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SocietySM Redux – The Harvest – Karina Ballerina

SocietySM Redux - The Harvest - Karina Ballerina SocietySM Redux - The Harvest - Karina Ballerina SocietySM Redux - The Harvest - Karina Ballerina

Karina’s struggle is for naught now that she is in his hands. She needs to be silenced and he obliges with the tape. He paws her lovely body, but this is not all he has planned. He spreads her wide, with a plug shoved in her tight pussy. An open target ripe for the taking.
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Arousing Marie – SocietySM Redux – Marie Zee

Arousing Marie - SocietySM Redux - Marie Zee Arousing Marie - SocietySM Redux - Marie Zee

Marie’s got a beautiful body…nice, tight and tan. On top of that, she seems real eager to please. Ogre starts her off by binding her wrists and ankles before rolling her onto the bed. She squirms restlessly as he puts her blindfold on, and then he rolls her over and peppers her ass with barehanded slaps before groping her amazing body. She’s then spread wide, her pussy ripe for the flogger. Then, teased to arousal as she writhes on the bed…This is a video only update.
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SocietySM – Cherie: In Ogre’s Grip – Cherie Deville

SocietySM - Cherie: In Ogre's Grip - Cherie Deville SocietySM - Cherie: In Ogre's Grip - Cherie Deville SocietySM - Cherie: In Ogre's Grip - Cherie Deville

On this day, Ogres seizes the bounty that stands before him, beginning by directing Cherie to cuff herself on the bed. Once he is satisfied, the ritual of pain begins…Meanwhile, Cherie finds herself in the grips of her Master. What takes place next is a whirlwind of intensity as Cherie is on the receiving end of the whip. Further put through her paces, she is then restrained tightly to the cross and it’s time for more poking and prodding and even more heavy flogging is in order before she pressed into a blinding orgasm. Then, she finds herself up on the ladder where her ever loving Master kindly fits her with an anal hook. Obediently, yet painfully, Cherie abides…Her just reward is the clamps on her nipples to even her out. In reality, Cherie’s a bad girl however and as the whip lands, Cherie’s screams fill the air. She pleads to be let down, to be released from this pain.Next, she is spread wide on the cube, her pussy plied with the pole mounted dong. She cums hard for her Master in a blinding fashion. And when given the choice of more vibrator or a good flogging, Cherie inevitably chooses the vibe. She’ll get the whip.
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SocietySM – Blonde with a Side of Dark – Chanel Grey

SocietySM - Blonde with a Side of Dark - Chanel GreySocietySM - Blonde with a Side of Dark - Chanel Grey
Chanel comes from the sunny side of the country…She has a bright smile, a nice tan and blonde hair that glows…With all that natural beauty, she has a dark side too…a side that likes to be taken advantage of…a side that likes to be bound and dominated…the inner slut must be identified and punished appropriately…It’s not easy to find this out in the sex shallow, vanilla world…So I guess you could say, she finally find the right place…Her toned body was a pleasure to manhandle and that sweet face showed every sincere emotion.
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SocietySM – Extreme Action – Jennifer Best

SocietySM - Extreme Action - Jennifer BestSocietySM - Extreme Action - Jennifer Best
This week we have a no holds barred, sensory assault as Ms. Jennifer Best is manhandled by Ivan. Right out of the gate, no time is wasted as Ivan clamps Jennifer’s taut nipples and gets to reddening her flesh. And once her backside is a satisfactory shade of beet red, Jennifer is strung up by her feet from the rafters for a little more punishment. Dual floggers flail before the clamps are applied to her pussy and Jennifer coos in pain as she swings to and fro. She involuntarily lifts as electricity is applied, and at this point, I have come to realize that Ivan is a man of few words, yet a man of extreme action…When Jennifer next finds herself precariously perched up on her tippy-toes, her Master does his best to show her even more of a shocking time as she teeters on the edge. And her akward balancing act becomes even more of an twisted art-form when the vibe is press tight against her cunt…Next, more clamps are applied on Jennifer’s ample bosom. By know she must surely be numb by experience overload.correct? Somehow, however, Ivan is about to squeeze every remaining drop of anguish out of this slave. And she will have no other choice than to produce for him.
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CumBots – No Room To Maneuver – Alisha Adams

