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InfernalRestraints – Aug 3, 2018: Fifth Cherry | Violet October

InfernalRestraints - Aug 3, 2018: Fifth Cherry | Violet October
Violet gets her boundaries pushed and has some firsts! Violet October is an extremely expressive bottom. When she’s scared, in pain, or simply confused about what is about to be done to her. She reacts very vocally. This makes pushing Violet’s boundaries so much more interesting.

Fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of electricity. All these things can be taken advantage of. Violet cries for the very first time during a scene. It’s cathartic. It’s emotional. It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. Violet described this experience as the fifth cherry on a really good ice cream sundae.
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Device Bondage – March 22, 2018 – The Pope, Violet October

Device Bondage - March 22, 2018 - The Pope, Violet OctoberDevice Bondage - March 22, 2018 - The Pope, Violet October
Fresh Meat: Violet October Gets the Full Treatment

Violet may be new to us here at Device Bondage, but she is no stranger to BDSM. She is a sexy little sex vixen and quiet, so we’re not sure exactly what she is down for. The day begins with her in standing position with her neck and wrists locked into metal traps. She is flogged for a bit before The Pope decides to play a game with her. It is a devilishly sadistic game where she is teased with the vibe, and then flogged on her pussy right instead of allowing her to orgasm. Her frustration builds as he takes the vibe away every time right as she is ready to cum. When Violet is finally allowed to orgasm it is clear that she now knows who is in charge. next she is on all fours and The Pope decides that he wants orgasms first rather than wait until the end of the scene. After taking what he wanted, she is tormented more and then made to cum again. In the final scene, Violet is on her back and held down with steel shackles with her legs spread wide. A zipper is added to her tits as The Pope continues to torment her with the cattle prod. Her body hurts, her mind has been bent from the torment, her throat is sore from all of the screaming, yet her pussy still orgasms when he demands it to.
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Society SM – The Bound Gift – Violet October

Society SM - The Bound Gift - Violet OctoberSociety SM - The Bound Gift - Violet October

Mark and I had plans, but I skipped away at the last minute, leaving him a note and a gift…Young Violet, all tied up on the sofa, her only purpose is to please my guests…Mark gets right to work, playing with her lovely ass before carrying her upstairs…Violet endures harsh spanking, paddling and caning before squealing out in pleasure from the vibrator on her pussy…then it’s into the bedroom…Mark spreads her out on her tummy, with her ass in the air…a perfect target for his impact toys…then he turns her over to be fully exposed with her legs spread…the dildo sinks into her soft pussy and Violet moans for more..
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