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StrictRestraint Coerced Submission Pt II – Crystal Frost

StrictRestraint Coerced Submission Pt II - Crystal FrostStrictRestraint Coerced Submission Pt II - Crystal Frost
By now, Crystal’s a bit raw as she finds herself strapped and spread, her cuffed ankles assuring that she will stay put for Holly. Things grow dark when she’s blindfolded and Holly passes the wand across her flesh. Without the aid of sight, the whirring of the electrical device adds to Crystal’s tension. After a caning and flogging, Crystal is inverted atop the bars. Gagged tightly to squelch her bellowing, her nipples are clamped before Holly determines that it’s time for Ms. Frost to cum again. Burying the vibe between Crystal’s legs, Holly brings her slave to a final quivering orgasm.
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StrictRestraint – Coerced Submission – Crystal Frost

StrictRestraint - Coerced Submission - Crystal FrostStrictRestraint - Coerced Submission - Crystal Frost
Crystal’s time with Holly is destined to be an intense one. Restrained to the bars on her knees, she can only watch and wonder about what is to to come. Her wait is short lived, although probably an eternity in her nervous mind. Holly gets down to it by clamping Crystal’s nipples and setting about her body with the leather strap. Pain then greets pleasure when she smashes the wand on her cunt. Crystal has a hard time holding her orgasm in check and Holly plays it to the fullest. The more Ms. Frost begs, the more Holly derives her own pleasure and she only grants release when the time is ripe…Lest we forget that Holly is a magnificent beauty and watching her body and beautiful tits sway as she crops Crystal’s feet is an added bonus. After she literally crops and slaps her subject to a beet red, Holly lubes up Crystal’s pussy and drives a dong deep. At the mercy of her Mistresses whims, Crystal who is now shackled ass up can only submit.
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StrictRestraint – Day of Infamy – Joslyn James

StrictRestraint - Day of Infamy - Joslyn JamesStrictRestraint - Day of Infamy - Joslyn James
Friday the 13th…a day of infamy. What better way to celebrate than with Joslyn James? She herself no stranger to certain infamy so to speak…With her mouth taped, she’s greeted by Holly who goes straight for her pussy before releasing those massive tits from their confinements. This Joslyn…she’s one fine specimen…Once Holly has her collared, she plays with those massive orbs a bit more before brandishing the whip and utilizing the leather to it’s fullest across Joslyn’s ripe backside. Chained to the pole however, Joslyn’s not going anywhere, try as she might. And then, Joslyn moans as Holly presses the wand against her clit, she grinds down, her belly tenses, and she rattles off a memorable orgasm…Now, face down on the floor, Joslyn endures as Holly clothes-pins her pussy. Next, a plug in her tight ass and Holly crops her thoroughly. She grabs hard on her ties when Holly fingers her cunt…A little more ass play, and Joslyn takes the plug nice and deep as the wand is pressed on her clit once more giving us another orgasm that will go down in history.
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Strict Restraint – Power Slave – Maia Davis

Strict Restraint - Power Slave - Maia DavisStrict Restraint - Power Slave - Maia Davis
Maia’s predicament begins as she’s spread in the chair. Damon wastes absolutely no time as he grabs the wand and presses it into place. And merely minutes into the days events, we witness Maia succumb to an incredible orgasm. It doesn’t stop there however, as he continues to tease her overtly sensitive clit to the breaking point. With orgasmic overload freshly on her mind, Maia then finds herself in the foot stocks. With her lovely bare feet exposed, Damon methodically and thoroughly pins them. After yet another brutal orgasm, she has her feet viciously caned in return for the pleasure she has so generously benn given. All in all, a powerful display of sensory overload that’s not to be missed.
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Strict Restraint – Strictly Sophia Pt II – Sophia Jade

Strict Restraint - Strictly Sophia Pt II - Sophia JadeStrict Restraint - Strictly Sophia Pt II - Sophia Jade
Bane turns to the cane now as Sophia is restrained and stretch from the rafter rack, splayed out before us. The spiked wheel runs across her torso and Sophia’s now infamous, ear shattering screams begin to ramp up in volume…Bane then steadies her into place while he works the whip…Again he reaches for the cups once again while Sophia wails as he affixes them to her flesh…A little more electricity is in order now as the TENS pads are applied to Sophia’s buttocks. As the juice flows through her body, her discomfort is evident. She squirms tightly in her restraints…to no avail. Her Master’s cane is brandished once again, this time with Bane making sure to strike her bare soles. With her suffering comes some pleasure and release…The full brunt of the magic wand is pressed against her clit and Sophia shouts out in an orgasmic finale.
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Strict Restraint – No Pleasure Without Pain – Bonnie Rotten

