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Sensual Pain – Apr 1, 2018: Heretic Accused | Tess Dagger

Tribunal Inquiries Aboard Ship… God’s time is not our time, as The Truth is sought, even at sea, without shore under foot…The accused will be sentenced to further questioning to obtain the “truth”. At the timbers of peril, she will be kept aloft in a chain enclosure with iron bra …

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Hardtied – Nov 15, 2017: StressTess’d | Tess Dagger

Tess is tape gagged and stressed to the max. Tess is a tough cookie, but even the toughest cookie can crumble under the right pressure. With her mouth stuffed and tape applied the pressure starts to build. Tess is perched on a small wooden pony with her shins and her …

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Sensual Pain – Jul 23, 2017: Atonement | Tess Dagger

We here at Sensual Pain are all about slutty, promiscuous harlots… but we simply won’t tolerate an adulterous whore. Tess Dagger has been sent to us to be kept in confinement until the hour of her atonement in which she will suffer for her wrong doings under the hand of …

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