CumBots - No Room To Maneuver - Alisha AdamsCumBots - No Room To Maneuver - Alisha Adams
You may have caught Alisha taking a physical lambasting at the hands of Ogre a few weeks ago on SocietySM. We knew then that she’d be back, she’s just got something about her. We decided to bring her in for some Cumbots action and it was definitely worth the effort. After she’s warmed up and wet, we gag this fine, young thing and restrain her belly down. With no room to maneuver, it’s obvious to Alisha that we own her ass. She’s got a really nice pussy…nice and fresh. So what better way to put her through her machine-fucking paces than having The Intruder take a crack at her cunt? Slowly, the momentum builds and Alisha bites down hard as we stuff her tight pussy to the brim.
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SocietySM – In Her Place – Morgan March

SocietySM - In Her Place - Morgan MarchSocietySM - In Her Place - Morgan March
A perennial favorite, Morgan March makes her return to DungeonCorp this week. And to change things up we’ve placed her in the hands of a new Dom, Ivan. Now, Ivan’s a big fella and he doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush as he starts putting Ms. March through her paces. Tied, down on the couch, her ass reddens with the open handed slaps that are dished out to her before her clothing is rudely removed…Once laid bare, Morgan is groped meticulously and then spread-eagle. Exposed and bare, now Morgan gets a true taste of what Ivan has in mind for her. Her body is probed, she feels the sting of the clamps on her taut nipples and she experiences mind bending orgasms as he toys with her. It’s a great homecoming for Morgan as Ivan pulls out all the stops. He explores her body well…dishing out the lashes and pushing her to her limits right up to the final writhing orgasm.
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The Woodsman Returns – SocietySM Redux – Betty Gold

The Woodsman Returns - SocietySM Redux - Betty GoldThe Woodsman Returns - SocietySM Redux - Betty Gold
The Woodsman has uncovered his latest bounty and this time it’s not only one helpless Damsel, but two. Out in the remote fields, the outdoorsy sicko has landed himself this pair of lovely alternative lady lovers. After he restrains them tightly and leaves them, they struggle for with all their might. Energy waning, they fear that freedom may not come before he returns…This is a video only update.
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SocietySM – Red, White & Bailey Blue – Bailey Blue

SocietySM - Red, White & Bailey Blue - Bailey BlueSocietySM - Red, White & Bailey Blue - Bailey Blue
Today is certainly not known as Independence Day here at DungeonCorp, as Bailey will be utterly dependent upon Ogre to dictate the course of her emotions, and sensations, from beginning to end. And so the adventure begins…Once Bailey is bound to satisfaction, she is intensely run through her paces. Blindfolded at the onset, she has no way of knowing what is coming, and Ogre steamrolls her like a freight train. Hard ties, heavy whipping and extreme orgasms are all on the menu as Ogre prepares Bailey for her just desserts…We hope those of you on this side of the Ocean have a nice Holiday, although any fireworks you may see this week will pale in comparison to this display..
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Society SM – Desires to Suffer – Natalie Brooks

Society SM - Desires to Suffer - Natalie BrooksSociety SM - Desires to Suffer - Natalie Brooks
Sweet little Natalie brooks and her heavenly body with velvety skin…I saw her grin and her eyes got all bright and full of life, and I knew I would enjoy tormenting her…She expresses the emotions of the bottom role as well as any model we have worked with…Natalie enjoys being a dominated and punished slut, and it’s always that much more fun when you can feel their desires to suffer for pleasure…So it was a lovely day…Trust me, this woman will win you over.
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SocietySM – Brutal Business – Ashley Graham

SocietySM - Brutal Business - Ashley GrahamSocietySM - Brutal Business - Ashley Graham
Ashley’s a fine young thing with a sweet rack and she just looks like she’s built to please. We’ll see how well she pleases Holly, once she’s down on the Dungeon floor taking a cropping across her back with a vibe smashed up against her cunt. Again, Holly is sheer brutal business, she grabs tight on Ashley’s ample bosom and yanks her back by the hair…The ensuing orgasm is deep, primal and strong…With the stage set, Ashley then finds her hefty tits bound and purple. Up on her tippy toes, she’s forced to wait for her fate. She perches precariously as Holly viciously pounds those titties with the crop and presses her into another vicious orgasm. With such a fine pair of tits as these, it’s only fitting that they as well should be put through their paces and they are once they are weighted heavily. The intensity holds right through the final scene which calls for Ashley roped and suspended taking the brunt of Holly’s vicious orgasmic wishes one last time.
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