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TrulyHogtied video

TrulyHogtied – Shocking Wenona – Wenona

We just can’t get enough of Wenona! This time, she’s our latest contestant in the Hogtied Challenge. Bane rigorously ropes her as he explains the rules to her. He gets her down on the floor and binds her tightly. As an added bonus, TENS pads are affixed to her lovely …

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TrulyHogtied – A Second Chance at Freedom – Sandy Skarsgard

Sandy’s got some spirit, but lets see how she fares in the Hogtie Challenge. Damon quickly binds her tightly.. just beating the clock. Sandy’s 2 minutes begin and I’m sure that those 2 minutes must have seemed like an eternity…she has absolutely no hope at freedom. In the consolation round, …

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TrulyHogtied – A Worthy Adversary – Lizzy London

Lizzy loves bondage and the game’s afoot. She’s up to the challenge so lets see how she will fare…In round one she proves herself to be quite the worthy adversary escaping her binds in what may have been record time. In round two however, Damon puts her in an intense …

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