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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 22

Last Friday Nurse Amelia had given the male geriatrics ward a free puppet show but she took 5 hours. Nurse Pandora was not amused so she took her into her office where it was agreed that Amelia would prefer a caning from Pandora instead of being taken to Doctor Johnson. …

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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 11

The last spanking and leather paddling didn’t have much effect on Pandora because the next day Mr. Johnson caught her wanting to post a letter to her lawyer in which she accused him of sexual harrasment, human rights violations etc. Mr. Johnson was furious so He pulled her across His …

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Spanked In Uniform – Europe Airlines Episode 8

Due to the ash cloud over Europe from the Islandic volcano, all flights were grounded. Mr. Johnson gave stewardess Pandora the order to assist the stranded passengers but when one passenger got annoyed, instead of calming him down and giving him food and drink vouchers, Pandora decided to go home. …

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