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Queen Snake – PHP – Jeby 2017 November 25

Queen Snake - PHP - Jeby 2017 November 25

PHP as peehole play. Although some PHP programming lessons would have been an even worse torment for Jeby than inserting pens, pencils, paint brushes, metal clamps and a burning birthday candle into her peehole.
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Hardtied – Jan 31, 2018: Winter Break Part 1 | Ashley Lane

Hardtied – Jan 31, 2018: Winter Break Part 1 | Ashley Lane

This last semester at university was rough. Long nights studying and working two jobs to pay for it. All I wanted was a bit of a break. My parent’s cabin in the woods was empty and I always sleep so well when I’m here. It’s so remote no one ever bothers me. It’s so safe up here we don’t even lock the doors or windows.

It felt like a dream, the ropes began to caress my skin. As I roused I felt the tightness of the bondage. My mouth was filled with rope and struggled to move. There was no escape for me. I tried to stay quiet so that maybe he wouldn’t hurt me. That didn’t work. It seemed there was nothing I could do.

His intentions were unclear at first. Did he want to fuck me? Did he want to hurt me? Did he just want me as his play thing? As the torments kept coming it became obvious that he wanted all of that. I was to be his to do with as he pleased.
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Queen Snake – Nov 4, 2017 – Long March

Queen Snake - Nov 4, 2017 - Long March

This is a kind of old-school bdsm game boosted up with some extra pain. I had to walk above rough ropes, chains, chains smeared with hot chili pepper cream and magic candles. I had a spreader bar attached to my ankles, my hands tied behind my back and some weights pulled my pussy down. As I was walking on tip-toes and trying not to lose my balance, the ropes and the chains cut deeply into my pussy. I had some small abrasion and scratches. Then the salty and hot chili cream came. Oh my god that pain was so fucking intense that I screamed the hell out of that dungeon. When Tanita started to lick my wounded and chilied pussy made it even worse. The last challenge was the most cruel: I had to walk above magic candles. The magic candles relight themselves, using a fuse similar to those in dynamite sticks, the principle being that by igniting magnesium inserted into the wick of the candle, the paraffin vapour given off when a candle is blown out can be set alight, and through this, the candle can reignite. Needless to say that those small firecracker candles made me march as fast as I could.
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Sensual Pain – Jan 24, 2018 – Anal Big Deep With Edging Together | Abigail Dupree

Sensual Pain - Jan 24, 2018 - Anal Big Deep With Edging Together | Abigail Dupree

Master has me help a friend who loves riding the edge of orgasm while also seeing me edge and stop on his command. He is also fascinated with my larger and farther reaching toys and what I’m able to do with them anally.Though this a just part of the meeting online, it went on for quite a while with mutual pleasure. I feel like I have served him as Master has tasked me to do with great satisfaction, as a good sex slave should. I ride Chance very deep on the fuck post and even give a taste of anal fisting with insights into my personal orgasm buttons. I end our session with a teasing blowjob with deepthroat and get an amazing view of his built up orgasm. Will you edge along with us?
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SocietySM – Exposed – Sinnamon Love

SocietySM - Exposed - Sinnamon LoveSocietySM - Exposed - Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon seems to realize that she must remain in compliance in this situation. Her body is methodically bound, her mouth gagged, her legs spread before the whipping ensues. Ogre pays particular attention to the fact that she remains exposed while he works her body over at will…The whipping session is torrential as leather rains down on her body and relief comes in the form of the wand pressed viciously against her pussy…After a convulsive orgasm, Sinnamon is bound ass up, her round buttocks perfectly ripe for more frenzied whipping. Despite it all, her pussy is sopping as Ogre brandishes a large dildo and buries it deep in her cunt.
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Real Time Bondage – Jan 6, 2018: O Cum All Ye Faithful Part 1 | Maddy O’Reilly

Real Time Bondage - Jan 6, 2018: O Cum All Ye Faithful Part 1 | Maddy O'Reilly

Suffer the Maddy unto me!

Maddy O’Reilly has been a fan of Insex for a long time. She rarely gets to play, but when she does, she goes hard. For our Christmas update Maddy is dressed as Jesus. She’s sure to suffer for our pleasure.

With Maddy up by her neck attached to Summer’s neck we have her sing Christmas songs. Of course we don’t make it easy. The vibrator on her clit makes it really difficult for her to remember the words and she ends up chocking poor Summer.

Christmas is such a festive time of year so we tie Maddy up with some decorations. We wrap her with lights and put a wreath on her head. A Christmas tree is not complete without bells so we attach some to her nipples with our tightest clamps. Some special candy canes are crushed and placed under her feet.
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Deviant Hardcore – Anal Domination 2 Kat Dior

Deviant Hardcore - Anal Domination 2 Kat DiorDeviant Hardcore - Anal Domination 2 Kat Dior

Kat Dior gets her beautiful tight little asshole destroyed by Rob Piper’s big black cock… That’s gotta hurt!
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TrulyHogtied – A Worthy Adversary – Lizzy London

TrulyHogtied - A Worthy Adversary - Lizzy LondonTrulyHogtied - A Worthy Adversary - Lizzy London

Lizzy loves bondage and the game’s afoot. She’s up to the challenge so lets see how she will fare…In round one she proves herself to be quite the worthy adversary escaping her binds in what may have been record time. In round two however, Damon puts her in an intense bind and lovely Lizzy’s attempts are merely futile.
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TiedForTickling – Squirm – Riley Richman

TiedForTickling - Squirm - Riley RichmanTiedForTickling - Squirm - Riley Richman

We’ve found Riley’s weak spot and we’re going to work it. We stock her on the bars..asurance she is going nowhere…We begin to work her body and Riley squirms…Her puffy nipples beg to be clamped and we oblige…Her shrieks fill the Dungeon and we leave her breathless.
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Hardtied – Dec 20, 2017: Sex Tape | Riley Reyes

Hardtied - Dec 20, 2017: Sex Tape | Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes is tape gages to the extreme!

Riley Reyes looks like the type of actress you’d find a sex tape of floating out on the internet. Thankfully she’s exactly that type of girl. In fact if you look around you’ll find tons of videos on the internet of her getting fucked. You’ll also find that she likes to get tied up and have fucked up things done to her.

Riley is tied in a Hojōjutsu tie. A single rope is tied from her wrist, up to her neck, then down to her other wrist and then down to her ankle. With one rope she is rendered completely helpless and at OT’s mercy. Without question he takes advantage. He toys with her like a cat toys with a mouse.

OT creates the mother of all tape gags. After filling Riley’s mouth he wraps copious amounts of tape around her jaw sealing it shut. Then he wraps the tape around her head connecting it to the beam in front of her. He doesn’t stop there. He wraps her head completely with black electrical tape.
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