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Dior -The Mobster’s Wife

So, I met this Russian guy in the airport between flights. We struck up a conversation out of boredom just small talk to start. He told me how he was an import/export/real estate guy. I thought to myself (Russian mob) Which was fine, he was a pleasant enough guy. He …

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Courtney Chambers – Spanked Teacher

The coolest thing about this video is that Courtney Chambers was a fifth grade teacher. She of course did this for extra money, but she did obey me as far as an extra thing I told her to do. I made her show up at 6:30 a.m. to shoot, so …

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Bunny in the Bucket (Part 1-6)

I decided to learn about our naughty spanked one on camera. You are learning what I know about Bunny at the same time in this film. That’s right! You are experiencing the same knowledge at the same time regarding our cute and very spankable roller-derby gal! I decided to test …

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Tiki’s Four Obscure

These are four obscure spankings that each have a back story. 1) This one was a spanking I gave Tiki for smoking while fighting bronchitis. I warned her not to smoke and this and the 118 licks with the belt earlier were both for this disobedience. Drove up to the …

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