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SpankedInUniform – St. Catherines Episode 87

Naughty schoolgirl Sammie was sent to one of the school’s punishment rooms for a spanking and to write punishment lines sitting on a dreaded punishment stool. When the Headmaster went to check on her, He was dissapointed with her progress so another sound bare bottom spanking and 6 of the …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 38

When Mrs. Bouquet wanted to check out, she noticed her shoes were missing. She went to Dr. Johnson’s office and it was obvious who took her shoes. Nurses Sammie and Kathy as a revenge for the spankings they received. They were soon found, dragged back to Mrs. Bouquet and after …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 20

Dr. Johnson told nurses Stacey and Sammie to give a young patient Patricia in room 63 an injection twice a day and when Patricia didn’t want the injection, the two nurses decided to take matters into their own hands and spank Patricia. Later Dr. Johnson saw Patricia’s red bottom and …

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