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DungeonCorp – School Time For Sandy – Sandy Skarsgard

This week we find Ms. Sandy Skarsgard in Holly’s grips. She starts off in a full suspension from the rafters as her flesh is walloped and worked over with a ruler, before trading off for some penetration…School is in session…Next, Sandy hovers over the ground belly down while she takes …

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TrulyHogtied – A Second Chance at Freedom – Sandy Skarsgard

Sandy’s got some spirit, but lets see how she fares in the Hogtie Challenge. Damon quickly binds her tightly.. just beating the clock. Sandy’s 2 minutes begin and I’m sure that those 2 minutes must have seemed like an eternity…she has absolutely no hope at freedom. In the consolation round, …

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Perfect Slave – Roped in Rubber – Sandy Skarsgard

Sandy Skarsgard (aka Rubber Necro) makes her way to Perfect Slave this week. First she gives us a little taste as she rubs herself down before she rubs one out…Then, we put her in nice bind…she’s going nowhere, this is evident and we watch her flail helplessly. For the encore, …

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