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Strict Restraint – The Sultry LezDomme Pt II – Melissa Jacobs & Sinn Sage

Strict Restraint - The Sultry LezDomme Pt II - Melissa Jacobs & Sinn SageStrict Restraint - The Sultry LezDomme Pt II - Melissa Jacobs & Sinn Sage

Melissa remains quite defiant even after being worked over quite well by Sinn…she struggles around to break free with no give from the ropes…Sinn enters and removes the gag from Melissa’s mouth…she shoves in four fingers as she explains what Melissa is going to do…Sinn expects oral pleasure and Melissa abides…after Sinn uses Melissa’s face to cum and turns around to bury Melissa’s lovely face deep into her perfect ass, she uses a vibrator on Melissa’s tender clit until she is cumming and kicking…in the final scene Melissa is bent over and gagged…Sinn enters with a strap on…she fucks wildly…and she continues to fuck…Melissa screams as she cums through the hard pounding and Sinn is smiling and doing her best to hold on…you just can’t go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women…enjoy!
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CumBots – Sweet Melissa – Melissa Jacobs

CumBots - Sweet Melissa - Melissa JacobsCumBots - Sweet Melissa - Melissa Jacobs

Melissa’s stocked and gagged and whining for freedom, but we have other plans…We’ve perched her atop the Sybian and there’s only one way out. The blast of the Sybian is a forceful one and Melissa takes the brunt. Her moans increase in volume, no gag can deny her…She shudders and screams, her hands writhe…This dame is getting fucked Cumbots style!
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Cum Bots – To the Limits – Melissa Jacobs

Cum Bots - To the Limits - Melissa JacobsCum Bots - To the Limits - Melissa Jacobs

Watching Melissa pleasure herself is like gazing upon a work of art…The whole process of it is what makes it all so enjoyable. She slowly fingers herself and slips a dildo in deep while she works her clit…And by this time, she has us all wanting more. She cums loud and hard…We then spread her on the bed, we’re not quite finished with her. The Machine starts working her pussy and we start working her clit with a pole mounted wand. She grabs her wrist ropes tightly as we work her pussy and we push her to orgasmic oblivion.
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