmth as she spreads wide, pressing into his thigh as she is spanked between her legs. He knows just the right rhythm and intensity, bouncing her cheeks under his big hand as she grinds forward. Rocking forward with …

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