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Brushes From Hell – Part 1

Brushes From Hell - Part 1

I have received a lot of requests for the ‘HELL SERIES, compiled’ of different implements of my classic spankings. I listen to my customers and do my best to satisfy these requests when possible. This part one of this one- hour compilation includes some severe swats of the wooden brushes.

1) Audrey Knight’s Rawhide hairbrush clip. One of the most crisp sounds of a firm bottom you will ever hear!

2) My ex-girlfriend Raven experiencing her first ever, wet bottom bath brush spanking.

3) Ozzma Lynn’s antique clothes brush spanking on a very bruised bottom.

4) Tiki’s dark fantasy of being tied , blindfolded and punished in a cold, dank basement.

5) Hard swats with not only the hairbrush, but also the bath brush as well.

6) Krissy Kage- She was brought in from the pool and spanked on a wet bottom. This was the last implement used OTK… and also my most severe bath brush

Brushes From Hell - Part 1

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