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SpankingSarahGregory – Spanked by the hotel manager

SpankingSarahGregory - Spanked by the hotel manager

Veronica is shocked when the hotel manager, played by Madame Samantha B, shows up in her room very upset. Veronica has caused lots of talk at the hotel as she has been flashing her naughty bits down at the pool. The hotel manager isn’t liking the attitude or lack of remorse from sassy Veronica at all. She tells the brat that if she doesn’t want to be kicked out of the hotel, she will take the punishment that the manager deems necessary. Veronica is shocked when she is pulled right over Samantha’s lap for a spanking. She fights it, kicking her legs and struggles to get free all but to no avail. Samantha firmly leg locks her and continues to spank her bottom until it is bright red.

Of course, the bikini bottoms come down for added humiliation and the manager insists that proper spankings are always given on a bare bottom. veronica’s behavior was so bad that the hairbrush she had been using earlier is put to better use tanning her sore behind. This really gets her attention as she discovers the hairbrush is so nasty and stinging on her burning cheeks, she can barely take any more swats! Once the young girl is more contrite, the manager leaves the sad sorry-looking girl alone to rub her sore aching behind… knowing that she has learned a valuable lesson.

SpankingSarahGregory - Spanked by the hotel manager

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