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PerfectSlave – Pleasure Seeker – Tristyn Kennedy

PerfectSlave - Pleasure Seeker - Tristyn KennedyPerfectSlave - Pleasure Seeker - Tristyn Kennedy
Beautiful, blonde and busty Tristyn is bound tight on the bed, her luscious orbs aglow in red as she struggles for freedom. On this day, Tristyn’s freedom shall not be found by getting out of her binds, but rather in the form of orgasm. We wear her down, but only slightly as we bind her wrists and ankles. She still puts up one heck of a struggle. When we jam that vibe snug against her clit, the transformation begins. From a feisty damsel hellbent on getting away, to one who seeks pleasure in her predicament. I’m certain Tristyn will find what she is looking for..
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PerfectSlave – Clamped Tight. Cumming Hard – Tristyn Kennedy

PerfectSlave - Clamped Tight. Cumming Hard - Tristyn KennedyPerfectSlave - Clamped Tight. Cumming Hard - Tristyn Kennedy
I have to admit that I’ve got a thing for Tristyn. She’s got kind of a sophisticated yet southern vibe going. If that makes any sense. Regardless, I was happy to see her back. It’s been awhile. The guys take this buxom babe and bind her tightly to the chair, and it’s quickly evident that Tristyn is in for a struggle. Now, Tristyn has an amazing set of tits, and what better way to highlight a rack like hers than to clamp them tightly? Once clamped, we watch her writhe atop the cube and it’s an impressive view from where I’m sitting. Then, the vibe and by God it’s a thing of beauty. Tristyn just knows how to grind. And watching her tremble and cum…Wow, is all that can be said.
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Strict Restraint – High Tension – Tristyn Kennedy

Strict Restraint - High Tension - Tristyn KennedyStrict Restraint - High Tension - Tristyn Kennedy
In the dark, dank Dungeon, Tristyn is hooded and caged, cloaked in darkness. She nervously comes to attention as she first senses light, then as someone approaches. She’s then moved to the floor and a heavy wrapping ensues, followed by a duct taping of her arms and legs. These binds are tight and she struggles mightily in them…She’s ripe for picking now and her body is rudely groped…Senses overwhelmed and energy sapped, Tristyn is then strapped and riveted to the wall. Her heavy tits are caned, she screams out only to be blindfolded adding to the tension. The machine between her legs provides some comfort as it slowly churns in and out of her pussy. Caught in limbo as the caning continues she grinds hard and has a massive orgasm.
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Society SM – An Incredible Young Submissive Slut – Tristyn Kennedy

Society SM - An Incredible Young Submissive Slut - Tristyn KennedySociety SM - An Incredible Young Submissive Slut - Tristyn Kennedy

Tristyn is an outrageous specimen…a model who impressed me with her bondage toughness on previous shoots…I keep my eyes open for models like this…a will waiting to be challenged…she’s a sweet girl, and she was made for sexual service…and very tough…I love being right…I have the crew wrap bind her and wrap her in burlap…I lead her into the wood room and unwrap her…I make my intentions and expectations very clear up front…but some slaves seem destined to fuck up…Tristyn came without asking…only the first time…she learned quick…then upside down and spread, her pussy gets the electrified Samurai…I add the magic wand…she cums over and over…she becomes frenzied and uses her legs to fuck herself upside down against the steel dildo…Tristyn’s body is incredible and I decide to focus on her ass…she gags herself on the dildo as I flog and spank her ass red through much struggling…I should have drilled the bench into the wood floor…live and learn…even after three scenes with tight nipple clamps, I decide to focus the last scene on her nipples…and her tummy…I drill her upper body into a wooden box, her feet are pulled up and rigged to a pulley, then tied off to her nipples…a very cruel test of one’s core strength that ends badly for even the most toned tummies…just add time…I also added a TENS unit…Tristyn makes suffering as beautiful as I have ever seen it…I am thankful for hot, young, slaves…have a great holiday weekend.
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Popes Ropes – Hard Bound & Busty – Rope – Tristyn Kennedy

Popes Ropes - Hard Bound & Busty - Rope - Tristyn KennedyPopes Ropes - Hard Bound & Busty - Rope - Tristyn Kennedy

Busty Tristyn’s been making the rounds here at DungeonCorp…We have decided to rope those big tits one more time before we say farewell. We bind them tightly to satisfaction after we get her hands behind her back, then we crotch rope her. For the grand finale, we raise her high above the ground and leave her to dangle from the ceiling..
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CumBots – Big Tits, Big Orgasms – Tristyn Kennedy

CumBots - Big Tits, Big Orgasms - Tristyn KennedyCumBots - Big Tits, Big Orgasms - Tristyn Kennedy

Tristyn’s got one hell of a crazy body and she’s not shy about showing it…She simply oozes sex and listening to her moan as she disrobes, is arousing…to say the least…She spreads wide for us and slides a vibrator into her pussy, then a large dildo and we watch in awe as she frigs herself into a frenzy…With such a display of orgasmic fury, we know Tristyn shall not disappoint…To the bed we tie her and we get her legs wide…We set the machine at a brisk pace and watch as her heavy tits heave as she takes a pumping. This babe loves to fuck, evidenced by the heavy grinding she’s got going on. She gyrates her hips hard…She’s taking all the Cumbot can give…You just know that she’s going to have an ear shattering orgasmic experience just by watching her fuck. And she most certainly does.
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