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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – G

“Harder!” demands Katya Nostrovia as she’s soundly spanked at her request. “Do you need to be corrected?” Sugar Daddy John Friday asks lingerie-clad Katya Nostrovia. “I’ve been very, very naughty,” she tells him as she lies across his knee to have her bouncing bottom spanked. “Harder, harder,” she yells as …

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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – J

Tearful 15-stroke caning for stunning Katya Nostrovia after damaging antiques. Crawling on her knees with a rattan cane between her teeth, Katya Nostrovia fesses up to damaging John Friday’s valuable crystal glass collection training for kick-boxing. Those generous creamy buttocks are about to be striped with the cane 15 times …

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