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SpankedInUniform – St. Catherines Episode 85

Junior girl Sidney is a new pupil at St. Catherines. The Headmaster decided to appoint Scarlett as her Buddy which means that she must teach Sidney all the rules and if Sidney breaks one and she is punished, Scarlett gets exactly the same. The Buddy System. A few days later …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 61

In part two exchange student Alex Reynolds sees first hand what her bottom can expect if she misbehaves at St. Catherines. While the Headmaster stepped out, Leandra did no homework so when he returned, he gave her a sound tawsing, some cornertime, a sound birching and he finished of with …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 56

School bully Aleesha has been taken Monique’s lunch money for a while now untill she was caught by the headmaster. He dragged her upstairs to his office and severely scolded her. He put her across his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then he told Aleesha to hand him …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 31

Caroline Grey is an exchange student sent to us from America for two semesters. She is rude, ill mannered, sassy and shows no respect to the teachers. When the Headmaster called her into his office, she was her usual sassy self which earned her a severe scolding, having the back …

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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 42

After Jolene was sent home with a very sore bottom, the headmaster told Miss Bright that she should have checked Jolene’s bag for mobile phones or other items not allowed in detention. She must also never leave the girls alone in detention. For her carelesness Miss Bright received a sound …

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Spanked Coeds – Mila: Study Hall

The Headmaster tutors wayward Mila in the subtleties and refinements of proper and effective studying habits. He accomplishes this with a heavy leather strap applied judiciously to her shapely bare bottom. Well done, Sir!

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