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Sensual Pain – Apr 11, 2018: Pillory Interrogation | Tess Dagger | Master James

Sensual Pain - Apr 11, 2018: Pillory Interrogation | Tess Dagger | Master James
The Heretic Accused is in for further questioning as by order of the counsel, this time on the Trono device, due to new development in an additional two witnesses from a separate questioning headed by the neighboring town. Some of the devices and tools used in this interrogation; Trono Device, Back Breaker, Heretics Fork, Pitch Fork, Ice Spike, Flogger of the half Dozen Roses, The Holy Bible for spanking and driving the divine word.
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Sensual Pain – Apr 1, 2018: Heretic Accused | Tess Dagger

Sensual Pain - Apr 1, 2018: Heretic Accused | Tess Dagger
Tribunal Inquiries Aboard Ship… God’s time is not our time, as The Truth is sought, even at sea, without shore under foot…The accused will be sentenced to further questioning to obtain the “truth”. At the timbers of peril, she will be kept aloft in a chain enclosure with iron bra and heretic spike in place. On this God’s morn, the Master inquisitor will spear head further questioning on deck abaft. Mercy given by counsel, death will not come this day said interrogation by binding, stretching, birching, whipping and burning. Will one keep its breath? Pulled from the bosom by the roped wench, her rib cage empties of its fearful breath. Skilled use of sea water, though many suffocate before they give. Tested for tell tale signs of heresy by way of the vibrating spike and its ability to induce pleasure. Witchcraft will be put to the true test by way of the witches scale. Finally, blood will not spill but on shore for God’s blessing. It belongs to the gallows and through tiresome beds of sharp points by the hundreds she is beckoned to confess to heresy, apostasy and witchcraft. The Catholic Church and the ruling power have common interests. They that fight the church, fight the King. Heresy is perceived as a global crime against God, the prince and society. The grand interrogator assures confession this day or the succession that follow here in.
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Hardtied – Nov 15, 2017: StressTess’d | Tess Dagger

Hardtied - Nov 15, 2017: StressTess'd | Tess Dagger

Tess is tape gagged and stressed to the max.
Tess is a tough cookie, but even the toughest cookie can crumble under the right pressure. With her mouth stuffed and tape applied the pressure starts to build. Tess is perched on a small wooden pony with her shins and her tender cunt flesh taking all the weight.

The cane adds to her predicament a level of pain that eats away at her resolve. Followed by some punches and face slaps that leave her reeling.

The predicaments only get harder from there. First an extreme back arch that makes it hard for her to breathe. Then an upside down suspension by her knees. A rock hangs from her hair to make it even more stressful. All the while her mouth is taped shut.

Finally Tess is locked in a painful crunch and binder clips are added to her outer and inner labia.
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Infernal Restraints – Nov 3, 2017: Rusty Dagger | Tess Dagger | London River

Infernal Restraints - Nov 3, 2017: Rusty Dagger | Tess Dagger | London River

Five Intense Scenes of Tess Dagger in the Rusty Barrel!!

Tess Dagger has been caught and put in a barrel. At first she struggles, but a weekend in isolation makes her more compliant. London pulls her head out of the barrel and locks her body inside. With her face completely at London’s mercy Tess gets a face whipping.

London isn’t done. Tess is hung up like a piece of meat with a chain through her crotch. The pinching little links are attached to her wrist restraints so that every time she moves she tugs on her most sensitive bits. Then London starts her assault. She punches and canes Tess. Then she vibrates Tess’ sensitive little clit.

The barrel returns and this time just Tess’ feet are exposed. London puts harsh clips on her toes and the tops of her feet then she whips and canes her sensitive soles.
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Sensual Pain – Jul 23, 2017: Atonement | Tess Dagger

Sensual Pain - Jul 23, 2017: Atonement | Tess Dagger

We here at Sensual Pain are all about slutty, promiscuous harlots… but we simply won’t tolerate an adulterous whore. Tess Dagger has been sent to us to be kept in confinement until the hour of her atonement in which she will suffer for her wrong doings under the hand of Master James. Traditionally, in order to be cleansed of ones iniquities, blood must be shed. In this regard, we are sadly limited in what we are able to publicly display… however, with much practice, Master James delivers quite the adequate alternative with his behavior correcting techniques. And George (the cat) made Tess’ suffering not in vain by capturing the sacrificial bird in his debut leading role as “The Executioner”.
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