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DreamsofSpanking – Hitting The Sales Targets

DreamsofSpanking - Hitting The Sales Targets

Clara has worked hard to get to the top of the heap, and now she’s there she intends to enjoy all the perks of her position as thoroughly as she can. Her very favourite of those perks is one she couldn’t get at any other company – because this sales firm takes a highly traditional approach to employee discipline, and the company paddle has quickly become Clara’s very favourite corporate toy.

Pandora is usually one of the business’s top sellers, but family matters have distracted her this quarter and she’s not been meeting the targets she usually exceeds. She’s been called into Clara’s office to account for her lacklustre performance, and…well, you know the drill. Or do you?

Because rumour is, Clara’s been enjoying her role as company disciplinarian a little too much – and who knows what might happen if her sore-bottomed underlings find a way to get their revenge…

DreamsofSpanking - Hitting The Sales Targets

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