Strict Restraint - No Pleasure Without Pain - Bonnie RottenStrict Restraint - No Pleasure Without Pain - Bonnie Rotten
Bonnie’s had some bondage experience, she’s dabbled in the past so to speak, and we were happy to have her here at DungeonCorp. She’s a modern woman, with lots of ink, a long leggy body and she’s always up for an adventure…just the way we like them…We start her off blindfolded and spread in the wooden chair, she has no clue in regards to watch is about to come, and Damon gets right down to business as he clothes-pins her tits, pussy, thighs and feet. Bonnie squirms uncomfortably and Damon smashes the wand up against her clit, caught in a struggle of pleasure and pain…Next, she’s collared to the poles as Damon takes the whip to her bare torso. Sadistically, he works her over with the canes while he brings her off to massive orgasm before leaving her spent in the Dungeon..
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Strict Restraint – High Tension – Tristyn Kennedy

Strict Restraint - High Tension - Tristyn KennedyStrict Restraint - High Tension - Tristyn Kennedy
In the dark, dank Dungeon, Tristyn is hooded and caged, cloaked in darkness. She nervously comes to attention as she first senses light, then as someone approaches. She’s then moved to the floor and a heavy wrapping ensues, followed by a duct taping of her arms and legs. These binds are tight and she struggles mightily in them…She’s ripe for picking now and her body is rudely groped…Senses overwhelmed and energy sapped, Tristyn is then strapped and riveted to the wall. Her heavy tits are caned, she screams out only to be blindfolded adding to the tension. The machine between her legs provides some comfort as it slowly churns in and out of her pussy. Caught in limbo as the caning continues she grinds hard and has a massive orgasm.
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Strict Restraint – The Sultry LezDomme Pt II – Melissa Jacobs & Sinn Sage

Strict Restraint - The Sultry LezDomme Pt II - Melissa Jacobs & Sinn SageStrict Restraint - The Sultry LezDomme Pt II - Melissa Jacobs & Sinn Sage

Melissa remains quite defiant even after being worked over quite well by Sinn…she struggles around to break free with no give from the ropes…Sinn enters and removes the gag from Melissa’s mouth…she shoves in four fingers as she explains what Melissa is going to do…Sinn expects oral pleasure and Melissa abides…after Sinn uses Melissa’s face to cum and turns around to bury Melissa’s lovely face deep into her perfect ass, she uses a vibrator on Melissa’s tender clit until she is cumming and kicking…in the final scene Melissa is bent over and gagged…Sinn enters with a strap on…she fucks wildly…and she continues to fuck…Melissa screams as she cums through the hard pounding and Sinn is smiling and doing her best to hold on…you just can’t go wrong with two beautiful and kinky women…enjoy!
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Strict Restraint – Dueling Dommes Pt II – Ash Hollywood & Sophia Jade

Strict Restraint - Dueling Dommes Pt II - Ash Hollywood & Sophia JadeStrict Restraint - Dueling Dommes Pt II - Ash Hollywood & Sophia Jade

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and now Ash turns the tables…Sophia is restrained tightly to the steel table and Ash takes her time pawing and tugging at her naked body. She works the riding crop over her subject before applying a zipper. Sophia squeals when it is yanked off… Time for the G5 next, and Ash presses it down with purpose as Sophia can do nothing but take what she is given…Now the ultimate in payback begins when Ash straps on the dong and buries it Sophia’s face and pussy…After a good whip and paddle session, Sophia finds hersef on the business end of the rubber dick.
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Strict Restraint – Give and Take Pt II – Nikki Phoenix

Strict Restraint - Give and Take Pt II - Nikki PhoenixStrict Restraint - Give and Take Pt II - Nikki Phoenix

Nikki’s breasts are tied tight with cord and her body bent backwards…she is stretched between two points on the floor…the session begins with some slapping…I do feel bad for those models who set Soma off…In Nikki’s case, it’s just a cute nose trick…she would have been better off not knowing any nose tricks…not that I dont enjoy watching the variety of punishments and verbal humiliations Soma serves up…maybe I dont feel that bad for them…in the end, Soma would find a good reason to do what she does…Nikki endures tough stretching, pussy clamps and sole caning…in the last scene, Nikki is bent and fucked by a machine while being held by stocks and ropes…she is absolutely helpless as Soma flogs hes ass and back…then she climbs on top and has Nikki cumming at will…It’s defnitely good to have Goddess Soma back at Dungeon Corp.
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Strict Restraint – Give and Take – Nikki Phoenix

Strict Restraint - Give and Take - Nikki PhoenixStrict Restraint - Give and Take - Nikki Phoenix

Nikki’s got a classic type of style about her, she’s pretty much brand new to bondage and she explains to us that she’s getting wet at the mere thought of we’re about to lead her into…She soon is restrained to the bars, her hefty tits clamped between cold steel…Soma greets her and begins the ritual…Poking and prodding at her nether regions, taking breaks to work Nikki’s body with her whips…Soma then teases her pussy with a vibe and wand and Nikki must prove her will by fighting back an orgasm that is screaming for release…If Nikki wants to cum however, she must be willing to give something back in return.
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