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SpankedInUniform – St. Catherines Episode 84

Prefect Jolene decided to wear a red Bandena to school and the Headmaster soon called her to his office. She had to remove the Bandena immediately and she was given a long, hard, hand spanking over the Heamaster’s knee because she was a prefect and she should know better.

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Spanked In Uniform – The Whippingsham Episode 27

In part three both Miss Kelly and Mr. Johnson fetched their heavy paddles and both Scarlett and Jolene were soundly paddled on their allready sore and red bare bottoms. Afterwards both naughty students were sent back to class with their bottoms throbbing and stinging under their tight short skirts.

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 42

After Jolene was sent home with a very sore bottom, the headmaster told Miss Bright that she should have checked Jolene’s bag for mobile phones or other items not allowed in detention. She must also never leave the girls alone in detention. For her carelesness Miss Bright received a sound …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 29

In part two after Loni spanked prefect Jolene, the Headmaster put both girls over his knee and gave them both another sound spanking. Then, while Loni had her nose in the corner, red bare bottom on display, the Headmaster gave the new prefect Jolene a sound taste of the strap …

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