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Punished Brats – Bianca Spanks Part 2 of 2

Punished Brats - Bianca Spanks Part 2 of 2Punished Brats - Bianca Spanks Part 2 of 2

The Gift Of Memory Joelle was shocked and angered when her lover, Bianca, announced that it was time for her to leave. Joelle tried to dismiss Bianca, but she found that her lovely ex had a need to show her appreciation for her former mentor and lover. She did this by taking the entitled artist over her lap so that her memory would be forever etched in her mind. After Bianca finished administering her parting gift to her ex-lover, she touched her face lovingly and went on her way. Upon her departure, Joelle realized that she had been given many gifts, an ending to her book and the warm pain from her bottom that will forever remind her of Bianca.

A Spanking before School Nadia had an argument with her roommate Bianca over the timely paying of her rent. Bianca noted that she could tell she hadn’t been spanked as a and hence this self-centered attitude. As Nadia settled in bed to sleep, the word spanking reverberated through her mind as she drifted off to sleep. Suddenly she is dressing in a schoolgirl uniform when in walks Bianca and drags her down the hall. When she asked Bianca what was up, she was told to not refer to her mother by her first name and that she was about to get the spanking she was promised last night after cursing at her mother. Confused, Nadia was taken over her mother’s lap, skirt lifted; panties lowered and then her bare bottom was spanked by hand and hairbrush. Nadia was stunned as her roommate now playing her mother in her dream spanked her bare bottom until she promised to be good. After her spanking, Bianca placed the naughty girl in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display.
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Hardtied – Oct 25, 2017: Nasty Ladies | Nyssa Nevers | Nadia White

Hardtied - Oct 25, 2017: Nasty Ladies | Nyssa Nevers | Nadia White

Two Nasty Ladies Nyssa and Nadia get tormented together.

Nyssa Nevers and Nadia White are such nasty little ladies. Each with giant tits and wet aching cunts. They are just Matt’s type. Nadia’s tits are so huge they make the perfect target for the single tail. She moans as Matt makes stripes across her body. Then he attaches a crotch rope from Nadia’s pussy to Nyssa’s feet. Every little movement Nyssa makes Nadia feels between her legs.

It’s time for Nadia’s torment. Matt doesn’t take it easy on her at all. With her tits tied so tightly they almost pop Matt puts nipple clamps on and canes her and vibrates her.

Both girls are tied to sybians and Matt is going to make them cum… too much. The breath play is going to help. Struggling to breathe while being made to cum produces the best orgasms. Nyssa and Nadia can’t help screaming while cumming like crazy.
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Punished Brats – Nadia’s Dreams of Spanking – Full Series Part 2 of 2

Punished Brats - Nadia's Dreams of Spanking - Full Series Part 2 of 2

Nadia was summoned to her supervisor’s home and naturally thought this was a booty call. She was stunned when Bianca wanted to have a talk concerning her boyfriend and insider trading. Bianca noted that her little financial analyst could go to jail and she would be sure to lose her high paying job. She decided to protect her employee but this turned out to be a booty call after all as Nadia found herself over the red-head’s lap and having her bottom spanked hard.

Nadia was spanked until Bianca was certain that Nadia would think twice before indulging in another insider trading adventure. Once she was permitted to stand up, Nadia tried to rub the sting from her bare bottom to little effect.
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Punished Brats – Reform School Girl Caned Part 2 of 2

Punished Brats - Reform School Girl Caned Part 2 of 2

Nadia’s worst nightmare was about to come true as she was summoned to the punishment room for her count ordered caning. She was required to remove her panties, lift her skirt, and bend over the chair for her punishment. As she complied, the only thing she could feel was her heart nearly beating out of her chest. That was until the first stoke of the cane landed upon her bare bottom.

Once the twelve painful strokes were delivered to the no remorseful girl she was made to stand and show her marks to the camera as her punishment was recorded for all to see. She was bent over the chair once again. She was informed that all of the girls would need to witness what had happened by passing by her on orderly procession. After that was done those she had stolen from would also view her well punished bottom. All Nadia could do was cry.
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Punished Brats – Nadia’s Dreams of Spanking – Full Series Part 1 of 2

Punished Brats - Nadia's Dreams of Spanking - Full Series Part 1 of 2

In This dream, Nadia was summoned to Miss Bianca’s office after having been caught shoplifting at the local mall. Nadia couldn’t help but feel a sense of that she had experienced this before. (“Young Teacher” with Ariel Adore) Soon, she found herself over Miss Bianca’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.
Nadia was thoroughly spanked by Miss Bianca who looked much like her roommate in another life. After a sound bare bottom spanking, the brat was placed in front of the picture widow for all of the students to see.
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