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SpankedInUniform – Europe Airlines Episode 1

Leandra and Stacey are best friends and they share the same flights frequently. They are also both seeing the same pilot and that leads to a loud disagreement on one of the flights. One of the passengers complained so both girls were told to go and see Mr. Johnson. He …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 20

Dr. Johnson told nurses Stacey and Sammie to give a young patient Patricia in room 63 an injection twice a day and when Patricia didn’t want the injection, the two nurses decided to take matters into their own hands and spank Patricia. Later Dr. Johnson saw Patricia’s red bottom and …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 33

When Headmaster Johnson did his daily rounds through the school, he found Monique and Stacey standing outside their classroom in the corridor. When he asked their teacher, she told him that they were caught passing notes and giggling and that is why they were kicked out of class. This is …

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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 12

Stacey and Leandra are lovers. Their boss sent them to the Birchrod Inn because they could not keep their hands of each other during workhours. After the warning lecture and they had changed into their maid’s uniforms, they were ordered to dust but very soon they were involved in some …

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